My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 133


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 133, Planning.

Chen Haiping felt touched every time Tang Yu dumped these important matters to him. But… as the shelter leader, could he care a bit more about the major matters of the shelter?

With no cell phones available right now and no one was available at the castle, Chen Haiping was completely lost. Although he already knew that tomorrow, early in the morning, he would be able to block off Tang Yu before he’s off to wander somewhere. But the thought of delaying his work made him restless.

“It must be resolved today!” However, his priority had to be finding leader Tang first as there’s a lot of things needed to be approved by the leader. “Captain Roger should be able to locate him. It seems like they had some kind of contract with him.”

He still remembered when they first met. There was only one expert, No. 1, by Tang Yu’s side. As time went by, other experts mysteriously popped up by his side from time to time. At first, he thought Tang Yu came from a large shelter with a few powerful teams under him. Gradually, Chen Haiping knew more about Roger’s strength. As the great Butler of the Tree Shade Shelter, he was able to receive quite a few messages from Lindong.

It’s clear that even in large shelters, there weren’t that many powerful hunters. Lin Wei, as one of the officials in Lindong Shelter who had plenty of strong men under his power, looked scary. But only by one single encounter, Chen Haiping realized the so-called super experts in Lindong were nothing in front of Captain Roger and the others.

He also understood it wasn’t Lindong that was weak. How could a super expert who stood out from hundreds of thousands of survivors and tens of thousands of hunters be weak? It’s simply because Roger and the others were too strong. He also knew Roger and the others were loyal to leader Tang, body, and soul. Perhaps there were still some secrets he couldn’t figure out yet.

It’s all because he felt self-conscious and had little desire for power. He didn’t want to know further. Rather than that, Chen Haiping was more interested in knowing where Leader Tang had gone?

“Captain Roger led the patrol out. Shay seems to have gone to the spirit stone mine to take a look at today’s spirit stone mining, and Sky… this one is even harder to find than Director Tang.”

He thought of Elaine. Elaine’s presence in the shelter was getting scarcer by day. Some of the new survivors would know Roger, or the other vice-captains, Sky and Shay. Also, Winnie was considered an angelic being because she had brought several hunters from the verge of death before. On the other hand, the blue-haired girl who had appeared early by Leader Tang’s side were rarely seen in the shelter. Only those who had stayed in the shelter since the beginning were aware of her full strength.

“She should be in the library. I’m not sure if she could somehow contact Leader Tang.”

Chen Haiping didn’t even have the time to eat dinner, he immediately rushed to the library. The door was still open, the crystal wall lamps in the room emitted a soft glow. He saw Elaine and straightly get down to business. Elaine nodded and sent a communication request to Tang Yu through the contract’s link imprinted in her soul.


Tang Yu was soaking in the bathtub naked. Absorbing the effects from the Body Hardening Potion while doing the newly introduced Warrior Cultivation Method. Apart from the gravity room, the Body Hardening Potion and the cultivation method were a good match. The cultivation method could speed up the potion’s absorption efficiency, it could also facilitate the cultivation’s progress. Tang Yu felt he bought a complete cultivation package.

At this time, he felt a communication notification coming from the contract.

[Ding! Follower Elaine sends you a video communication request. Accept? YES/NO?]

Through the contract, Tang Yu was able to contact his followers. But there were some limits to that communication. The further their distance, the more blurred the information could be exchanged.

To his own understanding, the communication could reach the level of video calls within the territory. If the distance were farther, the communication would be reduced to voice calls. If it’s even further, such as Gray Blade in Lindong, they could only communicate in text. He hadn’t tried further than that. But he had guessed that even sending a text message would be delayed, maybe even the number of words would be limited. Perhaps it would take a few minutes just to send a single sentence text message. Thinking of it, the corner of his mouth smacked.


A scene popped up in his mind. He saw Elaine in the library with Chen Haiping standing next to her. From just a glance, it was clear that Chen Haiping had encountered something. Maybe he had tried to find Tang Yu but failed. That’s why he reached Elaine to contact Tang Yu.


At this time.


[Follower Elaine has ended video communication.] [Ding! Follower Elaine sends you a voice communication request. Do you accept?]


What’s going on? Why did you suddenly hang up on me? Then switch to voice communication?

Obviously, the video call is clear and not delayed within the territory. There’s no need to switch to voice calls. He shook his head and accepted the voice call. Tang Yu immediately learned that it was really about Chen Haiping. It just happened that the potion had been fully absorbed. He planned to go to the library to check on the old man Kevin.


The water splashed as he stood up. Some of the residue Body Hardening potions dripped from his body.

After absorbing the potion a few times, Tang Yu found that he does look stronger. His body gained a few muscles, his body proportion was becoming more defined, his face more angular.

So… he’s kinda handsome, right?

It was clear that he, Lord Tang, is handsome.


Soon, Tang Yu arrived at the library. As soon as they met, Chen Haiping went on full ranting. He didn’t want to listen, but once he did, Tang Yu realized that managing a shelter is such a pain in the ass. So, the Grand Lord Tang was even more determined to dump the matter of managing the shelter over to someone else. Chen Haiping, who was reporting across the table, only felt a chill.

“… We’ve also recruited some management talents in the past two days. So it’s the perfect time to start forming the municipal department you mentioned last time, Leader Tang.”

After hearing that, Tang Yu nodded, “The municipal department will be formed by you. They will be responsible for the shelter’s construction and survivors’ management. In addition to that, I also plan to form more important departments, including the war department, logistics department, medical department, equipment department, and the spy department. Well, for now, let’s rest! We can talk about it later!”

Naturally, Tang Yu had no plan on taking the responsibility himself. The war department was nothing more than the patrols. Perhaps the territory’s armed forces would increase in the future, the war department was necessary to assign them into teams. The logistics department will mainly manage the shelter’s spirit stones, materials, equipment, food stock, and other items.

In his view, the war and logistics department were the two most important departments that needed to be managed privately by someone he trusted. He had thought of letting Elaine in charge of the logistics department as the other followers had their own responsibilities. Winnie led the medical department. Kevin would be responsible for managing the equipment department, and of course, Gray Blade would be in charge of the spy department.

Elaine’s character was aloof. But Tang Yu trusted her. There was nothing else in the library anyway, so she could handle another part-time job. When the time comes, he will let her and the others recruit the manpower they need.

The crisis was over, he had dispatched everyone to do their jobs. Grand Lord Tang was very satisfied. Letting himself to handle these things only make things worse. It would be wise to just hand them over to someone else. It’s definitely not because he was lazy.

On the other side, Chen Haiping felt that he was unreliable.

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