My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 122


My Doomsday territory Chapter 122 It Seems to be Sticking Together.

Only three of the Tree Shade’s team had the strength of the Triple Awakening stage. Those intercepting teams compiled from several squads together. At least there were three or four Triple Awakening stage captains. With their strength and number, it shouldn’t be difficult to defeat them, right? But why did some of his men were killed in combat in a matter of seconds?

If he didn’t know that the Blind Lady never lied, Xu Yancheng would curse at her at this point.

“These people must have some kind of weapons or a device that could shield them from the Blind Lady’s detection.”

Whichever that was, to be able to defeat his men in such a short period, at least they had a hunter with Fifth Awakening stage strength. He turned to look at the vice corp commander beside him. He had to be in the center of the command, which meant he couldn’t go anywhere. The vice corp commander under him only had the strength of the early Fifth Awakening Stage and possessed no ability. That’s why he didn’t feel ensured.

“Flying Eagle Captain…” Xu Yancheng looked at Captain Yang Wei of the Flying Eagles again.

“Yes, sir.” Yang Wei cupped his hands to his chest and responded coldly.


At the back of the team, the captured survivors wandered. Suddenly, an explosion sounded at a distance.

He Qingqing was stunned. “Is that a war?”

The explosions started and continued for a while and didn’t end.

Tong Xiangrong listened carefully. His face solemn, he slowly nodded. “Looks like this team’s target is really the Tree Shade Shelter. It seems that the shelter had the strength to fight back. But…”

There was such a terrifying hunter in the team, and the Tree Shade shelter wouldn’t be able to withstand it. At this moment, He Qingqing saw several more hunters depart in a hurry, heading towards the explosion. Even the hunters guarding them were anxious.

In this vicinity, only the Green Shade Shelter has the strength to fight against this team, just…

“Uncle… do you think they could fight back?”

When Tong Xiangrong saw this scene, hope flared in his heart again.

Even the pale hunter next to him was stunned, “The battle has gone on for so long, is the Tree Shade Shelter really that strong?”

He had just seen several hunters carrying cannons. With such deadly weapons and the powerful hunter, the Tree Shade Shelter looked defenseless. But surprisingly, the battle was stalemated until now?


Inside the resort villa, the survivors were anxious. The shelter wasn’t so big that any news would spread quickly. Not to mention they saw the patrols running outside and faintly heard explosions sound coming from the distance. They all noticed something was wrong.

“What the hell is going on? Did a demonic beast attack?”

“No, they said that there’s an enemy coming, that explosion should be the sound of a cannonball exploding.”

The inquiring survivor looked even more panicked, “What should we do, let’s just run away.”

“Escape? Don’t forget that the shelter provides all your food and shelter, and now you want to run away when the shelter is in trouble? What a loser!”

As a survivor who had joined the shelter earlier, Wang Zhou did not seem to be panicked in the face of such a situation. He only glanced at the survivors around him with disdain.

“We’re unarmed, what’s the use of staying here!”

“At least you can encourage Captain Roger and Leader Tang instead of trying to run away whenever there’s danger!”

Such a scene happened everywhere within the shelter.

Many survivors panicked and afraid, but many survivors believed in the shelter’s strength. Some survivors who had joined the shelter earlier and had seen many big scenes were even calmer at this time.

There are enemies outside, but they hadn’t even hit the city walls yet. That meant, there’s nothing to worry about!


Tang Yu was still leisurely observing the battle.

On a small mound, Xu Yancheng felt something had gone wrong. Wang Hu was chasing after the sniper who hadn’t returned for a long time, and there was a possibility that he had gone crazy and didn’t want to come back. But Yang Wei was a person who had always been disciplined and quick in his work, and he will never take two seconds to solve something that can be solved in one second. So why hadn’t he returned yet?

He really wanted to know the situation from the Blind Lady. But seeing that blood had streamed down from her eyes, he knew that she was at her limit. No matter how hard he pushed her, it was useless. Xu Yancheng hesitated and found that Lin Wei had already arrived here.

“Boss…” He spoke but didn’t know what to say.

Lin Wei was followed by the captain of the guards, and the two experts of the Shadow Owls Unit, who approached slowly. After a glance at Xu Yancheng, he spoke with a blank expression, “Gather all remaining members and swiftly attack the Tree Shade Shelter from the front.”

“But boss, what if Tree Shade’s survivors take the opportunity to escape?”

Lin Wei glanced at him, “They could have escaped for a long time ago if they truly wanted to leave. Can the men you set up stopped them?”

Xu Yancheng’s face stiffened.

The Tree Shade Shelter’s hunters were surprisingly strong, and right now, it seemed that concentrating on strength was the best way to go. He could only hope that Wang Hu and Yang Wei could settle the enemy as soon as possible.


Indeed, Wang Hu was being crazy right now. His fists moved very fast, it became a phantom. Like a meteorite, heading towards Shay.

Boom boom, boom!

A loud crashing sound was heard.

As if a gale was blowing, sand and dust filled the ground where the two of them had stepped on, cracking everywhere. The surrounding bushes were either destroyed by the strong wind or broken down pieces by their collision. Even the elites of the Tiger and Jaguar Unit could only see them from afar.

However, the more they engaged in battle, the more surprised Wang Hu was. His opponent previously had the aura of an early stage of the Fifth Awakening stage was completely unscathed in the battle. Apart from his transformation, his strength had been exerted to his fullest. Yet he was still unable to take down his enemy.

He had been stuck on the Fifth Awakening Stage levels and had been training regularly to improve his strength. Although astonished, Wang Hu was also excited. He gasped wildly, veins protruded from his muscles—every punch brought forth a fierce wind-breaking sound. On the opposite side, Shay still moves leisurely.

“A true fist to fist combat, not losing the romance of explosions. I thought about taking the warrior job back then.”

If it wasn’t for his ability to turn everything he touched into explosions, he really wanted to become a boxer. He will be called Explosive Boxer, a job exclusively belonged to him alone. Unfortunately, he was a sniper. He could only play like this for a while.

Shay glanced at the patrol members on the other side. Under the enemy’s ferocious attack, they were already getting exhausted. If this continued, he was worried that there would be casualties… After all, the patrol members hadn’t trained for long, and their levels were even far less than the opponent’s. If they didn’t rely on the previous sneak attack, they would probably be defeated by now.

 “Good, it’s time to exert our true strength.”

Taking advantage of a collision, Shay leaned back and fiercely pulled out the iron rod behind his back, which shifted and quickly formed a hand cannon shaped weapon.


The bullets flew out.

It landed among the members of the Tiger and Jaguar Unit and exploded. The dust flew high. The members of the Tiger and Jaguar group were dumbfounded. While Wang Hu, who was preparing to chase after his opponents, was also astonished.

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