My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 121


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 121 Something Wrong Happened

Xu Yancheng ordered his men to move the cannon. Wang Hu took a look and finally understood. The arrow tower’s attack range was limited. As long as they stood outside the range, they should be fine. The cannon was positioned in place. A hunter loaded the shells into its barrel while the other one adjusted its angle.


White smoke coming out from its muzzle, the shell landed on the ground near the tower. Exploding a cloud of sand and dust.

These hunters weren’t skilled in using cannon, their hit rate wasn’t accurate. But after a few shots, they could see the tower began to crumble.

Xu Yanchen smiled. Just like his prediction.

Suddenly, the cannon burst apart with a loud thud. The two hunters operating it were lightly injured.

Xu Yancheng was astonished. “There’s a sniper! Blind Lady, find the sniper’s location.”

His eyes quickly scanned the area, but there was no panic in his eyes. It’s just a weapon, a cannon. He still had some of them. Instead, the people from the Tree Shade shelter hastily jumped out to destroy the cannon, exposing themselves. The arrow tower was the enemy trump card.

The Blind Lady opened her milky white eyes, scanning over the surrounding and quickly pointed into a dense jungle made of low bushes growing wild in the distance.

Xu Yancheng was about to give an order when Wang Hu suddenly roared, “Leave it to me! I’m tired of waiting!” He silently took the Tiger and Jaguar elites with him, speeding off into the distance. Xu Yancheng shook his head, no longer caring about Wang Hu’s temperament.

He once again ordered the team to use the cannon again and destroy the arrow tower. He turned to the Blind Lady, “How long will your ability last?”

“In normal circumstances, 3 minutes.” The Blind Lady echoed.

“What about your maximal potential?”

“Up to five minutes.”

“Alright. Continue monitoring them and notify me as soon as the Tree Shade Shelter made any movement.”


In the jungle, Wang Hu was in the lead, leaving his elite men far behind. He had a shape-shifting ability, and he took the form of a tiger. He moved with ease in this environment, just like a fish swimming in water.

He was getting closer to the opponent. Suddenly, Wang Hu powered up his limbs, slammed on the ground, and leaped to the jungle. At this time, the bushes in front of them grew thin. He saw the feeling hunter in front of him. He grinned. His body leaped high and landed in front of the fleeing hunter. The ground cracked.

Wang Hu took a good look at the man. He had a burly body, just like him. He wore sunglasses, and he carried a sniper rifle behind his back. He stared at Shay as if he was looking at prey.

Behind him, the elite members of the Tiger and Jaguar unit also rushed over. Blocking Shay’s escape.

Wang Hu licked his lips, “Back away. This toy is mine, hehehe. I hope you will entertain me for a while.”

In his eyes, Shay’s aura was of a Fourth Awakening stage level, which was just the right amount of durable toy for him. However, he had no idea that Shay was actually suppressing his aura. Seeing the time was right, Shay took off his sunglasses and glanced at the enemy. “It just so happens that I was also thinking the same thing.”

The moment the sunglasses fell, gunshots sounded. The patrol members who had been hiding on the sides fired at the Tiger and Jaguar Unit elites who were unguarded, injuring some of them.

Wang Hu scoffed, “An Ambush? It’s useless!” He wasn’t worried about his team at all. Most of his team is the strength of the Triple Awakening Stage. As long as they fought back, guns were not a big threat to them. True hunters only had to rely on their fists. Like a fierce tiger, he pounced straight at Shay, making sand fly everywhere.

Wang Hu was at the peak of a Fifth Awakening strength and stuck at the bottleneck. He was confident of himself that except for a few people, he had no real opponent in Lindong Shelter. They couldn’t even block his punch!

In order to spice up the fight, Wang Hu gathered his strength into his punch. Delivering a powerful blow that caused the wind to shake.

These elite teams generally had the strength of the triple Awakened. As long as they reacted, guns were not a big threat to them, and those who truly awakened would have to rely on their own fists. It blasted into Shay’s chest.


Deafening crashing sounds were heard as if two large trucks had collided. Wang Hu looked up in shock and found that his punch had been blocked.

Even if he didn’t put all of his strength into his punch, at least a hunter with fourth awakening stage power would be knocked back by this.

He sensed that Shay’s aura had grown to Fifth Awakening Stage level.

“Pro brawling arena? It’s good, it’ll be more fun that way.”


Outside the tower’s attack range, Xu Yancheng ordered the men to move the cannons again. This time, both of the cannons would fire at the same time. Soon, the black tower collapsed with an explosion.

“Good, after we took down the arrow towers, the Tree Shade Shelter would be left defenseless like a tiger without claws and teeth. Ah, no, it’s more likely a wild boar without tusks. Then the team took hostage the Tree Shade Shelter survivors inside.”

Although he hadn’t gotten much valid information regarding the shelter, Xu Yancheng had studied the terrain surrounding the resort villa area. The entire resort was built around the mountain with cliffs on its back. Usually, their defense against the demonic beasts was good as they only needed to guard their front. But once the path was blocked, the survivors inside would be trapped like a turtle in a jar. When the time comes, the cannons will be enough to bombard most of the places within the resort area. Even if they still have some hidden cards, it would be useless.

Just when he was about to give out an order, a piece of good news came in.

Next to him, the Blind Lady, who had been on stand by, spoke, “A team just rushed out from the side gate of the resort villa. Very fast.”

Xu Yancheng frowned, “How strong were they? How many people?”

“Around a dozen or twenty. Three of them had the aura of a triple awakening stage strength. But most of them were ordinary people.”

Their strength was uneven, but their movement speed was fast. They were driving. Probably they tried to escape.

He immediately ordered, “Have the surrounding teams rush over to intercept them. We can’t let those people escape!”

The member in charge of liaison next to him picked up the walkie-talkie. Although the communication distance was limited due to the mysterious signal interference, Lin Wei’s team was equipped with many walkie-talkies. Although the quality wasn’t great as there was some delay. It was still faster than human manual transmission. Before the walkie-talkie being turned on yet, the Blind Lady made a new discovery.

 “They didn’t escape, they’ve already encountered the perimeter intercept team.”

“Oh? What’s the situation?” Xu Yancheng raised an eyebrow.

There was some surprise on the Blind Lady’s face, and only after a while did she slowly say, “Some of our men in the perimeter had lost their life aura.”

Xu Yancheng was stunned. How could that happen?!

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