My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 120


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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 120 Just A Target

Led by Captain Scorpion, Xu Yancheng soon arrived at the place where he found the tower. He didn’t approach it, only observing it from afar with binoculars.

There were no other buildings around this place. It was all mounds and grass and trees, and Xu Yancheng found the sudden appearance of a tower suspicious.

“Could it be a sentinel tower built by the Tree Shade Shelter?”

Thinking so, he inquired of the Blind Lady, but once again, he received a positive answer. She confirmed there was no life in the tower. Since there were no humans, his guess of the Sentinel Tower was obviously not valid.

On his side, Wang Hu retorted, full of disdain. “Dude, you’re too scared like a pussy. If you want me to, I’ll go over there. No matter what, I’ll tear down that tower!”

Xu Yancheng pondered. Indeed, there’s no need to be overly cautious in facing the Tree Shade Shelter. It’s better to hurry and complete the mission his boss had given and mined the spirit stone mine.

The group walked towards the black tower with vigilance. As they got closer, they saw the tower was built by black stone material. After circling around, Xu Yancheng’s face became confused.

 “Why doesn’t this tower have an entrance?”

“Yes, if it was built to be used as a guard tower. Even if it’s unoccupied now, you’d have to leave the entrance, or did they forget to give an entrance when they built it?” Scorpion said, but he didn’t even believe himself.

Wang Hu stepped forward, “Never mind the tower, let’s see me smash this tower to pieces with one punch.” He said.

Fiercely building up his strength, the muscles on his arms bulged like mighty dragons, he was about to throw a punch when suddenly he felt a sudden death threat enveloped his heart. He no longer cared about punching the tower, he leaped to his side. 


A sharp cracking sound came from the ground where he was originally standing, leaving a small, deep puncture on the ground.

Wang Hu’s expression drastically changed. No longer able to care about anything else, his body leaned forward, thick hairs grew on his skin, he landed on all fours like a tiger and fled towards the distance.

At this moment, another sharp cracking sound came. Wang Hu’s body twisted to avoid it. But the other hunter who was in the same line as him had his entire body blown up like a balloon before it burst. Flesh and blood spilled like rain.

Xu Yancheng made a quick decision and punched the tower, crumbling off a large chunk of rock, yet the whistling sound of arrows slicing through the air still didn’t stop. He finally changed his expression and shouted his men to retreat and ran away with an even faster speed to the distance.


After distancing himself a few hundred meters away from the tower, Xu Yancheng finally let out a sigh of relief. This arrow tower’s speed and penetrating strength were truly terrifying. Even with his strength, he didn’t dare stay within the tower’s attack range for long.

“The hell with that tower! Its arrow speed was actually faster than a bullet!”

He initially thought this was a Sentinel Tower. But he didn’t expect it would have tremendous destructive power.

He glanced around. Six of his men died under the tower’s attack. Xu Yancheng’s expression changed.

At his side, Wang Hu had returned to his original state. Usually, he would make some sarcastic remarks when seeing Xu Yancheng’s elite members died. But not this time as he was gasping for breath, fear still reflected on his eyes.

The death threat he just experienced still lingered in his heart. He had no idea such an insignificant tower would be so dangerous. If he reacted slower, he would be just like those hunters whose body exploded. He would be the same. Thinking of this, Wang Hu was even more terrified as he gazed at the arrow tower nearby.


Lord’s Castle.

Tang Yu crossed his legs, half of his body was leaning on the softback of the sofa.

A crystal ball the size of a basketball was suspended mid-air in front of him. While monitoring through the crystal ball, manipulating the defensive buildings, and incidentally giving orders to his followers inside his mind. Tang Yu felt like he played a Real-time Strategy Game, the kind with 100% realistic graphics.

Just then, he was quite disappointed, “It was so close, but I didn’t expect that person would turn into a black tiger, and suddenly his speed increased a lot.”

Tang Yu observed two relatively strong hunters within the arrow tower range from the crystal ball screen.

The elegant man looked overly cautious, so he didn’t target him. Instead, he shifted his target to the man with the tiger tattoo. But fortunately, he was too fast.

It wasn’t difficult to annihilate them. As long as he quickly built a few arrow towers around them, Tang Yu believed none could escape. It’s just he didn’t want to leave them alive. His current enemies might not be everything Lin Wei had. Once he exposed his cards, he would probably be targeted again. After all, unlike demonic beasts, humans are intelligent creatures.

Shaking his head, Tang Yu turned the screen to the other arrow towers. Taking advantage of the enemy’s communication transmission delay, he simultaneously took control of several arrow towers. He began to attack the enemies within range.

The hunters with double or triple awakening strength were all experts in the eyes of ordinary people. None of these people would imagine that one day they would be shot by death without any resistance. Shredded corpses littered the ground. Through the crystal screen, Tang Yu didn’t feel nauseous.

“Such a shame that hunters couldn’t produce spirit stones. If they had spirit stones, I’d be able to get some of them from this battle.”


After resting for a while, Wang Hu’s mind calmed down a bit. But his heart was beating fast from just looking at the tower. He glanced at Xu Yancheng beside him and hesitantly asked, “How are we going to solve those arrow towers? Getting near it is too dangerous, and it’s hard to destroy it. Is it possible to circle around?”

Just now, he also noticed Xu Yancheng punched the arrow tower. Although he could only scrape away a little piece. It looked like it would take at least a few more punches to completely destroy the tower. The tower wall’s hardness and density were far beyond ordinary buildings.

 it’s close to dangerous and still difficult to demolish, is it possible that we have to go around it?”

Although they didn’t get along well, Wang Hu still acknowledged Xu Yancheng’s strength. And since he couldn’t collapse the tower in a single punch, then that meant Wang Hu definitely couldn’t do it. Not to mention, it was difficult while avoiding the sharp arrows.

But one thing for sure. No matter what order Xu Yancheng gave, he was unwilling to step into the tower’s attack range again.

Upon hearing that, Xu Yancheng shook his head, “I was careless, but I didn’t expect the Tree Shade Shelter had such power.”

He looked at the arrow tower and analyzed, “This should be some product of a special ability. With the shelter’s help, they have built several arrow towers around the resort. We can’t underestimate them. I’m afraid this is the opponent’s trump card.”

After measuring the attack range of the arrow towers, Xu Yancheng walked a little further to the side and changed perspective to observe the arrow towers, and soon came to a conclusion.

“Unfortunately, this arrow tower has 2 fatal weaknesses.”

“2?” Wang Hu was a bit surprised.

He stretched out his finger, “One, the attack range of this kind of arrow tower is limited. Two, this kind of arrow tower can’t be moved, and perhaps one more thing, this kind of arrow tower is not easy to build, that’s why there are only a few towers outside of the Tree Shade Shelter.”

“Likewise, this kind of arrow tower is good enough for dealing with demonic beasts. But to use it against us? Well, we were surprised because we didn’t understand its weakness. But now, well… it’s just a target, a fixed target.”

It’s no longer a threat to him!

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