My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 136


My doomsday Territory Chapter 136, Wang Zhou’s Spring.

Wang Zhou soaked in the pale green Body Hardening Potion diluted in water, his heart pounding. At first, he didn’t feel anything odd. His body and mind gradually feel relaxed a little bit. But after a while, his skin began to itch. The itch became worse and worse, gradually transforming into pain. The pain became more intense as time passed.

Wang Zhou frowned. A burst of intense pain hit his nerves. It felt like his muscles were spasming. All of his bones were misaligned, unlike when used on hunters whose level of life had been refined. Tang Yu felt like he was enjoying a massage every time he soaked in the potion. But Wang Zhou was an ordinary person. Even though the potion had been weakened so it wouldn’t threaten his life and won’t leave any after-effects, the hardening experience was painful.

As time passed on, the pain continued to escalate. Finally, Wang Zhou couldn’t help but cry out, “Aaaaargh….”

His friend guarding outside wondered why Wang Zhou sounded like he was dying. Now, he heard screams coming from the bathroom. It’s simply heartbreaking.

He hesitated and knocked on the bathroom door, “Wang, should I go in and pull you out?”

“No!! Argh…” A pained voice was heard from inside the door, “I… uhh… can… arghh… hold it!”

The survivor was puzzled. His friend was screaming. The more he heard it, the more he felt heartbroken and couldn’t help but feel the urge to go in and take a look.


Half an hour later, Wang Zhou was naked and looking radiant at his reflection on the mirror.

“Zhao, what can you see? It’s muscles! I have muscles!” Wang Zhou pointed at his belly. His formerly fat and round belly had shrunk a bit. Instead of fat, he could faintly see the outline of his abdomen muscles.

“I can’t believe it! I could have these muscles! If this continues, I can have an eight pack abs!” He couldn’t help but admire his reflection in the mirror.

Zhao couldn’t stand it, “Did you train for this? How?”

Wang Zhou smiled and reached out to brush his bangs with a smug face, “Admit it! You envy me, right? No, I didn’t train for it.”

With his legs spread apart, he took a stance and threw a few punches with a serious, solemn face. Although his movement looked silly and stupid, Zhao could feel the surging sense of power and couldn’t help but envy it.

Wang Zhou slapped Zhao’s shoulder, and the surge of power almost sent Zhao to the ground. He laughed dryly, “You know what? Don’t be too disappointed. If you want this kind of body, soon, the shelter will launch the Body Hardening Potion. Then eight-pack abs will no longer be a dream!”


After Tang Yu finished his work, he came to the training camp to train. Now, this daily training had become his regular compulsory subject. First, he had 2 hours of physical training in the gravity room. He would fight with demonic beasts in the spirit space for an hour, occasionally, he entered Lord’s Exclusive mode.

He had successfully passed stage 1 on the Lord’s Exclusive mode and entered stage 2. The environment switched from forest to volcano. The only similarity Lord Tang experienced from both stages was death, death, and death. He was killed by a demonic beast and fell to lava on a daily basis. Being smashed to death by a meteorite falling from the sky, or dying from poisonous fumes were slightly odd ways to die. He also had experienced being killed by a demonic beast whose ass was huge enough to crush a mountain. Also, being chased by a demonic beast into a cave, only to realize the ‘cave’ was a gigantic demonic beast’s mouth.

Tang Yu had no idea how many times he had ‘died’ in the spiritual space. His combat skill hadn’t advanced much, but his nerves must’ve gotten stronger from experiencing deaths countless times.

At that moment, he was sweating in the gravity room when he received a notification from outside – Wang Zhou had arrived at the training camp. This was Wang Zhou’s first time walking into the training camp. Although, as one of the shelter’s managers, he had permission to enter the first two floors for free, he never felt this was his kind of place. In the end, he just ignored the training camp’s presence.

This time, Leader Tang specifically asked him to come here to test the data after he soaked in the Body Hardening Potion. Wang Zhou was getting a little excited. After his muscles grew, he felt an endless amount of energy surging from his body.

“Leader Tang.” When he saw Leader Tang and a few patrol members coming over, he couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of test should I do?”

A few patrol members were shocked, “What? Fatty Wang came to the training camp and wants to exercise? Am I dreaming?”

Zhao Ming said as he squeezed the arm of his companion next to him and received an angry glare in return.

Wang Zhou smiled proudly, pulled off his shirt, and pointed at his abdomen. “Look at this!”

“Who doesn’t know about your beer belly… no, wait, where’s your belly?!” Zhao Ming stared with disbelief, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. The patrols were getting more curious, left their training session, and followed the two of them.

Soon, Tang Yu arrived in front of a “Punch Strength Testing Machine.”

He didn’t let Wang Zhou test the device. Instead, he called two members of the patrol team to demonstrate. One of them was a hunter and the other an ordinary person.

Zhao Ming volunteered to test the machine. After taking a deep breath, his body was as taut as a bowstring. The power from his waist passed through his spine to his arms. His right fist swung, smashing into the machine’s fist target!


The first target wobbled for a moment.

The screen on the machine displayed a certain number, “886 kg!”

Zhao Ming was very satisfied.

It hadn’t been long since he joined the patrol, and his strength had increased to the middle of the First Awakening Stage. The first time he tried, it was only 500 kilograms. But now, as his strength increased, after training and mastering some combat techniques, his fist strength has suddenly surged to over 800 kilograms. 

“If this continues, in another day or two, my fist strength will break through a 1000 kilograms.”

The ordinary person walked up to the machine. He took a deep breath, his eyes fiery, his body instantly tensed up. His feet exerted power to his waist, and like a tiger or panther out of a cage, he punched out.


His movements were much more standard than Zhao Ming’s. After all, he was just an ordinary person, and the fist target shook significantly less than before.

A number soon popped up on the fist strength testing machine as well, “184kg!”

The man returned to his normal stances and looked at the number, looking a bit sad.

After the two demonstrated, Tang Yu signaled Wang Zhou, “It’s your turn.”

Wang Zhou stepped forward and stared at the red heart in the middle of that fist target. He was excited. The fist power of an ordinary person was over a hundred kilograms, while a hunter could reach several hundred. So, after being soaked in the potion, how much his body strength improved? How many kilograms could he score?

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