My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 126


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 126 Just A Stand In


He Qingqing breathed heavily, looking back up from time to time. The situation got a little better than they had expected. It seemed like the team that had captured them here was defeated in the battle, leaving only a few hunters to guard them. But those guards were also distracted. Frequently stole a glance at the battlefield, whispering to one another from time to time. Some of them even went to the higher ground to watch. Using this opportunity, they managed to escape. It was just that those guards were far more powerful and faster than the captured survivors. If they hadn’t scattered and fled, they would have been caught up long ago.

Right now, He Qingqing could only see from afar that a fleeing survivor was caught and killed on the spot. There were two hunters quickly running towards their direction. They were extremely fast, quickly closing the gaps between them.

When she looked at her father, both of them were gasping with air, exhausted. If it wasn’t for Uncle Tong pulling her father with one hand, both of them, father and daughter, wouldn’t have survived.

“Uncle Tong, you go first. If you can escape to the Tree Shade Shelter. If they were really powerful, I hope you could convince the hunters there to rescue us.”

This was the only faint hope in her heart.

Uncle Tong’s strength was also far inferior to those two pursuers. Assuming he could escape to the shelter. If that shelter was still intact, that is. If he could get there, it would be tough to get other people to help them as they were not relatives. If they were lucky and the shelter sent someone over to rescue them, there was no guarantee that the father and daughter were still alive.

He Qingqing’s hair was disheveled, sweats soaked her clothes. She raised her head, only to blink her eyes in astonishment. There were two figures in the near distance. It was a young man who looked bright and handsome, and a strange man donned in blue and white full body armor with a helmet, she couldn’t see his face.

“Why are they here?”

“Are they the hunters from the shelter?”


Tang Yu strolled outside the resort along with No. 1, the best bodyguard of the year, followed closely. As the crisis was almost over, as a Lord, it’s only natural that he would come out and show his face. To demonstrate his presence. Well, that’s what he thought.

It’s just… he saw two hunters chasing three people in front of him. Ahem…

Tang Yu felt a little surprised. They were so dedicated. Even when Lin Wei’s team fell apart, they still didn’t forget the mission issued by the boss.

He shook his head, “No. 1, do it.”

In an instant, the strange man in full body armor disappeared from The Qingqing’s sight. Followed by a few muffled sounds behind her. When she turned her head, she saw the two hunters chasing them had fallen to the ground, dead.

She was stunned for a moment. Both the handsome young man and the strange armored man, they all disappeared without a trace.

He Qingqing was relieved, but at the same time, her heart was restless. 


Outside the tower arrow circle, in a small forest not far away.

The captain of the guards, Fang Qiang, was covering his severed arm with his other hand. The pain caused by his broken arm caused his face to twist, but his mouth kept silent. Only coldly staring at the strong man holding a claymore in front of him.

The arrow tower formation was too terrifying. Most of the hunters they brought along with them had died under the tower. He desperately led the guard team member to cover his boss and finally could get him out of the arrow tower’s attack range. He thought he would be safe.

Fang Qiang had no idea that someone from the enemy shelter was already waiting here.

“That’s right. Even if the Tree Shade shelter couldn’t capture all the fleeing people. as long as the boss is here, they will definitely rush over to intercept us with whatever strength they had left.”

He smiled miserably and looked at some of the hunters from the Tree Shade Shelter. There weren’t many of them, not even as many as their men that managed to escape the tower. But the man with a claymore in front of him was too powerful.

Fang Qiang was a super expert who had broken through the bottleneck and possessed the Sixth Awakening Stage strength. Even in Lindong Shelter, there weren’t many people who could be his opponent. Yet, he was defeated by the strong man in front of him in a few moves and even broke one of his arms.

From the enemy’s words, Fang Qiang understood that this tall towering big man was the Patrol Leader of the Tree Shade Shelter. He was powerful enough to be in the top 3 in Tree Shade Shelter, but it was only a small shelter! There were countless similar small shelters throughout the entire Lincheng area! Why would such a strong man stay in such a small place?

Fang Qiang’s gaze swept at the crowds from the corner of his eyes. The hunters from the shelter surrounded them, only he and his boss Lin Wei remained on their side. He understood that it would be nearly impossible for him to leave alive today. Even if he ended up dead, he could still hold them back and create a chance for his boss to escape. Consider it as a way to repay Boss Lin, who had given him a ray of light in the darkest moment of his life, a few years ago.

Fang Qiang took a deep breath, and suddenly, he saw two figures walking in the distance. A young man and a man donned in armor. He couldn’t feel any hunter’s aura from them as if they were ordinary people. But Fang Qiang’s heart suddenly sank as Roger kept a close eye on him.

After seeing Tang Yu, Lu Xiaopeng hurriedly greeted him, “Leader, that guy is the one who provoked our shelter three times, hehehe, they can’t get away now.”

Tang Yu stepped forward. Glancing at the two of them, the captain of the guards covered his arm and looked at him coldly. Lin Wei, however, was blank. He didn’t seem to be afraid because he was in a dire situation.

However, Tang Yu was stunned as his gaze fell on Lin Wei, “This isn’t Lin Wei, this is just a double.”

“What? A double! How is that possible!” Lu Xiaopeng couldn’t help but take a closer look, trying to see something.

The captain of the escort team, Fang Qiang, didn’t believe it either. But he still couldn’t help but take a look back. He saw that the double “Lin Wei” seemed to have completed his mission, smiling, his face was ashen, and he fell backward. He had actually committed suicide by taking poison! Seeing this scene, Fang Qiang was even more dead-hearted.

Tang Yu shook his head. This poor man was being committed to his duty, only to be abandoned by Lin Wei.

As for Lin Wei… Tang Yu hasn’t been too active on the lookout. He hadn’t noticed when the replacement happened. After all, he needed to control the arrow tower attack and couldn’t keep a close eye on the enemy. The dots on the territory map and detection lens merely identified the enemy, and couldn’t distinguish each person in detail.

He was confident that after Lin Wei finished replacing his double, he changed his outfit and fled among the ordinary hunters. This time, no one would suspect that Lin Wei had fled a long time ago.

Lu Xiaopeng looked disappointed. Even Roger felt pity. However, Tang Yu smiled and touched the detection lens on his body. The small dots marked on it had mostly disappeared, and the rest of them were now far away from here, around the Maple Leaf Town area.

He didn’t care about those, his eyes fell on two dots.

The two dots were moving rapidly.  

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