My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 114


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 114 – The Deal

Yan Tao was shocked and gave a low roar, “Jun Liang!”

But Chen Junliang looked even more annoyed, “Boss, am I wrong?! Spirit stones are something that even the officials of the Lindong Shelter want to have, so it must be very precious. In my opinion, 1 spirit stone is enough to get three or four pistols. You guys, if you really want to trade, show some honesty!”

When Yan Tao looked behind him, many people looked agreed with Jun Lian’s opinion as well. However, some things couldn’t simply be calculated.

What’s more, the team in front of him was well equipped and didn’t seem weak. Even if they couldn’t strike a deal, he didn’t want to mess with such an enemy. Yun Tao was about to say something when he saw a tall, thin man approached from across the street with a smile.

Ma Jiafeng swept his gaze over the people in front of him. Lastly, his gaze landed on Chen Junliang, “I say, have you misunderstood something?”

“What?” Chen Junliang was still a little stunned.

“Guns are a rare commodity. If you don’t want them, then there are still plenty of shelters in this area that want them. And about spirit stones… no matter how precious it is, what’s the point in having them?”

What’s the point?

This sentence slapped them. Everyone knew the value of spirit stones. According to simple conversions, it was true that the price of firearms wouldn’t cost that much spirit stones. But those spirit stones were useless in their hands, whereas a firearm could be used to hunt down demonic beasts, and they could get stronger. A good weapon could turn the tide of battle at a critical moment. In comparison, what could spirit stones do?

Now, they were the ones begging for weapons. There was no room for bargaining, especially during a dangerous environment like the doomsday. Spirit stones would be meaningless if they couldn’t get stronger. Many of the combatants who originally supported Chen Junliang were contemplating.

However, Chen Junliang still did not feel the same way. He was about to open his mouth when he saw that the tall, thin man’s friendly demeanor suddenly changed and became serious and indifferent.

“If you want honesty, then watch this.”

Ma Jiafeng spoke, carrying a hammer with the height almost as tall as him in a mighty manner. He held the hammer in one hand as if it was light, lifted it, and slammed it on the ground.


The ground shook violently. On the center where the hammer hit, a web-like crack rapidly spread out, caving the ground. This section of the road was cracked and destroyed by the hammer into an unrecognizable state.

Everyone from the Lindongbei shelter, including Leader Yan Tao were speechless. The destructive force was simply terrifying!

Chen Junliang’s mouth was agape, he froze, eyes staring straight at the cracked ground. He wanted to say something, but no voice was coming out of his mouth.

After the demonstration, Ma Jiafeng’s expression softened into a smile again. He put away and said, “Ahaha, sorry about that. My hand slipped a bit.”

The rest of the transaction was smooth as both sides got the items they needed. As the patrol team members left, most of the people in the Lindongbei Shelter were all smiling in delight. Obviously, this transaction had been very pleasant.

Watching the patrol members and the large truck gradually disappeared from their field of view. Yan Tao stared blankly into the distance.

At his side, Chen Junliang was still a bit reluctant, “Boss, why don’t you take the opportunity to take them down? There must be a lot of good stuff in their truck!”

Yan Tao shook his head, “Don’t you see that all of them aren’t weak? Especially the tall and thin man who just demonstrated, and the short and fat man standing to his side. If I’m not mistaken, they are the Iron Hammer brothers.”

“What?! They’re the Hammer Brothers?!”

“Rumor has it that they have the strength of the triple awakening stage. No wonder they’re so strong.”

“Weren’t they wandering hunters? How could they join the Tree Shade Shelter?” Chen Junliang remained unconvinced and spoke again, “The Hammer Brothers are strong, but we have more men on our side. And Boss, didn’t you set up gunmen at the surrounding high points? We have nothing to fear from them!”

Yan Tao looked disappointed and shook his head, “These gunmen are the last strength of our shelter, are you going to let your brothers die and get injured for that amount of weapons? Or do you think we can easily take them down without sacrifice?!”

Chen Junliang was startled, but he couldn’t say anything in refutation.

“Besides…” Yan Tao’s tone slowed down, “The Tree Shade Shelter dared to put out light machine guns for trade. Do you think they don’t have anything better? If we did fight, maybe we’ll be on the losing side.”

“I’m afraid that even the Hammer Brothers weren’t the strongest person in the team. Have you noticed the leader of the team, the man called Roger?”

When Yan Tao said this, many people reacted. Roger was a silent and reserved man, apart from the few words he said at the very beginning, most of the talking was handled by other people. Plus, they were all attracted by the Hammer Brothers’ strong auras. They were all somewhat unconsciously ignoring the tall towering man. But now that they carefully thought about it, for him to lead a team and even managed to recruit strongmen like the Hammer Brothers, it’s impossible that he was a weak man.

Thinking about this, Chen Junliang was terrified.

Yan Tao gazed into the distance and muttered, “A strong shelter has appeared in this region, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing…”


On the other side, the Dafafa Shelter.

This was a small shelter built on a mall. They had a decent location, far away from the Crack of the Abyss. The number of demonic beasts encountered daily was small. With a lot of supplies stored within the supermarket, the survivors living in this shelter lived a rather comfortable life. To be exact, the higher-ups of the shelter had a comfortable life.

Leader Wang Huarong, a fat man with a round belly, was inspecting the shelter. Everywhere he went, all the survivors stopped what they were doing, and respectfully greeted Lord Wang. This had become his daily routine. This was his kingdom, and these survivors were his subjects.

Dafafa Shelter didn’t have many survivors, only a few hundreds. It wasn’t that the shelter couldn’t afford to accommodate many survivors. They originally had many survivors who went missing in activities such as looting supplies or dealing with demonic beasts. These ordinary survivors were weak, but they had their role. Although the mortality rate was a bit too high, Wang Huarong didn’t have any guilt or regret. In his opinion, without the food he provided, those survivors wouldn’t have survived anyway. It was only right that they paid him back with their lives.

During the patrol, one of his subordinates hurriedly came to report, “Lord Wang, there’s a group of hunters outside. They said they are coming to trade with us.” 

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