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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 123


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 123 Me? Just an Ordinary Follower

The cannon hit right in the middle of the Tiger and Panther Unit. Wang Hu was astonished, how did this hand cannon appear? Before, it was just an iron rod, how did it transform to a hand cannon? The cannon’s destructive power worried him.

Suppose a pause button was available in this scene. In that case, one could see that the Tiger and Panther group members who initially held the upper ground were suddenly hit with a flying cannonball. The one with worst luck was directly hit by the shell, nothing was left from him. The others were heavily wounded. Even the others who were far from the vicinity were stunned for a moment.

The patrols immediately seized the opportunity to land a counter-attack. They shot with a machine gun, killing the two Triple Awakening hunters.

Wang Hu reacted quickly and quickly pounced again, trying to suppress Shay, only to get startled once again. In the face of his ferocious attack, his opponent’s attack pattern changed. The two of them were fighting. He saw Shay retreated quickly with speed faster than his! It was already incredible to be able to resist his attacks. But now, he was even faster than him? Wang Hu hesitated.

At this moment, he saw Shay retreating while aiming his hand cannon. Bang! Bang! Bang! Three shells hit the members of the Tiger and Panther Unit in the distance. Even though the Tiger and Leopard Unit members were prepared this time, they couldn’t withstand the oncoming heavy shells. In a short time, the casualties on their side increased. Without his members, even if he was strong, he couldn’t finish them alone. This can’t be allowed to continue.

“You’re looking for death!”

Wang Hu roared, the roar shook the surrounding bush leaves to rustle and fall. Thick hair grew from his body. His limbs stomped the ground and skyrocketed once again. Sharp claws grew from his fingers. Suddenly, he arrived in front of Shay, slicing through the air across Shay’s body. However, he missed it.

Obviously, Shay had no time to dodge, but suddenly he saw him appear a few meters away. In slow motion, a cannonball flew towards him. At this point, he was a fool if he continued to treat Shay as a plaything.

After some hesitation, he quietly sent a signal to the group members using the Tiger and Panther Unit’s unique code.


Most of the Tiger and Panther team members were holding guns, using the cover of the trees to engage in a fierce gun battle with the patrol members.

They were much stronger and had much faster reflexes, quickly overwhelming the patrol members and even wounding them.

The Cheetah, who was the vice leader of the Tiger and Panther Unit, dodged bullets while advancing towards the enemy. He was about to rush in to attack the patrol teams where he was suddenly blinded by the shells falling from the sky. He was strong enough to dodge Shay’s cannonballs, but his other team members weren’t as lucky as he was. Cheetah also saw that his leader was in bad condition and was tempted to help him. But hesitated because he worried that his captain wouldn’t appreciate it.

“Fortunately, the team leader is busy playing catch.” He decided, and backed away with a cat-like motion, dodging the cannonballs as he flew between the trees. He moved nimbly and silently, quickly approached the two’s fighting place.

Wang Hu was still chasing after Shay. While dodging, Shay landed a shot on the Tiger and Panther Unit.

He looked at it, this was an opportunity! He pounded out like a panther, so fast that he arrived behind Shay in the blink of an eye. His scimitar swiftly cut down Shay’s back but felt a resistance force from his hand.


Cheetah was about to exclaim in joy when his face suddenly froze. The blade didn’t slash Shay’s back, nor it caused an injury. Instead, Shay swung out a first that collided with the scimitar with a loud thud.

The countershock force sent him back flying. However, he quickly landed on his feet. He froze again when he saw downward, the scimitar was broken after colliding with the man. Taking another look at Shay’s fist where he had hit with the scimitar, a tiny wound appeared, and a drop of blood slipped off. However, his wound rapidly healed as if he was never wounded in the first place.

What the hell was that?

He knew his scimitar’s capacity. Although not as good as a divine weapon like the Demon Slayer Longsword, that was specially made with high-ranked demonic beast materials. The longsword was even better than the military’s made combat swords, both in sharp and durability. But still, a weapon couldn’t harm his opponent?

Wang Hu was so stunned that he even forgot to attack, staring at Shay with wide eyes and suddenly shouting out, “You, have you already broken through that bottleneck!”

Cheetah was a bit confused, but didn’t think much of it and just shouted at Wang Hu, “Boss, let’s join forces and kill this guy.”

“Team up?”

He saw the burly man retorted. Then extended his left hand and lightly snapped his fingers.

Cheetah was stunned. His broken scimitar shattered into small pieces and burst into flames. The explosion sent heat waves through the area.


Shay was satisfied with this masterpiece. As expected, he still had the potential to become an Explosion Fist Master. Unfortunately, the previous hunter who dared to attack him with a weapon wasn’t strong enough. The explosion caused his demise.

On the opposite side, Wang Hu was getting ready to join forces to attack his enemy. But he froze mid-air. What the hell was going on?! The weapon exploded? It’s even more powerful than the cannonballs!

Wang Hu couldn’t figure it out, but he understood. From looking at his opponent’s power, if he continued fighting, not just the rest of his team wouldn’t survive, but he would probably be killed too! After all, his opponent had broken through the bottleneck!

Wang Hu gritted his teeth, he picked up a bottle of potion from his body, opened the cap and gulped it down. Suddenly, his eyes became red, his breath soared, and his torso bulged.

When he stepped on the ground, his body transformed into a black lightning bolt. Everywhere he goes, only his shadow remains, and the ground cracked open from being stepped by him.

That speed…

Shay was mesmerized. It must’ve been the potion’s effect. At this rate, he shouldn’t continue to play around anymore.

With that being said, Shay’s hand cannon turned into an assault gun, and a barrage of bullets flew.


Even though Wang Hu was extremely fast and avoided most of the attacks, by the time he rushed out of the fire, black scorch marks could be seen on his fur. Fortunately, his fur color was black. Otherwise, he would look like a dalmatian.

Either from the potion’s effect or because he was blindsided, Wang Hu gradually lost his mind and roared. Several shots were fired at him, along with artillery bombardment.

Finally, Shay hit his opponent with a knee strike. Sending Wang Hu flew into the air. The roar of a six-barrel rotary machine gun kept sounding.

Wang Hu got shot in his face. He covered it and smashed down to the ground from the air. Surprisingly, he was persistent, he still got his power.

The redness of his eyes faded, and he struggled to look at Shay. Only then, he realized. After such a fierce battle, Shay’s clothes were still intact, not a single hair loose. Why would such a strong man appear in a small shelter like the Tree Shade? He couldn’t figure it out. Who the hell was Shay?

In his last moment, Wang Hu asked the question from his heart. The sound of gunfire in the distance gradually stopped. The members of the Tiger and Panther Unit, who were crippled by Shay, were no longer a match for the patrols.

At this time, Shay lit up a cigarette. When he heard Wang Hu’s question, the smoke ring slowly exhaled from his mouth.

“Me? Just an ordinary follower.”  

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