My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 119


My Doomsday territory Chapter 119 The Strange Tower

The sun was high in the sky, and the dazzling sunlight was so bright that it was difficult to open one’s eyes without squinting.

Lin Wei sought out a relatively intact abandoned building. After a little cleanup, he went inside to rest. Of course, his men would do the work like dealing with the Tree Shade Shelter. What he was considering now was the scale of the spirit stone mine and the progress of the Beast Warrior Project.

At the front of the team, a few of Lin Wei’s subordinates were observing the distance. They were discussing dealing with the Tree Shade Shelter.

A man with a burly back and arms thicker than a normal person’s thighs snorted in disdain, “Why bother to discuss small shelter? Just annihilate them.”

This man was the leader of the Tiger and Panther Team, Wang Hu. An extremely strong hunter, especially good at close combat. In addition to the First Corps, the Escort Unit, and the Shadow Owls Unit. There were also Tiger and Panther Unit, as well as the Falcon Unit. The Tiger and Panther Unit ranked below the Shadow Owls, but they’re not necessarily weaker.

On the contrary, it was the Shadow Owls that was too powerful and mysterious. The Tiger and Panther Unit’s strength alone was enough to annihilate most shelters. Even a medium-sized shelter would have a hard time resisting.

A gallant looking man in the middle lifted his glasses. He was Xu Yancheng, the commander of the First Corps. He wasn’t annoyed by Wang Hu’s words.

“Naturally, it’s impossible for the Tree Shade Shelter to resist. But let’s not forget that Han Jing’s team was annihilated without even having a chance to escape and brought news. Even the investigation teams dispatched afterward could hardly find anything. It proves that the Tree Shade Shelter still had some strength.”

Even with a guaranteed victory in hand, Xu Yancheng didn’t underestimate the Tree Shade Shelter. Especially since the boss had given him absolute power over the mission. So he would have to complete the mission perfectly. It would be best to take down the shelter with zero losses.

He thought about it and continued, “Moreover, our investigation team was sent there many times. The people of the Tree Shade Shelter should have known about us, yet they still haven’t fled. This means that the Tree Shade Shelter must have a hidden trump card or think they have enough trump cards. Even if we successfully took them down, we can still have losses on our side.” Xu Yancheng explained.

“I hate a jibber-jabber person like you. Tell me, what exactly are you going to do? I don’t like to wait!”

“There’s no need to rush. We need to scout the area first. Especially since the boss had requested no survivors can be spared, we first need to make sure the people there can’t escape.” Xu Yancheng pondered and waved, “Blind Lady.”

His voice was not loud, but a young woman quickly came along after his words fell. Her eyes were closed, but the young woman had no difficulty walking in the complex wilderness terrain. She seemed to be able to see everything around her with her eyes closed.

“Blind Lady, scout the activities of the Tree Shade Resort Villa and the surrounding survivors.” Xu Yancheng commanded.

“Yes.” The Blind Lady nodded her head.

She took a few steps forward, facing the direction of the Tree Shade Shelter. Her eyes opened, but she had no pupils and iris. Her eyes were only a blank white. This was a probing ability. Although it was not an aggressive ability, her ability was precious. She could sense the number and even the strength of lifeforms within a certain range.

Xu Yancheng knew that the Tree Shade Shelter was a bit odd, and many of the investigators sent out had never returned. But as long as they had the Blind Lady, he could get information about the strength of the Tree Shade Shelter with no effort.

To widen the range of the Blind Lady’s ability, he had sent many of his men to carry Spirit Power Containers. They hunt down countless demonic beasts just to supply her. Even though she could barely fight and never once fought a demonic beast, at the moment, she had the strength of a fifth awakening stage. She could scout general information within 2 or 3 kilometers of range. It was her most prized power, her power was so great that she couldn’t keep them open all the time. That’s why she rarely opened her eyes. And people gradually called her the Blind Lady.

After a while, the Blind Lady closed her eyes again. She came to Xu Yancheng, “Captain, I’ve seen the general situation. Clearly, Tree Shade Shelter’s survivors’ activities are all within the resort. And besides, among the hunters within the resort, I sensed that several of them have the strength of the triple awakening stage power.”

“Triple awakening?” Xu Yancheng muttered. This kind of strength was indeed far beyond ordinary small shelters. But in his opinion, they were still too weak. To the point of unbelievable. What kind of strength did they have that made them dare to continue staying here? He turned around and came in front of the First Corps.

“All detachments form groups of five, spread out and surround the shelter. Be careful, don’t come near the shelter, just stay around 1 kilometer from the resort border.” Xu Yancheng commanded.

He wanted to surround the shelter and annihilate it. He can only trust his own men in this task. On the one hand, the First Corps had the largest number of people. On the other hand, he’s calculated that instructing the other teams wouldn’t be this easy.

Wang Hu returned to his Tiger and Panther Unit with an impatient face. Yang Wei, the leader of the Falcon Unit, stood silent with a hard face and hands clasped over his chest. And the Shadow Owls Unit… Xu Yangchen looked around and couldn’t find them. But he knew they’re around here. Their Godly power and ability still haunted him with uneasiness.

The hunters from the First Corps scattered. They moved nimbly and soon disappeared from view.

Squad 113 was the 13th Squad under the First Corps. Captain Scorpion and a few members of the Squad were ducking in the grass, slowly moving towards the shelter. They needed a secluded place to remotely observe the situation at the resort. A place where the passing by survivors who went out or returning from the wilderness couldn’t escape their watch.

Suddenly, a member of the Squad abruptly stopped. Scorpion couldn’t help but urged him. The team member, however, didn’t reply. He just pointed his fingers nearby. 

Captain Scorpion followed the direction, his eyes widened in shock.

In their line of sight, a black tower towering behind a small mound nearby. The tower had a different style and structure with an ordinary tower. Its black outer wall was thick and dense. At the tip of the tower, he saw a pitch-black hole but no muzzle. It was simply dark and chilling. There’s something strange about this building. He stopped the other team members from advancing forward. After gesturing to the others to stay in place, he hurriedly returned to the same path.

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