My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 116


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 116 – This Method Was Simply Perfect

In the distance, the hunter who was lying on the rooftop setting up his sniper rifle to aim looked terrified. The sweat on his forehead couldn’t stop sliding down. He was one of Wang Huarong’s men. He wasn’t weak and excelled at marksmanship. This time, Wang Huarong arranged for him to snipe the strongest person in that team.

Sniper rifles against strong demonic beasts weren’t much effective. But with dealing with strong humans, it’s definitely more than enough. Not to mention, it was a sneak attack. The sniper was confident that no one could survive from his sniper bullets. But…what did he just see?!

His eyes widened, and for a moment, his heart even skipped a beat. Someone actually stopped his bullet! Not even harmed! How was that even possible? The sniper couldn’t even believe it.

A hunter who could dodge his bullets at critical moments with a keen intuition for danger was already very powerful. Even Director Wang, who had the triple awakening stage strength, might not be able to do it.

But he could clearly see the man from his telescope. The moment he pulled the trigger, that man’s hand quickly blocked in front of his target’s forehead. Instead of the scene where the bullets pierced through his hand and crushed his skull didn’t happen! Instead, the bullet was blocked!

Frightened, the sniper tried to fire again, but his finger trembled and couldn’t pull the trigger. From his telescope, he saw the big man turned around and pulled a revolver from his waist. He was smiling and pulled the trigger.

The sniper’s eyes widened as he froze. With this distance, he didn’t think that bullet could reach him. But suddenly, for some reason, a great sense of danger overtook him. The sniper tried to move, but it was as if his body was crushed with a boiler. He couldn’t move. At the last moment of his consciousness, he saw the telescope burst, and then he lost consciousness.


Inside the building, a patrol member’s figure flashed left and right, dodging the enemy’s aim as he quickly approached with a sharp sword. This patrol member’s tense demeanor relaxed slightly.

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out with a thud. The patrol member stumbled.

Not far away, a gunman hiding in the shadows took the opportunity to shoot. Yet, in the next moment, he stared at the patrol member as if nothing had happened.

“That’s impossible, how can that uniform be bulletproof!”

He screamed, but the patrol members would not give him another chance.


Another place, at the rooftop of a building.

“Lord Director… This- this…” The subordinate looked at the scene, speechless.

Wang Huarong also saw the scene, he was terrified. He had underestimated them. He initially thought that from their high ground advantage and sneak attack, he could easily finish off the outsiders. Even though they would lose some men, compared to the guns and equipment in the truck, it’s worth the risk. It’s just that he didn’t expect all of his men would be defeated in battle.

Especially that man with a cigarette in his mouth. With a wave of that man’s hand, half of his men were killed or wounded. Even the sniper he trusted to snipe out the strong ones were helpless against this man. How could there be such a powerful hunter?! Wang Huarong couldn’t even imagine that hunters could become so powerful, especially that person, he was like a devil!

“Let’s- Let’s go. We can’t stay here.” Wang Huarong left with his men in a hurry.

He was about to leave from the other side when some patrol members in black combat uniform blocked his exit as soon as he jumped to the ground. His expression changed, glancing over the patrol members and didn’t see the previous devil hunter, he was relieved. He rushed at his men. “Hurry up and finish these people, we won’t be able to leave when that one comes.”

As he spoke, Wang Huarong sheathed the katana at his waist. He was also an extremely powerful hunter with the strength of the triple awakening stage. His combat experience was not bad. It was just that he only dared to attack when he was confident. Uncertainty was too terrifying. Wang Huarong thought there was no match for him, but these hunters tried to stop him anyway.

Wang Huarong rushed forward.

On the other side, a hunter with a scar on his face shouted, “This one is mine. You guys take care of the rest of them.”

Wang Huarong’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the hunter with scars. A double awakening stage strength was not bad, but he was confident he would be able to cut off this person’s head with just three moves. His enemy was too naive to think he could finish him alone.

The blade swept down, cutting straight down! Wang Huarong saw the man was surrounded by fine sand, engulfing the man’s body and advanced forward like raindrops. Wang Huarong was surprised but didn’t slow down to deal with the fine sand attack.

Peng Bo took this opportunity to rush forward, wearing two special tiger claws on his hands, the tips of it were sharp and cold, attacking straight to the point.

The more Wang Huarong fought, the more surprised he was. Even though the person in front of him was only at a double awakening stage, he was not much inferior to him in terms of physical strength. Even, he had difficulties to get out and escape.

He had fought demonic beasts many times and had undergone intensive training in the training camp. He had unlocked a lot of potentials, his body strength was far better than an ordinary double awakening stage hunter. Coupled with a special ability, it was Peng Bo’s ultimate weapon.


The hunters of the Dafafa Shelter were either dead or wounded from the battle.

Shay stood in the middle of the messy battlefield, contemplated. Looking at the terrified and trembling survivors of the shelter, who were all holding their heads down in fear.

The members of the patrol scattered to collect the loot from the shelter. With the large truck, it wasn’t difficult to transport the loot back to the territory. It was just these survivors were giving Shay a headache.

In the end, these survivors were not on the same side as Wang Huarong. Even the hunters under him might not be on the same side. Not to mention, these survivors were treated as commodities. He didn’t think about it much before the battle, but now he had a dilemma.

Kill them all? That’s impossible.

Leaving them alone will also endanger them.

No matter how Wang Huarong treated them, one thing was certain. Without Wang Huarong’s protection, these ordinary survivors wouldn’t survive alone. Shay, a mercenary sniper, could only light a cigarette and slowly contemplate in such a situation.

Suddenly, he was enlightened, remember that Leader Tang once said that their shelter lacked manpower. Then, wouldn’t bring these people back to the shelter was the right choice? Shay thought so, even if they had to go and forth to pick up the survivors to the shelter. Wouldn’t that mean the shelter would have more survivors?

This method was simply perfect.

If Tang Yu was here, he would have been able to see the drawbacks.

If we cut leeks all at once, we get more, but we will have one less source of income in the future. On the other hand, if we’re talking about sustainability and harvesting leeks one crop at a time, that’s the real high-end development model.

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