My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 128


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 128 Lu Jianjun’s Surprise

Maple Leaf Town, Makeshift Headquarters.

Lu Jianjun frowned.

The situation has gotten dire lately. Some data analysis had concluded that the average strength of the demonic beast pouring out of the Crack of the Abyss was gradually increasing.

Especially recently, through special means and brief exchanges with other large shelters. Lu Jianjun found that even if there were no more incidents of Crack of the Abyss appearing on a large scale. Yet every now and then, a new Crack of the Abyss was born. Like the Crack of the Abyss that was born in Maple Leaf Town. What’s more, each Crack of the Abyss was continuously pouring out demonic beasts. The human side was currently unable to find a better way to contain it.

In areas like Lindong, the situation was still relatively better. Countless hunters were going out to hunt demonic beasts every day. For these hunters, hunting down demonic beasts was a way for them to earn spirit stones and earn a living.

For Lu Jianjun, he was focusing on the entire area of ​​Lincheng. The spirit stone is only secondary to him. He had to consider that he was the only one who could reduce the density of the demonized beasts in the entire area and reduce the frequency of the demon wave’s eruption.

“Perhaps the points reward for hunting demonic beasts can be raised appropriately to motivate the hunters to go out and hunt. Also, we should find a way to widen the hunter’s range. Just killing demonic beasts near Lindong wasn’t effective in cleaning up the entire region off the demonic beasts. Because the area is too small, a few battles broke among the hunters to get more ‘food.'”

Lu Jianjun pondered, his fingers constantly flipping the documents on top of his table, “The most important reason hunters had limited activities in the wild is that the night is too dangerous. Most of them didn’t dare to spend the night in the wild.”

“In that case, the hunter’s activity range can be broadened by setting up a transit station. We already set up the defensive lines around Maple Leaf Town. It can be used as a transit area so that the hunter’s activity range can be extended to the south, relieving the pressure of the many shelters on the side to a certain degree.” He pondered.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

After receiving Lu Jianjun’s approval, a young officer walked in, “Chief, we’ve got an update on the other side regarding Lin Wei’s matter.”

“Go ahead.”

The intelligence officer arranged his words, “According to our investigation and some information coming from our spies, we had concluded that Lin Wei’s goal this time should be related to a certain shelter, and it seems to be to be to get something.”

“But for now, we can only know the shelter’s general information was in the south. We still couldn’t determine which one it is.” The officer reported the situation and left.

Lu Jianjun, however, was in deep thought.

He was aware that Lin Wei had some secret tricks up his sleeve. He had a track record of capturing survivors before, but this time, could it be that the other party was planning to take on an entire shelter? Lu Jianjun felt that Lin Wei should not be so bold. Survivors disappearing and dying every day in the wild. If Lin Wei wanted to capture them, no one would notice if he captured them in the wilderness.

But shelters were different, even if it was a small shelter. They represent the human civilization that has passed down from generation to generation. Lu Jianjun also knew that these shelters were not official and lacked restraint. Some shelters preyed on survivors, while others broke out into conflict, annihilating each other. Such things happened from time to time in this land.

There was nothing he could do about it. Not to mention that despite all the flaws, the advantages of these shelters’ existence still outweigh the disadvantages.

But no matter what, Lin Wei was still a member of the top management of the Lindong Shelter. Even though he wasn’t someone from the government before the doomsday, he ended up joining the Lindong Shelter management team due to special circumstances after the doomsday.

Since Lin Wei already represented the Lindong officials, making a move against other shelters meant that he had brought the entire Lindong shelter along with him. Lu Jianjun was getting impatient as Lin Wei wouldn’t understand this. What confuses him more was what was the exact reason that forced Lin Wei to do this.

“We had sent someone over to the southern shelters. I’m not sure if we could find them before Lin Wei does.” He frowned.

At this time, there was another knock on the door. The one entered the door afterward was the same young officer from earlier. Lu Jianjun brightened up, “Is there some important news?”

“Yes, Chief. We had just received critical information. It’s just…” the officer looked down, looking somewhat hesitant, “Lin Wei was indeed preparing to take over a small shelter located 60km away south from here. It’s called the Tree Shade Shelter.”

“Sent people from the Special Warfare Regiment.”

“No, they haven’t got there yet. No, before the experts of the Special Warfare Regiments rushed over there, they found out that the people Lin Wei had brought over were all killed, including Lin Wei himself. We found their corpses in the field.”

The young officer was still hesitant, worrying that the Chief wouldn’t believe such crazy information. He added, “The source is very reliable. The head of the Special Warfare Regiments confirmed it.”


A silence fell in the headquarters.

What else could he say? He should say something!

Because Lin Wei’s power was too strong, he wasn’t worried that something terrible would happen. But now, his officer was telling him that Lin Wei was dead?

After a long silence, Lu Jianjun cleared his throat. A resolute look flashed from his eyes. No matter what, he can’t miss this chance!

He soon called the senior officers, “Keep an eye on the Second and Third Corps under Lin Wei. They weren’t his direct subordinates, most of them weren’t loyal. Those who can be inducted will be inducted. Those who won’t…” Lu Jianjun was not a pedantic person, he decisively gave orders.

“Pull out our men that were placed under Lin Wei’s departments as soon as possible. Also, we need to send someone over to Lin Wei’s residence as well.”


Lindong Shelter, Misty Creek Park

This was the place where the senior officials of Lindong lived. On the corner of this residential area, the villas in this area belonged to Lin Wei and some of his important men. The luxurious villa near the creek was Lin Wei’s residence in Lin Dong. Some hunters equipped with guns were patrolling the area.

The sky was fading into the night, the street lamps emitted an orange glow on the side of the streets. Apart from the patrolling hunters’ footsteps, the surrounding area was quiet, with no other movement.

No one noticed, the shadow of a streetlight suddenly stretched and crossed the fence of the villa. A figure emerged from the shadow. Gray Blade waved his hand as he looked at the hunters outside, still unaware, and returned the streetlight’s shadow back to its place. 

After observing the villa’s layout, he found a gap and used the same method to enter the villa.  

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