My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 110


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 110 – The Card Gambling Skill is the Key

Many survivors at the gate of the resort villa looked at the distance with great curiosity at the neatly lined up members of the patrol.

“The patrol has another mission this time, right?”

“I think so, every time a patrol gathers here, it’s guaranteed that there’s a mission that needs to go out, so maybe we’ll have to open up to some area again today.”

“It looks like the porter team will be busy again. By the way, our patrol team is awesome. They went out for scouting every three days and always went to places far away from the shelter.”

The other survivor agreed.

“In the shelter that I stayed in before, the patrols there were… well, as long as there wasn’t a lack of food, they hid in the shelter every day. Once they went out. Occasionally they would force us, ordinary people, to go up and explore…” he shook his head, “Fortunately, the patrols at the Tree Shade Shelter are different. If I were a hunter, I’d say I’d go for the patrol’s test no matter what.”

“Same. But unfortunately, I just can’t awaken. Of course, for me, the most awesome one was Leader Tang. Without Leader Tang and Captain Roger, can we have the current patrol team?”

The survivors here were busy and talking as they did their workload.

On the other side, the patrol members waiting on the gate were curious. They didn’t know what they were doing to do today. Soon, two large trucks drove up to them.

Lu Xiaopeng brightened up, “Big trucks, it’s going to be another big mission today!”

When he first joined the patrol team, he was terrified to face a demonic beast. But now that he’s an experienced hunter, Lu Xiaopeng had already had his dream come true by kicking the demonic tigers! …on a note that these demonic beasts were at the first awakening level.

Especially the newly added Swift Revolver on the exchange list empowered everyone, including Lu Xiaopeng. At this time, they were all looking forward to a big mission to earn enough contribution points. Just like the last time at the spirit stone mine, dealing with endless swarms of the demonic beast.

Seeing Roger walked out of the car, Lu Xiaopeng quickly asked. “Captain Roger, is the truck carrying all the guns?”

Roger nodded.

Lu Xiaopeng grew more and more excited, “Then, where are we going to kill the demonic beast today?”

“TodayToday, our mission is not to hunt demonic beasts. But to trade with other shelters.”

Trade? But they had to go out anyway, so that’s fine. Right?

Roger continued, “To save time, we will split into two teams. Each will deliver the trading materials to a different shelter.”

“The First Team will follow me to the Lindongbei Shelter, while the Third Team will follow Shay to Dafafa Shelter.”

Lu Xiaopeng was stunned, “What about the Second Team?”

“Second Team will stand guard at the shelter. Others, check your equipment, and prepare to leave.”

The patrol team was divided into three teams with Roger, Sky, and Shay as the captains.

Lu Xiaopeng belonged to the Second Team, under vice-captain Sky’s command. But… what did he just hear? The Second Team had to stay here?

Lu Xiaopeng, still stunned, was a little disheartened. “Why did the Second Team have to be the one left behind?”

At this time, Shay, who was inside the truck, smirked. “Because when we were playing cards last night, your captain, Sky, lost the game.”

He… played cards and lost?

What the hell? Why would something as important as going on a mission be decided by playing cards?! Lu Xiaopeng was dumbfounded. No wonder he hadn’t seen vice-captain Sky this morning. Turned out, he lost a card game last night. It must be hard for him…

Looking at the side, Peng Bo, who belonged to the Third Team, smiled silly at the sky.

‘I should have known that he would also follow a captain with great gambling skills!’

Soon, Roger summoned the members of the First and Third team, took a map and spread it out. It was a map that covered the area around Lindong Shelter. Aside from the large shelter, there were also many shelters scattered across the map. Among them, the small dot that represented the Tree Shade Shelter was crossed with an X mark.

This was the map Tang Yu downloaded from Bai Xiaosheng’s post in the war forum. He printed it out.

Roger pointed at two small shelters and assigned the task to the patrol members.



Commercial district, inner street.

The streets were filled on both sides with various shops as the pedestrians passed by. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful, if only the pedestrians were not carrying guns and swords, donned in combat suits. This was a typical view after the doomsday.

Inside his shop, Bai Xiaosheng opened the curtain of his shop and started a new business day. He was the one with the username ‘BaiXiaosheng10086’ on the war forum.

His original name was Xiaosheng, but his surname wasn’t. After the doomsday, relying on the advantages of contacts and his ability to analyze information, Bai Xiaosheng opened this life consultation… ahem… an information consultation shop in Lindong Shelter. He wasn’t a hunter, but every day, hunters came here to ask him for information.

He had a decent life. He took out a book from the shelf and read it slowly, waiting for customers to come to him.

Suddenly, Bai Xiaosheng felt the light dimmed, he raised his head to see a large man with a beard and a muscular build, who seemed to be looking at him with ill will. Bai Xiaosheng was shocked and instinctively stood up and backed away, but coldly bumped into the fleshy wall behind him. Upon further observation, there was another man with the same characteristic as the bearded man. He was surrounded by two burly men.

Instantly, Bai Xiaosheng was being held up by the two men’s left and right arm, towards the shop, whose curtain had somehow been pulled down.

“What do you want? This is the inner street, the most secure place in the entire shelter. If you don’t release me, I’m going to call for help!” he was about to shout when a cold voice whispered in his ear.

“Go ahead. The faster you scream, the faster I’ll slit your throat.”

In the blink of an eye, there was a dagger on his throat. The cold blade touched his neck, and in front of him, an ordinary-looking young man stood. He looked like a ghost.


Bai Xiaosheng swallowed his saliva hard. He had spent a large amount of money to open a shop in the safest area in the entire shelter. But it seemed that he had encountered an outlaw who wasn’t even afraid of the shelter’s patrol team.

However, Bai Xiaosheng took a glance at these people. Since they hadn’t killed him yet, it meant that they wanted something. He still had a chance to survive!

” I… I don’t know what you want from me, but I, Bai Xiaosheng, will assist you in any way I can. So please, brothers, put down your weapon, let’s talk it through. Nicely. If you kill me, the guards and other hunters will be outraged. So please, brothers. Calm down!”

Bai Xiaosheng was so frightened that he stuttered.

In front of him, however, Gray Blade withdrew his dagger and smiled, “Actually, our attitude is very friendly. But of course, I’d advise you not to do anything unnecessary. Otherwise, even if we do certain things to you, don’t expect the security team to find out.”

“If you don’t believe me, go ahead and see if the surveillance camera you placed at the entranced captured us or not.”

After his usual intimidation, Gray Blade clapped his hands and signaled the two burly men to release Bai Xiaosheng, “The nonsense is over. Next, let’s talk about business. For example, I need information about these minerals, and another example, I want you to work for our boss.”

Just like magic, a stack of photographs appeared in Gray Blade’s hand. He tossed the photos, and they landed on the table in a perfect fan shape.

Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes widened at the differently shaped minerals in the photos. Indeed, he recognized some of them, but none of them were precious minerals.

“Of course, I won’t pay. That’s right. I won’t pay even if I had the money. But… we can help you with your dream of being a hunter.”

Being a hunter was the one that he craved the most.

Even though he didn’t lack spirit stones or connection, he still couldn’t awaken.

That hit him in the heart. He was still angry, but then, he was stunned.

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