My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 124


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 124 It’s Almost Time to Close the Net

In another place. A fierce fight also erupted.

The members of the patrol and the First Corps mixed together. The shooting wasn’t easy. Only a few shots could be fired. A fierce, sharp weapon battle broke out between both of them. The members of the First Corps were clearly at a disadvantage.

The terrifying man had killed a lot of their comrade. But for some reason, he quickly left the battlefield. Originally, they thought that the remaining hunters in black combat uniforms were far more powerful to that man. Because it needs a few people to handle him.

That’s what they thought before engaging in battle. An ordinary member of the First Corps had the strength of the Double Awakening stage. His opponent was only at the First Awakening Stage. He smiled, raising his machete to slash down. His opponent held a long sword, didn’t even bother to dodge him.

He wanted to compare strength with him? Stop fooling around!

Machete and longsword slashed together. However, there was no iron clanking sound as he had imagined from knocking his opponent’s weapon away. Instead, his weapon was sliced cleanly.

Severed into two pieces.

In the end, he could only have this one thought.


Yang Wei, with the members of the Flying Eagle Group, rushed to the target location. Suddenly, he halted.

His eyes fell on a man wearing black clothes and a straw hat on a hill not far away. This man had a faint aura, only at the First Awakening stage. But Yang Wei didn’t dare to underestimate him. Before the rush, he had observed the surrounding. Just a few seconds before, he clearly remembered that the slope was empty.

His vigilance rose all of a sudden. The other members of the Flying Eagle Unit didn’t share the same thought. Someone rushed forward, ready to dismember the man who was blocking the road.

Suddenly, a flash of light swept by. Beheading the two members of the Flying Eagle Unit, whose body remained in a rushing stance. Their heads flew as blood spurted out from their body.

“Everyone, watch out! Use plan C for dealing with Super Demonic Beasts!” Yang Wei shouted.

The hunters on the back row quickly took out sniper rifles. They were hunters skilled with firearms, they also used bullets with armor-piercing abilities. Specially made to deal with powerful demonic beasts. The bullets shot out and hit the hillside, creating small bullet holes.

The figure disappeared.

“Over there!”


“No, no, no, it’s on the left!”

“Behind, behind you!”

For a time, the Flying Eagle Unit was in a panic. Indeed, this plan was the one they used to deal with super demonic beasts, but strong humans and demonic beasts were not the same after all! No matter how fast the demonic beasts were, they wouldn’t be able to use the environment, let alone use the team members as cover. The snipers were completely useless.

The members holding sharp weapons in hands were getting ready every time they saw Sky’s figure. But in the blink of an eye, he disappeared again. Don’t even mention the C plan, even the Z plan was useless!

Yang Wei looked pale and took a deep breath. A whirlwind surrounded him, and strangely enough, the clothes on his body didn’t flutter from the wind.

This was his special ability, wind manipulation.

Sky’s figure flashed in front of him. Even his eyes had trouble keeping up with such speed.

Suddenly, Sky pierced through the Unit with his sword. His figure appeared behind their back.

Yang Wei stretched out his hands, his face reddening.

“Wind Pressure!!!”

The stirring winds pressed down violently towards Sky. To ensure a single hit, Yang Wei sent out an indiscriminate attack, including the members of his Unit within the attack range. Even though they weren’t the center of the attacks, most of them were blown away by the gust. Their bodies were covered in wounds.

Dust flew mid-air, and the trees turned into shreds. It was as if the world had lost its color.

Sky looked solemn. He took out another sword from behind his back. The hands holding his two swords crossed, and an invisible wall of air rose up, blocking the violent winds for a moment.

The gale was over. Except for the ground where Sky stood, the surrounding layers of ground were chipped away. He crossed his two swords together and probed his katana forward.


The surrounding wind surges towards the blade, forming a cyclone that wraps around the blade.


Sky swung down his sword. The cyclone grew larger and larger, forming a tornado that swept towards Yang Wei.

Yang Wei, who was still recovering after using his ability, got his body blown up by the wind without any resistance. So was the rest of the Flying Eagle Unit.

Sky saw the situation and stepped mid-air, flashed, and slashed mid-air.

A moment later.

The Flying Eagle Unit member’s limbless body fell to the ground.


On the other side, Lin Wei gathered most of his forces and directly rushed forward. With their speed, it would only take a moment to rush to the Resort Villa’s front.

This force was powerful, especially since they had strong members like the Shadow Owls, the Captain of the Guard Team, and the First Corps Leader among them. Even if the opponent sent a follower to intercept them, they wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Tang Yu couldn’t afford to lose a core force like the Followers. However, on the territory map, more and more red dots appeared on the perimeter of the territory. A moment later, they stopped. Comparing the dots on the detection lens, Tang Yu found that the majority of the enemy’s forces had stepped within the territory.

The images on the crystal ball hovering mid-air in front of him kept changing. Sweeping past the enemy’s team.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened. A charismatic middle-aged man appeared on the screen.

“I didn’t expect Lin Wei to be here. That’s good enough to close the net.”

Before Lin Wei’s arrival, Tang Yu was worried he couldn’t get all the enemies fell into the net in one fell swoop.

Indeed, the territory could withstand Lin Wei’s attack. But the patrols always went out to search for resources, and the detection lens had a limited marking time. Once Lin Wei had enough power under his command, he would likely attack the patrols when they went out.

Likewise, if he exposed his ultimate card and didn’t get the result he expected. Lin Wei would probably shift from a frontal attack to a sneak attack, leaving the territory defenseless. It might even destroy the territory.

It was something he didn’t want to happen.

Previously, he was planning to wait until everyone from the enemy team entered the territory before initiating an attack. But they all seemed very cautious, so Tang Yu had no choice but to change his strategy.

If they were little in number, Tang Yu would send his followers to attack them. If the enemy number was big, he would lift his card. Even if he couldn’t wipe out all the enemies, at least he would be able to cripple them.

No matter what, he had nothing to lose.

But he didn’t expect Lin Wei to be on this team. That was even more exciting.


Xu Yanchen stayed in the middle of the group, the resort visible in the distance. As far as the eye could see, there were no survivors. They seemed to huddle inside the resort.

Suddenly, a brilliant red light shone from a distance. Like a meteor, it streaked high in the Sky and was about to smash down on their group.

What’s this? Another hidden card in the Tree Shade Shelters deck? He pondered.

The red light wasn’t fast, but it was big. Even if the whole group spread out, they wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

“Leave it to me!”

The vice leader of the First Corps beside him went to the crowds. Holding a long spear in his hand, his body leaped like a cannonball.

The lance pierced mid-air.


Followed by a scream.  

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