My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 12


Chapter 12 – Workshop

The sky darkened just as Tang Yu finished transporting the materials.

“Ding! Two hundreds and thirteen units of wood have been detected.”

“549 units of stone have been detected.”

“198 units of iron have been detected.”

“535 units of spirit stone have been detected.”

Tang Yu smiled, this amount of material resources was enough to build a workshop or a marketplace.

The half of the four core buildings was finally completed.

He stood in the middle of the open space behind the castle. The nearby castle light stood out in the dark. However, no demonic beast attracted to the site. After two days of clearing out the surrounding area from demonic beast, there were not many beasts left roaming freely in the entire villa hills area. Today, there’re no more red dots that appeared on the territory map.

After thinking for a while, Tang Yu decided to build the workshop first.

Both the marketplace and the workshop were extremely useful. But in comparison, the workshop was more functional and could be used immediately, whereas the market… Tang Yu speculated there wouldn’t be enough resource left to buy anything if he created the marketplace first.

He clicked on the building panel, selecting the core building menu and clicked on the build workshop button.

“Ding Dong! Workshop construction consumes 500 units of spirit stone, 100 units of stone, and 100 units of iron. Are you sure? Yes/No”


Countless materials flew and hovered mid-air from the pile of resource materials. The spirit stone in his pocket dissipated and emitting firefly-like lights, absorbed into the floating materials.

Shortly, a five-meter tall with 200 square meters sized building appeared before him.

Even though he had witnessed this scene before, he couldn’t help but be amazed. This was the system’s extraordinary power that he hadn’t figured it out yet. Although its voice rang inside his head, he couldn’t really communicate with it. It’s become accessible to him without any obstacle, and was very likely derived from the game he once played before the doomsday.

However, some part of the system differed from the one in game. For example in the pub menu, he noticed some different things in the previous game and in reality. He could not blindly rely on his past experience. For instance, he hadn’t finish built all the available buildings in the previous game, so he began to worry if he would make some mistake in the future.

He shook his head out from the thought. There would be a time when he should think of it. It’s harder to develop a territory in real life than the one in game. In the game, he could get resource materials and spirit stones faster.

But he wasn’t disappointed about this progress either.

There’s nothing special about the workshop’s appearance, just like how an ordinary workshop before the doomsday would like. The previously built pub also looked ordinary. Of course it’s not a bad thing, but their appearances were far more inferior to the magnificent castle.

Tang Yu entered the workshop with curiosity.

There’s no window on the building. Aside from the front door, the workshop was completely closed. He opened the door and stepped in only to find the lights were on. The floors and walls were built with the same materials, the whole room was empty aside from a big black box in the middle.

The box was square and wrapped in black shells with a wide opening. Tang Yu rummaged inside the box and finally found operation panel-like thing.

‘That should be the operation panel.’

Tang Yu checked the function intro of the workshop which was way simpler than the pub. All he had to do was to put the required materials into the material port and operate it through the operation panel, and finally collected the finished equipment from the black box.

The first-level workshop was equipped with basic blueprints including basic weapons of various jobs, basic long sword, basic staff, basic guns, basic dagger, and basic morning star. Protective equipment including: common light armor, heavy armor, leather armor, mage robe, and other several equipments.

In addition to weapons and armors, the most important panel was rune panel.

Rune was a special symbol containing a special power. Even the most common sharp rune engraved in an ordinary sword could make the sword sharper. Although the equipment blueprints from the first-level workshop were ordinary, they could be enchanted with a rune which will greatly improve its quality.

Similarly, the basic blueprints of the first-level workshop  also included the most basic rune blueprints.

Basic sharp rune could slightly increase the sharpness of weapons.

Basic mana rune could slightly increase the user’s mana pool.

Basic defense rune could slightly increase the armor’s defense.

There were not many blueprints but their functions were complete.

As long as he had the required materials, he could complete a set of equipment. Even though in game this was just a normal newbie equipment, Tang Yu believed as long as he wore it, it would be enough for now. He could now throw out other weapons and armor he had in the castle.

The materials used for manufacturing equipment and building construction were generally the same. It’s nothing more than iron and spirit stones. If he was about to craft a defense material, sometimes some materials such as demonic beast fur needed to be added.

Fortunately, he still had many leftover building materials and demonic beast furs in hands. He couldn’t find another use for it before, so he stacked it together with the pile of demonic beast carcass.

Tang Yu put down the required materials into the port and selected his desired equipment from the operation panel.

The operation was fairly simple.

[Crafting basic sharp runes, consuming five units of spirit stone.] [Crafting basic mana runes, consuming five units of spirit stone.] [Manufacturing basic long sword, consuming five units of iron, five units of spirit stone, and one basic sharp rune.] [Manufacturing basic staff, consuming five units of wood, five units of spirit stone, and one basic mana rune.] [Crafting basic defense rune,…..] [……]


Lindong Shelter

Compared to other small shelters, many places in Lindong shelter were still up even if it’s past night time.

Wang Tai disguised as an ordinary survivor while observing the passing by crowds. Some of them are well-equipped hunters, and he felt inferior for a while.

He used to be the director of a shelter, with dozens of hunters and countless supplies. But now, even he couldn’t compare himself with a Lindong mercenary.

After escaping from the demon wave, he took more than a dozen of his subordinates and fled. Half of them were already dead. Beside him, only two of his subordinate remained when they got to Lindong shelter. The other elite mercenary squad had five or six hunters equipped with guns. He had nothing, no weapons, and no equipment. Even the highly valued spirit stones in Lindong were lost when he fled from the previous shelter. It could serve a common currency here.

His previous shelter was destroyed by the demon wave. It’s impossible to establish another shelter given his current situation. But if he could somehow return to the previous shelter, he still had some spirit stones hidden in the villa. However, after everything he had gone through, it’s impossible to try to return to the villa with just him and his two subordinates. They would’ve died in the way before he even reached the villa. Furthermore, he had nothing in Lindong. He was afraid that his two subordinates would leave him.

Wang Tai’s expression went darken with uncertainty.

A middle-aged man came approaching him, a smile immediately appeared on his face.

The middle-aged man was expressionless, he immediately spoke, “You there, the boss had agreed to your terms. We will leave early in the morning with me as the lead. I hope everything you said is true, or else you’ll face the consequences.”

Wang Tai wasn’t dissatisfied with that, instead, his face glowed with happiness. “I understand. I would never dare to deceive General Lin. I will rely on Captain Han tomorrow.”

Han Jing glanced at him, “No problem.” Then he left.

Wang Tai watched as Han Jing went away, his fist clenched.

With his own strength, he certainly would never get to the villa, but it would be a different story if he were to rely on someone with power. Fortunately, this time on his escape path, he had found a great discovery. With this information, he gained some recognition from General Lin. This man was powerful, and in Lindong, he was among the top three in terms of power!

This time, in order to verify this claim, General Lin sent Han Jing to lead the team. He was a hunter with triple awakening, almost close to forth awakening. He was guaranteed to arrive safely at the site, they would kill any demonic beast they would encounter along the way.

If that information was somehow verified, it would certainly raise his amity with General Lin in Lindong. In the meantime, tomorrow he would sneak to the resort villa to regain his hidden spirit stones. And he would use it to fund his life in Lindong.

He had a chance to rise again!

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