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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 117


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 117 Just Right

The crack of the abyss, the temporary headquarters.

Lu Jianjun was communicating with a few senior officers. Suddenly, a young officer hurriedly came to report.

“Chief! Report! We received news that Lin Wei had led his elite warrior to leave secretly.”

“That’s impossible! I just saw Lin Wei on patrol.” The second battalion commander beside him retorted. 

“No.” The young officer shook his head, “There was indeed a ‘Lin Wei’ in the position, but it was a fake. According to a reliable informant, Lin Wei has been gone for at least two hours.”


Lu Jianjun was in deep thought. By now, the defense line had been stabilized. He wouldn’t stop him even if Lin Wei wanted to leave. Even he, himself, would stay here for another day or two before returning to Lindong to observe the situation. But Lin Wei secretly left and left a double behind as if he was afraid someone would notice. Lu Jianjun instinctively felt that there was something wrong here.

He asked again at the young officer, “Which team did Lin Wei take with him?”

“Lin Wei mainly took the First Corps. But the others aren’t clear, but according to the analysis, it’s likely that Lin Wei also took the Shadow Owls unit with him.”

There were several corps under Lin Wei command. Among them, only the First Corps was Lin Wei’s true prized corps and the one with the most expert hunters. Lu Jianjun didn’t want to cross with Lin Wei because he didn’t want to risk Lindong Shelter’s safety. But he wasn’t stupid, he had placed several spies among Lin Wei’s man. One of his highest spies had already become a senior officer in the Second Corps. But he couldn’t get into the First Corps, so he wasn’t really Lin Wei’s subordinate. It was this person that sent the news this time, but he still couldn’t figure out the exact information about Lin Wei’s whereabouts.

“And the Shadow Owls unit…”

Lu Jianjun carefully thought. Compared to his troops, this was his most terrifying unit. The Shadow Owls unit was undoubtedly Lin Wei’s ultimate trump card. According to his investigation, only triple awakening stage hunters and above could get into the Shadow Owls unit. Yet he hadn’t figured out their exact number and their power.

“I can’t believe he even brought the Shadow Owls unit.” Next to Lu Jianjun, the captain of the guard team, Zhou Zhenglei, furrowed his brows. “Every time Lin Wei sends out the Shadow Owls unit, he causes some kind of conspiracy!”

Zhou Zhenglei had a brief encounter with the leader of the Shadow Owls Unit, An Xiao* accidentally. At that time, a large number of missing children within the shelter caused a still. And the Chief had sent him to assist in the investigation. Following the clues, he finally found An Xiao and his men. He was surprised to know that there’s a hidden hunter with the power matched with his. Zhou Zhenglei at least ranked in the top three in terms of power in the entire Lindong Shelter. However, he felt a great threat from An Xiao.

“We must find out Lin Wei’s sneaky departure purpose. Have the informant there to keep an eye on him.” Lu Jianjun said to the young officer.

After saluting, the young officer quickly left.



Weeds grew wildly everywhere, the roads were damaged, and roars of demonic beasts could be heard from time to time. Both ordinary survivors and hunters had to maintain their vigilance when traveling in the wilderness. However…

A large team came from the distance. In order to ensure the secret of his plan, Lin Wei didn’t bring any of his vehicles and walked in the wilderness like an ordinary survivor. This team had nothing to fear from the demonic beast and recklessly roamed the wilderness. The approaching demonic beast attacked them along the way would be quickly killed by the hunters.

Even the team had split into smaller teams to handle the loot, as well as cleaning up the traces of their journey. Making sure they didn’t leave any clues for Lu Jianjun’s men to find.

Suddenly, a man in charge of the front part reported, “Boss, we found some survivors. What should we do? Kill them?”

“Just kill them.” Lin Wei casually said, but suddenly remembered something, “Wait, don’t kill them. Just capture them alive.”

Dr. Zheng had been urging for new test subjects. These survivors might be of use. He happened to be on the way to the pharmaceutical factory to see the progress of the Beast Warrior experiment anyway. They could bring them along. But before that… Lin Wei gazed at the distance. Let’s drop by and take a look at the Tree Shade Shelter.

“It just so happens that the Tree Shade Shelter had a few survivors, and I was going to get rid of them. But now that I think about it, I could capture them for experiments. Perhaps Dr. Zheng won’t be noisy again for a while about the test subject.”

 “Besides, the Tree Shade Shelter had a few ability hunters. They’re the best test subject. By using these hunters, the project’s completion would progress even faster. Perhaps we can even create powerful Beast Warriors using the experimental ability hunters as a blueprint.”

Lin Wei pondered.

After exterminating the Tree Shade Shelter, he could send some of his men to disguise as the survivors in that shelter and rerun it. On the one hand, he had a perfect cover to mine the spirit stones mine peacefully, and on the other hand, he could capture some of the survivors to be sent to Dr. Zheng’s lab.

It’s a win-win solution.


Training Camp, Gravity chamber.

Since the training camp had been upgraded to level two, the facilities inside had undergone a major renovation. The gravity chamber was much bigger than before, changing from room size into a hall.

Tang Yu was bare-chested, wearing tight training shorts, sweating in the gravity room. During the high-intensity training, the residual effects of the body hardening potion slowly integrated into his body. Feeling himself gradually becoming stronger, his heart was filled with satisfaction. As expected, the body hardening potion, and the gravity room were a perfect match.

After a while, Tang Yu stopped his movement and took out an ordinary longsword he had prepared earlier. Holding the sword in one hand and gazing at the blade, his look became solemn. Taking a deep breath, he raised the longsword over his head and slashed down. A silvery-white light flew out from the blade. The sword lit like a rainbow. With a sharp momentum, it blasted straight at the wall of the gravity chamber. There was a flicker of light on the metal wall, a self-protection function within the gravity chamber absorbing the fierce Qi from the sword.

It took a while for the flickering light to fade away, and the shining brilliance gradually dissipated into thin air. Tang Yu panted lightly and sat down on the ground with his entire body paralyzed. The crystallized spirit stones that were held tightly in his left hand instantly turned to dust.

This Sky Breaking Slash Skill was a reward he had received from the Lord’s Exclusive Mode. If the Heavy Slash and Continuous Slash were low-level battle skills, then the Sky Breaking Slash ranged at least mid to high-level skill.

For a skill at this level, if he hadn’t relied on the system reward, it would take a long time to learn. Even if he learned the skill right now, it would still be difficult before he could use it properly.

A low-level battle skill like Heavy Slash consumed Qi or physical strength. In contrast, a high-level skill like Sky Breaking Slash could only be used by consuming source power. Even when he drew out all the source power reserved inside the crystallized spirit stones, this strike still paralyzed him and drew all his power.

Tang Yu shook his head. After returning the gravity into normal, he changed his clothes in the storage room at the entrance, grabbed his belongings, and walked out of the gravity room.

Suddenly, he felt a familiar vibration coming from his pocket. It was just like when his phone vibrated a few months ago before the doomsday. After taking it out, he saw the detection lens was the thing that was triggering the alarm message he had set up.

Tang Yu took a glance at it. And sure enough, most of the dots marked on the lens before were now heading towards the territory. The closest one had just stepped into the distance he had set for the alarm.

About time…

Tl’s Note :

*An Xiao literally means Dark Owls, I had a confusion in chapter 112 when he first came out. I thought it was the unit’s name but turns out to be a person. But I think I will separate the names, so it’s easier for the readers to distinguish. Maybe.  

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