My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 134


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 134, Planning –Pt.2.

In addition to that, Tang Yu also intended to roughly divide the shelter’s territory. The villa area, halfway up the hillside, and most of the middle section of the resort. He planned to use these parts as a future residential area.

The number of survivors had surged in the past two days. Although there were still some rooms for the survivors in the villa area, he felt that he had to look ahead. If it’s not for the fact that the territory had a limit, he would want to expand the area outside the resort.

As for the residential area above the mid-hillside, he intended to develop it into a high-class residential area. Building some boutique suites, townhouses, family houses, and even manors.

There were 5 levels of housing in Lindong. He planned to build an even more detailed plan to reflect the differences between the houses. This way, his real estate plan would be more polished, to bring more pleasure to the residents. But for now, he could only plan. It was Great Lord Tang’s dream to sit idly in the castle as money came towards him. Then, he would be able to lay in bed lazily all day without any worries.

Tang Yu spoke out his plan, “In addition, the area west of the mountain foot is rather remote. It can be divided into agricultural areas for growing common crops such as grains. Where in the valley, three more farms can be built. All three of them could be used to grow medicinal herbs in the future.”

Even though the shelter didn’t lack food, Tang Yu still planned to grow more food. He was wrong before. He thought it would be okay to trade weapons and equipment. Now that he thought about it, although the price of food wasn’t particularly high, it’s a product that every shelter needs. In a large quantity, it’s all money!

“Finally, the area at the entrance of the resort can be built into a commercial district. Chen, didn’t you say that with the survivors’ sudden increase in numbers, there weren’t enough jobs for everyone? It just happens that building a commercial district needs a lot of manpower. Even if the number of survivors doubled again, we don’t have to worry about the lack of work.”

With the sudden surge of survivors in the past two days, not everyone had a job. Such as the porter team. Even though Tang Yu wasn’t satisfied enough with the material transport speed, as of the last battle. He had consumed a large amount of stone and wood to build arrow towers. But the porter team needs to cooperate with others and the patrols. So increasing the manpower in the porter team isn’t necessarily increasing the work efficiency.

Survivors didn’t have jobs. Although the shelter didn’t lack food, Lord Tang didn’t want a conflict to arise in the shelter. Once conflict arises, it would be difficult to eliminate it. It just so happened that in the future, building residences, commercial districts would be too pricey if he built it with the system’s building customization. It’s a good idea to give the workload to those survivors as well as the farm, as it also needs manpower. At least for some time in the future, the shelter will become very busy and bustling again.

Chen Haiping pondered for a moment, “What about weaving these survivors into the construction team?”

“No, no.” Tang Yu shook his head, “This way, the construction team would be too bloated, and there may not be that many construction projects in the future. Instead of that, why don’t we learn from the Lindong Shelter and set up a labor center where the survivors can choose the jobs they want?”

“It just so happens that when the commercial district is built, it would also encourage survivors who had ideas and skills to open shops in the commercial district.”

Survivors who took work from the labor center were practically a contract worker, it’s temporary. While the construction team, the porter team were fixed workers. Fixed workers needed to obey the shelter, but they were well paid. While contract workers weren’t, well, they still get paid. But the amount is less than a fixed worker. Of course, most of them didn’t have a choice. This was all just his general plan. The rest would become the municipal staff’s responsibility.

Chen Haiping raised a question, “Although right now we have many survivors. But we lack sufficient construction tools and building materials. Right now, we can build some simple housing. But if we want to build the commercial district as you have planned, I’m afraid it will be delayed for a long time.”

“Alright, construction tools and building materials. We can let the patrols go out and look for them. And don’t forget, we have more hunters and hunters with ability. If you encountered some difficulties and there are relevant hunters with the ability to help, it wouldn’t take long to solve it. You’re becoming more open-minded, Uncle Chen, I’m so optimistic about you!”

Chen Haiping’s sweatdropped.

After that, the two of them continued discussing some other matters, such as infrastructure construction. Since its establishment, the cafeteria had been widely praised. But some of the popular dishes had been snatched up as soon as they were on sale. Causing survivors to rush to the cafeteria, ahem, sprinting. Although their speed was nowhere near as fast as the hunters.

After the bathhouse was built, a lot of survivors were also attracted. Tang Yu had heard such things as soap dropping because too many people pushing and shoving happened from time to time. Not to mention, they had to change the water in the bathhouse from time to time. Because in less than an hour, the water had become murky and dirty.

Public toilets were also a bigger problem. Since they can’t use regular pre-doomsday toilets, because of their huge water consumption. To keep the shelter environment clean, Tang Yu deliberately used custom construction modeled after the pre-doomsday toilet blueprints to build some public toilets.

However, a large number of survivors recently surged, and the public toilets had become too crowded. The survivors who can’t hold it went to other places to deal with their ‘affairs’. Chen Haiping recently stated that more and more ‘unidentified objects’ had been found in the small forest near the foot of the mountain. This would greatly impact the shelter. Without further due, the construction of the public toilets couldn’t be delayed any longer.

With the general shelter development plan roughly set, Tang Yu drank a full glass of water to ease his dry throat. And he saw the chubby and short Wang Zhou hurriedly running towards him. It’s been a while since he last saw him. Wang Zhou’s belly had grown bigger. When he ran here, he was already exhausted.

“Chen… Supervisor Chen… Just… Just now… a few new hunters… and some of… our shelter’s hunters… some of… clashed… things are getting bigger. Although the patrols have gone to solve it, you still need to go over there and see it for yourself.”

He finally finished painting. And continue, “Leader Tang, you have no idea. We guides are having a hard time. More new hunters have come to the shelter, but we’re just ordinary people. Sometimes we meet with sweet-tempered new hunters, but sometimes we meet with new hunters who have a violent temper. Every day, we work in fear…”

Finally, he came to his final purpose, he smiled obscenely, “Leader Tang, can you arrange for one or two hunters to work with us?”  

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