My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 113


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 113 – The Price

In the wilderness, several demonis beasts suddenly leaped out from the grown adult height weeds.

“”  It’s a carrion wolf, a one-eyed demonic beast, and a ghost face. The ghost face has a good long-range killing power, take care of the ghost face first!”

An experienced member of the patrol immediately judged the situation. On the side, several other patrol members holding swords and shields quickly distracted the carrion wolf and the one-eyed beast. At the same time, a hunter who excelled in speed sprinted in a zig-zag route, avoiding the ghost face’s attack while rapidly approaching. In a short time, the threatening ghost face demonic beast was taken care of. The rest of the demonic beast didn’t give much resistance either.

They frequently encountered demonic beasts along the road. And the patrol member’s responses were very good. Using the demonic beasts’ characteristics to split melee and long-range demonic beasts and prioritize killing the most threatening one first.

And in a short while quickly killed the rather threatening ghost face demonic beast.

Roger nodded in satisfaction. He had seen the progress of the patrol members. But of course, this time, their proper response was also because the types of demonic beasts encountered were recorded in detail in the illustrated guide book published by the shelter. So the patrol members could target their attack according to the characteristics of the demonic beasts.

It would be hard if they encountered a new demonic beast that happened to have strange abilities, just like the first time that they encountered a ghost face. This kind of demonic beast looked like a spectral face floating in mid-air. Naturally, the patrol members were at a big disadvantage.

The patrol member who had killed the ghost face was also relieved, and when he looked up again, he could see a building in the distance as his sight crossed the tall grass. It was a High-Speed Rail station, huge red characters were written on it, Lindongbei Station.

“Is that the Lindongbei station? A shelter built on a high-speed rail station?”

“That’s right.” Roger nodded, “The size is pretty big with thousands of survivors. They should have something worth trading, let’s go over and take a look.”


Lindongbei Shelter, where the survivors mainly lived in the main building of the High-Speed Rail Station.

The station’s view was wide open, relying on the High-Speed Rail Station’s tall buildings and the surrounding terrain, they could immediately notice any coming danger.

At this moment, one of the hunters who were in charge of observation looked at the distance with wide eyes. He sharply shouted, “Beware, someone’s coming!”

Several other hunters and combatants who were in charge of observation snorted carelessly. “It’s just some survivors. No need to be afraid.”

“No, no, they have lots of people and a big truck!”

The man sounded surprised. The others were stunned as well, picking up their telescope and observing the distance.

A moment later, a hunter who looked like a small captain, looked to the others, “You guys standby here, I’ll go report to the Leader.”

He glanced at the distant group and hurriedly left.


The trucks slowly advanced forward as the members of the patrol ahead cleared the obstacles and pushed away some of the vehicles and rock blocks that were blocking the road. The group drew closer to the HRS station. By the time they got there, they could see some improvised traps placed around the HRS station, some of which were stained with the blood of demonic beasts.

“Let’s stop here,” Roger commanded.

Ma Jiaze, who was in the group, was confused, “We’re not gonna continue?”

“Stupid!” The eldest brother, Ma Jia Feng, slapped it down, “Obviously, we’ve been discovered by this shelter, and they definitely won’t welcome us in.”

“Why wouldn’t they welcome us? But we’ve come all the way here…” The chubby Ma Jiaze clearly couldn’t understand.

His little brother’s head was truly messed up. Ma Jiafeng shook his head. “Think about it, our team had plenty of people, all of which were well-equipped and we’re protecting a large truck. They can tell at a glance that we’re not ordinary survivors. Smart shelters won’t let us in easily.”

“I see… So that’s how it is.” Ma Jiaze nodded as if he had come to the realization, but his expression showed that he was still confused. 

At this time, a few survivors also came out of the Lindongbei Station. Most of them were hunters. Some of them held different types of firearms ranging from pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The leader was a middle-aged hunter, a dignified one.

Yan Tao walked in front of the group, looking at the strangers across the street, with uniform outfits and firearms. From a glance, their power looked like they exceeded the combatants from his shelter.  

Where the hell did these people come from? He pondered, but didn’t stop in his tracks, coming to a short distance in front of the patrol, “I don’t know what you are doing here in our Lindongbei shelter.”

Yan Tao lowered himself slightly and was on guard at the same time. He soon saw the towering man in armor across the street raised his hand, a few hunters immediately moved down a few boxes from the truck.

“We want nothing but to trade with you. Inside the boxes are our goods.”

“A trade?” Yan Tao was stunned for a moment, but quickly responded, “What did you bring, and what do you want to have?”

“Please just look at our trade goods first.” Roger said, gesturing to the others to open the box.

The box content was revealed before them.

“That’s… a gun?”

Behind Yan Tao, a survivor stares with disbelief, “These are real guns?”

This box approximately contains at least a dozen firearms, all of which seemed brand new. Even Yan Tao was surprised.

“Of course.” A patrol member wearing a black combat uniform, who got Roger’s signal, picked up one of the assault rifles and pointed the muzzle at the ground in the distance, firing several shots in bursts.

“You guys can try it too.” Roger said.

Yan Tao hesitated but picked up one of the automatic rifles from the box anyway. He examined it and tried firing another shot.

“Indeed, it’s a real gun.” He said, “So, what do you want to get? “

After a conversation, the patrol officer in charge of negotiation presented the already prepared price.

“The pistol is worth 2 units of spirit stones, the automatic rifle is worth 5 units of spirit stone, the light machine gun price is 12

units of spirit stones. But of course, we prefer some strange things such as exotic metals, minerals, herbs and so on. They all can be converted into spirit stones.”

Yan Tao was silent, calculating the price in his mind.

However, behind him, someone suddenly spoke up with a rude tone, “One pistol costs 2 spirit stones?! Are you trying to rob us? We need to kill at least 20 demonic beasts to get them! Can a pistol with two full magazines kill that many demonic beasts? I don’t think you know how to do business at all!”

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