My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – Elaine’s Power

In an instant, the sky suddenly changed color. Just now, it was a dark cloud, but now it looked like blue ice crystal.

No, it’s not how it went.

Chen Haiping felt a transparent cold air blew on his face. A small blue ice spike broke in the middle of the dark cloud and shattered everywhere. In an instant, the countless demonic sparrow froze into ice sculptures and the rest of it was shaken by the wave and fell.

Nearby, Elaine pretty face remained solemn, her hands stretched high. From there, a blue ice crystal arrow as big as an arm condensed slowly. Then she shot it, sending out ripples of cold air.

It’s ice power!

Chen Haiping didn’t expect this delicate-looking girl to be such a strong hunter with a rare ability!

Her ability was one in one hundred hunters! Maybe even more!

This was a power she was born with, so Chen Haiping had no sort of envy feelings. But Elaine’s power still exceeded far beyond his expectations.

Chen Haiping originally thought she was a weak hunter. But now, witnessing Elaine’s display of power, he was ashamed of bearing such thoughts. On the tip of her palm, ice spikes condensed one after another, wiping out the demonic beast. He witnessed the scenery with an unspeakable shock in his heart.

Ordinary hunter could only burst such power once or twice, no matter what the ability was. He had already seen a person in the previous shelter who had ability to conjure fire burst, although it’s powerful, it didn’t last long.

In contrast, Elaine’s power was breezy and light, the way she condensed ice spikes or controlling the direction of the explosion, it showed that the girl was powerful!

It might be difficult for Chen Haiping to comprehend what a job system or spell, but that was her advantage. In fact, he’s not the only one, because even Tang Yu himself barely understood these things. He only knew the basic concept only.


Elaine sighed softly, calming the magic power that flowed inside her body.

In contrast with Chen Haiping’s shock, Elaine felt quite happy.

Everyone had a different perspective of happiness. Some people were happy when eating delicious food, other feel happy after killing a godly being. For Elaine, she felt happy for realizing her own power and helping the lord.

After the death of the demonic beast swarm, an invisible wave of force emanated. Just like a river flows, it continuously flowed into her body.

Suddenly, Elaine’s crystal clear eyes widened.

That was…

When she had awaken three years ago, she had no way of improving her strength before she found the grimoire. Even if she could sense her magic power, she couldn’t control the ice power.

After she discovered the grimoire, she learned the mage’s most vital ability, meditation.

Meditation was the most essential way to improve strength. Elaine heard that other jobs had similar methods. But after killing the swarm of demonic sparrow, she felt pure energy flowed into her body. This had never occurred before.

This energy was too pure!

With a little cultivation, it could be turned into her own power. Compared with meditation speed, this was way much faster! And there’s no sort of side effect at all.

In her three years of meditation, her magic power had reached the peak of a double awakening. If she continued the meditation process for another half a year, she might get through the triple awakening. But now, Elaine felt as long as she got more energy, she could directly break through to the triple awakening.

Such speed was unbelievable!

Elaine recalled the lord’s words yesterday, he said she would get a surprise after killing a demonic beast. It’s called the spirit power.

So this was the spirit power?


Tang Yu felt happy to solve the swarm of demonic sparrow crisis.

This kind of demonic beast was weak, and the probability of spirit stone found in them was very low, but their number was numerous. Tang Yu got excited to start the spirit stone extraction process.

Looking back, he’s no longer alone. He just finished setting up the porter team. He ordered them to extract the spirit stones, which was considered to be the most valuable object.

Tang Yu thought about Elaine. When she first arrived yesterday, she was timid and dazed. He even had to drag her into the castle because she had no guts to step inside. Just now when dealing with the beast, she showed no panic expression on her face.

Tang Yu also understood that even though Elaine was still young and had little combat experience, she had gone through a difficult situation before when defending her city. It clearly dwarfed these demonic sparrows.

After receiving a good start, Tang Yu cleaned up the demonic beast in the villa area according to his original plan. While he searched for some intact items he could find from the previous shelter.

It wasn’t until dusk when Tang Yu finally returned to the villa area.

Counting the spirit stones in his pocket, Tang Yu smiled. Then the most exciting part of the process had arrived, it’s now time to build a new territorial building.

Which was also known as spending spirit stone currency.

From the distance, a few survivors pushed a cart towards him.

The middle section of the area had been filled with piles of debris, just like a garbage dump hill. Most of them were building debris like concrete stabs and iron bars. Things that nobody wanted before the doomsday. But for Tang Yu, these items were essential.

“Move everything to villa number three.”

Tang Yu pointed towards the inner side of the villa area, villa No.3, and further down was villa No.2 and the castle. There was a distance between the castle and the high cliffs behind the area. It was originally an empty space. Tang Yu decided to build the core territorial buildings there.

Tang Yu set this place as prohibited area. As long as the gap on the front was sealed, this place was completely blocked. Others could not enter the core building if Tang Yu didn’t give out his permission. However, Tang Yu decided to hide these buildings from the survivors.

Shortly, several survivors began to push their carts of debris to villa No. 3.

Villa No. 3 was already heavily damaged. Traces of bullets, claw marks, and even dark explosion spots displayed everywhere. The pile of waste materials was carried to the villa, and the scenery of a dumpster looked more vivid.

This was bad… Tang Yu shook his head gently. After he finished all the main core building, this area needed to be cleaned off. He wanted to establish a shelter here, and the external image should be decent. He didn’t want to see these dumpster-like scenery every single time he came out of the castle. It would only ruin his mood.

After finished transporting and sending away the survivors, Tang Yu called No. 1 and No. 2 to transport these valuable ‘garbages’ to the open space behind the castle.

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