My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 13


Chapter 13 – Finding a Master

The next day, the sky was bright. A faint golden light passed through the clouds and a golden glow spread across the sky.

Tang Yu sat cross-legged on his bed, his eyes slowly opened.

He spent the first half of the night sleeping.

The inside and outside of the castle looked like two different worlds. The outside part was covered in debris, and demonic beast carcasses scattered everywhere, emitting foul odors. Even if he’s getting used to it, he still couldn’t feel well.

But it’s different inside the castle.

The air was extraordinary fresh, even more pure than the air in the forest, and the temperature was also suited well. Now that it was the summer time, sometimes it felt sultry even at night time. But there’s no such feeling inside the castle, the air inside was always fresh and cool. There’s also a comfortable big bed which made Tang Yu slept well every night. A hunter’s body was much more resilient than ordinary people. They only needed about four or five hours of sleep to fully recover their energy.

He spent the rest of the night cultivating.

He cultivated the spirit power.

Spirit power cultivation process was originally very fast. However, Tang Yu only absorbed a little spirit power the previous day. He felt illusion of inexplicably full, so he spent no time in cultivating the spirit power and transformed it into his own power.

“I have already reached the first awakening. As long as I absorb more spirit power, I can ascend to the double awakening. But at this rate, I can’t ascend fast enough like those of high ranked hunters.”

Of course it’s a problem. A higher rank hunter improved faster, but the actual ascension speed for strength improvement was depending on how much a hunter gained experience in combat. However, Tang Yu was already feeling hung up. His cultivation speed was just like a hunter with the power a fifth awakening. But was it good enough?

After breakfast,

Tang Yu put on the recently crafted equipment from the workshop. A shiny steel sword and a black one piece combat suit with red stripes.

The combat suit was made out of leather, but it’s not the kind of leather armor that exposing half of the user’s body. Reality’s different from game, it’s not where you could get +++ defense stat just by equipping an armor. If Tang Yu wore those equipments from the game, the demonic beast would easily shred him to pieces.

This combat suit fits comfortably on his body. He first thought it would be hot to wear it during summer. It turned out the workshop’s black technology was incredible. The combat suit was light and breathable on the body as the body movement felt smooth and natural.

The fur of the crimson demonic beast was used as the main material. And needless to say, the suit’s defense ability was extraordinary. Even he was attacked with a steel sword. The sword can only cut a small gap at most. This was certainly the gap between ordinary equipment and a special made equipment from advanced materials. After all, the basic steel sword was only made out of ordinary iron.

Tang Yu was very satisfied on his reflection on the castle’s mirror.

“I still kind of think this is a bit too flashy.”


All the survivors got up early. They tasted the sweet fruit of their work, and were rewarded with generous food. The people were very happy. They had two cans of meat in the food batch they received yesterday. Some survivors wept with joy, it’s been so long since they last tasted meat.

“It’s Mr. Tang!”

Someone shouted and rubbed his eyes.

From the distance, three familiar figures approached. Tang Yu walked in front followed by the armored master and the girl from yesterday. However, apart from the armored master, the two others’ appearances were barely recognizable.

In the distance, Mr. Tang wore a black red patterned combat suit with a steel sword on his waist as it gleamed beneath the sunlight.

Behind him, the loyal armored master followed. He’s carrying a spear and silently walked behind him.

Beside him, Elaine wore a mage robe with the same black and red pattern with a hood covering most of her face. The wide robe covered her delicate body and her ivory hand stretched from the cuffs. She tightly held a spiral shaped branch, it was wide at top and become narrower in the bottom. That was a mage staff!

Three people walked in silence.

Around them, carcasses from demonic beast, dried blood and damaged houses scattered everywhere.

The scorching sun hung high as if it rose behind those three.

At this moment, it felt like the world centered on the three figures.


Some people swallowed hard their saliva.

This kind of costumes looked like straight out of a cosplay exhibition. It looked uncomfortable and flashy especially in the doomsday. However the three of them wore the costume looking incomparably harmonious, as if everything should had been like this.

The three of them looked like heroes returning home after a glorious battle in the bloody mountains of corpses.


Even though they were surprised, all the survivors knew they place. They dared not to speak nor ask, and soon left to do their jobs.

Only Chen Haiping remained still.

He had decent payment as a porter, but Chen Haiping didn’t want to live like this.

Previously, he was already a hunter, step by step his power improved and quickly ranked among the hunters in the shelter. However, as the demon wave surged and the shelter destroyed, he suddenly understood his limit. In the face of real danger, he was powerless.

After witnessing the power of Mr. Tang and the others, Chen Haiping was even more eager to get stronger.

He wanted to hunt down the demonic beast!

He also hoped to contribute to the shelter’s establishment.

He solemnly hoped that the shelter could be established as soon as possible. But he understood that a shelter could not rely on small number of masters. Although he wasn’t the strongest, but as a soldier he could contribute more than just transporting around some stones.

Chen Haiping seized the moment and asked Mr. Tang. He quietly waited for his reply.

Tang Yu thought deeply.

At first, he had no plans. A few days ago he was also an ordinary survivor struggled to survive in the doomsday. After linked with the system, he built the castle that saved his life. But to develop a territory he needed more detailed planning. Even with the system plug-ins, it’s not just as easy as selecting and buying buildings to build a complete territory.

Chen Haiping was right. The territory map could provide early warning when a demonic beast attacked. However, it’s impossible to only rely on No. 1 and No. 2 and the adventurers for every battle. The masters should be the territory’s trump card, rather than the conventional force. Tang Yu would prefer his future subjects to spend time improving their strength.

What’s more, if he wanted to develop the territory further, he should increase the survivor numbers. And once they were increasing in the future, he would need some trustworthy personnel to fill the management and defense position.

The territory should have a regular patrol force.

After observing Chen Haiping for two days, Tang Yu came to understand his qualities. He was a former soldier, his marksmanship was good and his combat skills were also good. The small dot representing Chen Haiping was green, and that’s more than enough.

“I have agreed to your request. But the shelter’s construction has not finished yet, so there’s no specific job available for you. We usually patrol the territory to increase up our strength. After all, a hunter’s strength can only deal with most common demonic beast.”

Chen Haiping smiled bitterly. He couldn’t refute this. Then he heard Mr. Tang said, “Well, I have found you a master. You will learn how to deal with demonic beast from him.”

A master?

He wondered, was it the armored master? If he learnt from them, there’s no doubt that his strength would improve quickly.

At the next moment, he saw a tall figure coming closer from the distance.

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