My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 115


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 115 – Catching Bullets Bare Hands

“Deal?” Wang Huarong frowned, “What kind of deal? And where did those people come from?”

His subordinate thought about it and said, “Those people said they had firearms and weapons and wanted to exchange some source crystals or other rare items with us. As for their origin, they seem to come from a certain shelter.”

Except for the entrance, the entire Dafafa Mall was surrounded by buildings. By blocking the entrance, the shelter safety greatly increased. After all, an ordinary demonic beast couldn’t destroy a building.

According to his men’s directions, Wang Huarong arrived at the top floor of a building. From here, he could clearly see a group of people nearby.

“Surprisingly, they were all wearing uniform clothing, and everyone had guns on their bodies. It seems that they did possess many guns. Or perhaps they had obtained a pre-doomsday weapons warehouse?” He narrowed his eyes and ordered the men around him.

Quickly, the subordinate walked to the edge of the rooftop with a loudspeaker, “Where are the guns you want to sell, let’s see your honesty first.”

After the words were shouted. Wang Huarong saw the group below, moving out a large wooden box from the back of a large truck. The box was quickly opened, revealing brand new guns inside. Most of them were pistols and rifles, but some machine guns had greater destructive force.

“They had so many. And they even had machine guns…”

Wang Huarong mumbled and looked at the truck again, a brilliant shine lit up his eyes. If they could get hold of those weapons, then…

He waved his hand again, beckoned his men, and whispered.


Below, Shay lit a cigarette and waited in silence. Soon, a voice was heard from the rooftop of a building in the distance. “Our Lord Director has agreed to a deal, so come in through the gate of the shelter.”

The ‘gate’ of the Dafafa Shelter was a crude gate built with a mix of wooden boards and iron bars. Blocking the largest entrance to the mall. The gate was slowly opened by a few survivors from inside. However, it was a narrow passage, just enough to allow large trucks to barely pass through the passage.

“Hurry up and get inside! We’ll be in trouble if a demonic beast attacks.” The survivor in charge of the gate urged them.

Shay threw away the butt of his cigarette and glanced up at the building rooftop in the distance with an inexplicable smile. He waved his hand, gesturing to the members behind him, “Let’s go.”

The group moved slowly forward, soon arriving at the front door of the Dafafa Shelter. Shay glanced briefly, shook his cloak behind him, and took the lead. The other members followed him. They glanced around the shelter out of curiosity.

Soon, it was the truck’s turn to pass through. Due to its size and the narrow passage, the truck driver could only advance carefully and slowly.

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard again.

“Do it!”

Survivors with guns emerged from the buildings from both sides of the exit. They held various guns from the hand-crafted versions of the Shansei* gun. The accuracy and destructive forge were far below the originals.

But now, in this situation, the patrol members were walking down a narrow passageway where the combatants on the Dafafa Shelters had the high ground advantage.

On the rooftop, Wang Huarong revealed his true pride at the outsiders walking right into his trap.

“Stupid. You’re all too stupid. So what if you all have equipment? You can’t fight back. No matter how good you were, you’re all doomed.”

Initially, he had prepared several alternative plans. But he hadn’t expected the first one would work. As expected, these people were only lucky to get hold of those elite equipments. But in reality, they had no power at all. Wang Huarong’s heart blazed at the thought of getting all the equipment and guns from the truck.

His subordinate beside him was also brightened and busy flattering his master, “It’s all thanks to Lord Director’s excellent plan. Now those hunters from nowhere know their place.”

Wang Huarong laughed loudly.

Immediately afterward, rumbling sounds came from below, and he laughed even more. Wang Huarong was quickly stunned.

His men only had a few guns, and they didn’t have that many bullets. It was impossible for them to make such a ruckus.


Down below, Shay stepped on the ground, and the moment he heard “Do it”, his deep voice also came out.

“Almost there…”

A figure appeared near the window above. But Shay didn’t care, he had grasped the iron sand, and it violently raised upwards. Although his job was a sniper, he was a powerful one. Under his power, the iron sand flew out like bullets.

A dense rain of bullets fell down on the buildings on both sides.

The combatants who were about to shoot glanced at each other. And those who had quick reactions quickly threw their body to the side, instinctively taking cover behind the wall.

The next moment, explosions rang out. The iron sand bombarded the building’s window and outer wall. Eventually exploded one by one. Shay’s explosive ability relied on the material and the object’s quality. The single explosion may not be great. However, with so many iron sand was thrown. Together, thousands of firecrackers explosion’s destructive damage was enormous.

The combatants that were slow to react were blown to pieces, either alive or dead. Those who had time to react were lightly injured. But most importantly, no one dared to engage again.

The members of the patrols who already knew about Shay’s abilities were all surprised at the scene. As expected from Vice-Captain Shay, the berserk bombardment man!

What followed was anger. Even though they had prepared for such a thing, when the Dafafa Shelter attacked them for no reason, they were all angry. The patrol members made their move.

Some sprinted and attacked the combatants in the main gate. Others leaped and went in through the buildings on both sides from the windows.

Peng Bo delivered a fatal punch to the man in front of him. He was about to finish his opponent when suddenly his eyes glanced up and saw a flash of white light on the rooftop of the building in the distance.

“Watch out, there’s a sniper!”

Gun explosion sound was heard. Peng Bo froze, only to see there were no bullet holes in his body. And saw Vice-Captain shay in front of him, raising his head before Peng Bo’s forehead. White smoke slowly rose from his palms.


Peng Bo’s eyes widened as a bullet slipped out from Shay’s palm.

Clattered to the ground. 

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