My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 129


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 129 Who’s Been Here

Gray Blade walked into the villa.

The surrounding area was silent and dark. His figure seemed perfectly blended into the darkness without making any sound. Gray Blade’s gaze swept over every corner of the villa.

Suddenly, he looked in a certain direction, a smile curled up from the corner of his mouth. It looked like an ordinary wall, nothing special on it. He reached out and knocked on the solid wall.

However, Gray Blade didn’t give up. Instead, he reached out and kept stroking the wall, from top to bottom, left to right, at a certain spot, and pressed hard.

There was clearly no gap on the wall. But this particular area of the wall was like an isolated brick on the wall that had sunk in. The next moment, the plain wall slowly opened with a clicking sound. Revealing a deep metal tunnel in front of Gray Blade.

Obviously, Lin Wei had remodeled this villa. After the doomsday, someone with the corresponding special ability would be able to do such a great thing without attracting others’ attention.

At this time, inside the underground chamber, a bald man abruptly opened his eyes, “Huh? It’s not the boss. Maybe some rats came sneaking in. What are those patrols doing? Fortunately, the boss left me to guard this place.”

He got up and prepared to go and dispose of the ‘rat’. But a cold voice came behind him, and the bald man stiffened at once.

“Oh? You’re the only one here, right? In other words, no matter what happens, no one will find out, right?”

The voice wasn’t loud but echoed through his mind. The bald man’s body swelled up, his body covered in veins. He was at the peak of the Fifth Awakening Stage, he unleashed his power. Sweeping a gust of wind in the room. He turned back towards the direction of the voice, blindly throwing a punch. The punch was extremely powerful, and even more so, it used a special force technique. He could even smash a small car in front of him with just a puch! Not to mention the frail bodies of humans!

However, he missed the target.

The bald man was shocked, “I heard the voice come from this direction. How could I miss it?!”

He rose up his vigilance and swiftly skimmed the area from the corner of his eye. But couldn’t find his enemy.


The bald man’s eyes widened, horrified to find an ordinary-looking man suddenly stood behind him. Holding a sharp dagger, stabbing him through the heart.

He was finished.


Outside, a group of hunters dressed in black moved swiftly and surrounded the several villas near the creek. The leader of this group was the captain of the guard team, Zhou Zhenglei. In order to prevent Lin Wei from leaving a back-up, this time, Lu Jianjun sent over Zhou Zhenglei, a great expert.

At this time in front of the villa, the patrolling hunters saw this scene and panicked.

“Who are you guys!”

“This is Councilor Lin’s villa, what do you want!”

“You dare to cause trouble at the Lindong shelter? This is Misty Creek Park?! You want to die?!”

The hunters shouted but were quickly defeated by the military hunters.

“Team one, secure the perimeter—team two and three search those villas. Make sure no one gets away. You guys, follow me.” Zhou Zhenglei instructed and headed to Lin Wei’s villa.

The gates were locked, he easily punched the gate apart. The team spread out and searched the entire villa inside and out.

“Report, sir! No valuable items were found on the second floor.”

“Sir, nothing was found in the hall either.”

“So is the kitchen.”

“And the study…”

“Sir! There’s something here!”

Zhou Zhenglei followed to a plain wall and frowned after tapping it. “Is there really a secret tunnel here?”

“According to our investigation, the secret tunnels were likely behind this wall.” The team around him replied.

“Alright, you guys back off.”

Zhou Zhenglei said and threw out a punch. The sound of the punch was like thunder!


The wall burst apart with an explosion. However, to his surprise, what was behind the wall wasn’t a secret passage, but a much thicker metal wall. It seems that this metal was made of special material. Even though he had thrown a powerful punch, the metal wall was unscathed.

Zhou Zhenglei’s expression became solemn. He took a deep breath and condensed a thunder on his right hand. The violet-blue thunderbolts condensed into a ball with a crackling sound, emitting sharp, ear-piercing sounds. He punched the metal wall in front of him hard.


A violent explosion blew apart the metal wall. Pieces of metal fragments flew everywhere like knives embedded in the surrounding objects. Luckily, the other members weren’t weak hunters, and they had retreated back beforehand. So none of them were injured.

After the metal wall was blown apart, it revealed the tunnel inside.

Zhou Zhenglei had a smile on his face, “Looks like that Lin guy has hidden whatever goodies he has in there.”

“Let’s go.”

The tunnel wasn’t long, and soon they arrived at a basement.

Zhou Zhenglei abruptly stopped. So were the team members behind him. Looking ahead, their mouths wide opened, surprised.

Inside the basement, a bald man fell to the ground, a pool of blood flowing out from beneath him. His eyes looked towards the end of the basement, where there was another metal door.

However, the metal door had been cut open. From here, they could see the mess inside, indicating it had been scavenged.

No, it indeed had been scavenged.

Someone had taken the shortcut?!




Tree Shade Shelter.

After the ruckus went off, the survivors continued their business. It was as if they had just seen a firework display.

After Tang Yu saw Lin Wei’s death, he returned to the castle. Leaving the rest to the followers to solve.

The battle went pretty smoothly, although he wasn’t overall very satisfied. After all, he had spent a huge amount of money on those arrow towers. Although he was now the Great Lord Tang’ Not Bad’ Yu, he was still so heartbroken at the expense that it was hard to breathe.

Saving is a virtue, and he had spent a lot of it.

This time, the members of the patrols were also joined in full force. Even hunters like Chen Haiping, who rarely went with the patrols, joined the battle. With such fierce battle, casualties were inevitable. Two of their hunters were unlucky and died on the spot during the battle. And the rest of the patrols were gravely injured. Their injuries were the kind of injuries that even the pre-doomsday medical treatment couldn’t save them, not to mention after doomsday, there was a lack of medical treatment.

Luckily, they had Winnie, the priestess excels in healing. She had saved the lives of these people and brought them back from the verge of death.

Now that the wounded hunters were secured, aside from they still needed to rest to regain their strength, there was nothing major to worry about.

Although Tang Yu couldn’t even pronounce their names, the two hunters who died in battle, it would be cruel to say that their deaths didn’t matter. After all, they both had contributed greatly to the shelter. He needed to do something for both reason and sentiment. The pension had been distributed to their relatives and close ones.

After a while, he planned to build a monument in the shelter. Whether he wants it or not, the future will inevitably involve sacrifice. During this era, it’s simply inevitable.

The dead are gone, yet something has to be left behind to commemorate the traces of their existence.

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