My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 118


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 118 Hopeless

In the wilderness, Lin Wei’s team didn’t advance very fast, but they didn’t need to hide from the demonic beasts. They pushed all the obstacles and quickly approached the Tree Shade Shelter.

The survivors were tied as the team moved forward.

He Anping was the first survivor to get captured. At first, from their well-equipped and well-organized look, he thought this team was the search and rescue team sent by the army. He was so happy, he had no idea that they would actually capture him.

“Daughter, I’m sorry for this…”

He was accompanied by a young girl wearing ragged clothes and an ashen face, this was his daughter, He Qingqing.

If he hadn’t mistaken the team for the military search and rescue team, they might not have been caught. At the thought of this, He Anping’s heart ached with pain.

“Dad, it’s not your fault. These people were already going around capturing survivors. They would still never let us go even if we hadn’t come over.” He Qingqing comforted her father. But inside, she was actually dead scared. Although her life wasn’t in immediate danger, and the team didn’t look like they were planning to let them become cannon fodder to lure the demonic beasts. He Qingqing’s heart was still uneasy. Especially since some of the people around her were always staring at certain parts of her body, making He Qingqing flustered and grew restless.

At this moment, the marching team stopped, and He Qingqing saw that those people in the distance seemed to be discussing something. Even the hunters who were in charge of watching them were looking away excitedly and were quite distracted.

“Uncle Tong, Uncle Tong.” She called out in a low voice to a survivor beside her, who also had his hands tied.

Tong Xiangrong glanced around at the guards and whispered back, “What is it?”

“Uncle Tong, I think these people must have some purpose for coming here. We have no chance of escaping now. But if they spread out and went out, we will have a chance to escape!”

A glimmer of hope flashed in Tong Xiangrong’s eyes, but he quickly sighed. “That’s impossible. Even if they spread out, we won’t be able to escape if some of them were left behind to guard us.”

A glimmer of hope flashed in Tong Xiangrong’s eyes, but he quickly sighed, “No chance, even if most of them leave, we won’t be able to escape as long as we leave a small group of people to guard them.”

“Uncle Tong, you are a hunter, and there should be some hunters among us.”

At this time, the people guarding them were a few people wearing bulletproof vests and carrying guns. These people were all laughing and joking and didn’t look very vigilant. As for the survivors they had captured, He Qingqing roughly counted at least twenty or thirty of them. As long as they could seize the opportunity and put up a fight, there’s a possibility they could successfully escape.

It was just… as she looked at the other survivors. It seemed that because their lives were not in immediate danger, many of them had extinguished their desire to resist. After all, if they were to resist, they wouldn’t be alive now. They would be shot to death. 

He Qingqing was also afraid, but she understood that if there was a chance to escape, it would be when the majority of the team left. She had to take that chance!

Seeing her plan in her heart, Uncle Tong didn’t say anything. But someone beside her gave her a pitiful glance, “Little girl, you’re too naive. Do you really think we have a chance to escape with our strength? I’ll tell you something, there are 8 hunters among the captured survivors. Do you think that’s enough? Heh, even if it were ten times more, it would never be enough.” The hunter shook his head and stared blankly at the sky.

He Qingqing remembered this one. He originally wanted to resist when he was first captured. But for some reason, he was frightened and didn’t resist when they disarmed him of his weapons.

Understanding her confusion, the hunter continued, “You’re not a hunter, so you won’t understand how powerful these people are. Even if the 8 hunters on our side worked together, it would only take 2 of them to finish us all…”

“And that’s when we have equal equipment. But now, those people hold firearms in their hands. And our hands are tied, the ropes were made with special materials. No matter how hard we try, we can’t break it. If you ask me since they didn’t immediately kill us, let’s stay silent, so we don’t get killed.”

He Qingqing bit her lips. Her eyes inspected the surroundings and suddenly lit up. “I remembered this place! Near here, there’s a shelter called the Tree Shade Shelter. Uncle Tong, didn’t you once say that the Tree Shade Shelter was very powerful?”

Tong Xiangrong brightened, “That’s right, they were strong. And they said that the shelter had numerous equipment with no shortage of guns and ammunition. There are also powerful hunters there. But most importantly, unlike this team, I heard that the Tree Shade Shelter is friendly to survivors. I was also planning to go there, but I had no idea…”

He and Qingqing were delighted at the news.

However, in the next moment, the previous hunter shook his head once again. “Indeed, the Tree Shade Shelter is indeed powerful, even stronger than most shelters in this area. But this team’s strength alone is even more terrifying!”

Tong Xiangrong’s eyebrows furrowed, “They’re not that strong, right? These hunters guarding us were mostly at the double awakening stage. True, they’re still strong for us. But there were stronger people in the Tree Shade shelter. I heard there were also fourth or even a fifth awakening stage super experts. Those kinds of experts could face ordinary people, one against ten, or even one against a hundred, right?”

Instead of answering, the pale hunter asked, “Do you know why I didn’t resist when I was arrested before? Perhaps you think I was frightened. True, I was terrified, but not by those guns around me.”

“I was trying to escape when I saw an elegant man looking at me. You won’t understand how terrifying that one single glance was. It was as if my entire body had fallen into darkness, with only those eyes staring at me with inexplicable coldness. At that time, I couldn’t even move, let alone escape!”

He recalled the previous situation with fear in his eyes. Just from his gaze and aura alone had completely suppressed him. The hunter couldn’t imagine what kind of strength that elegant man possessed.

Tong Xiangrong was somewhat shocked, “There really is such a terrifying hunter?”

The pale hunter nodded. “Not only that, but every single hunter in this team is very powerful. I think the ones guarding us were the weakest. With their number and strength, they could entirely wipe away the shelters in this area!”

“And…” He gazed at the distance, “It seems they were heading to the Tree Shade Shelter. Even if you successfully escaped, I’d dare say the Tree Shade Shelter will end up even worse than us.”

He Qingqing’s face suddenly turned pale as she looked at the guards around her and the direction they were frequently looking in.

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