My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 125


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 125 A Turtle in a Jr Novel

Xu Yancheng was stunned.

His vice leader was still there. But half a second later, when he glanced, the vice leader flew mid-air. Before he had time to ponder, the fireballs smashed him down. Even the vice leader who had the Fifth Awakening Stage’s strength couldn’t stop them and lost his life as a result.

The others were frightened at the scene, one by one, they fled towards the distance. Some of the poor souls who couldn’t run fast enough burst into ashes as orange-red fire blossomed, leaving a small crater on the ground. Heatwaves rolled from the crater. Even those who fled could feel the heat.

Their faces changed as they watched this scene. Fear made them unable to think clearly. They could only come up with one word inside their minds.

The flames.

It was terrifying as it was. But they weren’t dumbfounded, soon, someone pointed to the distance, “Look over there!”

There were three cannons, which muzzles were gathering with red lights.

“Tear them down!” Xu Yancheng had just shouted out. But suddenly…


The ground trembled, and he looked around in some suspicion, “Could it be that there’s an incoming demonic beast wave?” His pupils widened, there was a panic in his eyes.

Around them, black towers gradually rose up with a rumbling sound. Xu Yancheng was familiar with it. He got chills just from seeing the pitch-black hole on top of the tower.

An arrow tower already made him feel threatened. Right now, they were entirely surrounded by those towers. As for the exact counts… Xu Yancheng lost his counts.

Cold sweat dripped down from his forehead.

Just now, the tower took a few seconds to be built, allowing them enough time to flee. But Xu Yancheng had no idea that they were so focused on one single tower. They didn’t realize the other arrow towers suddenly took shape around them in a circle. They were already a turtle in a jar.

There were veteran officials, including Lin Wei, who hadn’t seen the power of the arrow tower. But from Xu Yancheng’s reaction, they immediately understood. No one would expect that the Tree Shade Shelter they never cared about was already setting up an ambush, waiting for them!

They even hadn’t thought about how such a terrifying arrow tower could appear in just a few seconds. In a panic, Xu Yancheng decided to run in the opposite direction. His speed soared to the limit. In one breath, he had already run next to the arrow tower that surrounded them in a circle. Without pausing or thinking of attacking the arrow tower, he quickly ran towards the outside. As long as he ran out of the arrows tower’s attack range, he would be safe! That was what he thought, so were the others. They ran outside the circle.

At this time, the arrow towers were just getting ready to start firing. Dozens of arrow towers, even when the hunters in their teams were quite a lot, they couldn’t destroy them all. Even if they had 100 hunters here right now. Not to mention the tower had quite an extensive attack range. They all would have difficulties surviving. But anyway, everyone had escaped the towers’ attack range, or so they thought.

However, no one noticed a white tower standing alone among the lines of the black tower. Or maybe they did notice, they just couldn’t spare any time to think about it.

The white tower stood tall at 18 meters. It looked more exquisite than the arrow tower. It was a mysterious pattern engraved on the outer wall of the milky white tower. A dark blue, 4 sided pronged crystal that was half a person tall was quietly suspended at the top of the tower. If someone got close enough to perceive it, they would be able to discover the tremendous amount of energy within the crystal.

This was the Mage Tower.

An advanced defensive building.

In addition to being able to attack normally like the other defensive buildings, a mage stationed in it could also operate the tower to enhance their abilities significantly through the Mage Tower. It was like a device to sharply increase the ability.

Right now, Elaine was standing in the core control room of the Mage Tower. On the platform in front of her, a crystal ball with the size of a basketball hovered quietly. Her hands were attached to the crystal ball. Her eyes were closed, although she was in a closed room, she was able to perceive the outside world.

Suddenly, without wind blowing, Elaine’s sky-blue long hair fluttered as the light on the crystal ball grew brighter and brighter.



A sharp cracking sound was heard, accompanied by a sound as if a balloon was being punctured. However, those hunters were also fast, and they raced towards the outside without turning back.

But suddenly, snowflakes drifted down from the sky.

Some people were stunned. It was now past June. The climate change after the Doomsday had changed drastically, and the temperature was now even higher than last year’s summer. How could it snow in such weather?! Those people were just instinctively pondering, didn’t dare to slow down their running speed.

However, in an instant, snow flew as the wind wrapped around the snowflakes. Instantly turning the area into a blizzard. The sound of whistling wind could be heard. All they could see was a white world of ice and snow.

The snow on the ground was piling up higher and higher, hindering their progress. The temperature dropped so rapidly that some hunters couldn’t bear the cold. Some of them had realized their horror. Their speed had become slower and slower under the blizzard. Behind them, the life-threatening arrows were still continuing to shoot out from the arrow towers.


A hunter exploded into a mist of blood, staining the white snow.

On the other side, as a super expert, Xu Yancheng was extremely fast. His speed hadn’t decreased much even though he was facing a blizzard. Two identical figures following him. It was his special ability, mirror splitting. Relying on this ability, he was confident that he could survive even if he encountered a great danger.

However, the cold sweat on his face increased as most of the surrounding towers actually aimed towards him! His clones had been shot multiple times!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Xu Yancheng’s three clones flashed quickly. Almost invisible, but an arrow still pierce through the clone. The clones weren’t as strong as himself and collapsed, dissipated into lights.

Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, another rain of arrows struck. Xu Yancheng glanced back, his eyes widened.


His last clone had disappeared. He was unable to condense another clone for some time. Even he couldn’t dodge. An arrow pierced through his thigh, which would have killed him if it wasn’t for his physical strength had greatly increased since the breakthrough. But right now, he was quite heavily injured.

However, Xu Yancheng breathed a sigh of relief as he had finally run out of range of the arrow tower!

“With my strength, I can survive in the wilderness even if I’m badly injured. So my top priority is to get away from here as fast as I could and hide. I can be a mercenary from now on…” Or so he thought.

There was a rumbling sound. In front of him, a few black towers suddenly rose up, blocking his escape.

Xu Yancheng suddenly stiffened, “Shouldn’t this kind of arrow tower be set up in advance?”

Before the arrow tower rose and surrounded them, he had believed that this was a trap that their enemy had prepared beforehand. They ended up caught in such a situation because they were the second player of the chess game. But now, he had a feeling someone was sitting in the sky, coldly overlooking them. Someone that could summon arrow towers with a wave of his hand.

All along, they were in the enemy’s playground!

TL’s note

A turtle in a jar: Chinese proverb, setting yourself as an easy target.  

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