My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 138


My doomsday Territory Chapter 138, Construction Begins.

Time flowed like water, and in the blink of an eye, two days had passed.

In the central square of the resort, beside the cafeteria, a grand new building had recently been erected.

The Labor Center.

Considering the relatively large number of survivors, the Labor Center was built. It was a building that covered an even larger area than the Adventurer’s Guild. Early in the morning, a lot of survivors gathered in front of the building before it even opened. Most of them were the survivors from the Dafafa Shelter, and also some newcomers from the wilderness. Excluding some talents and survivors who were lucky enough to join the various teams in the departments. Most of the unlucky ones were already here.

“Why isn’t it open yet?”

“Maybe because it’s not 7 o’clock yet? It opened exactly at 7 o’clock, right?”

“How many jobs are available there? What if we still can’t have a job?” A skinny teenager looked helplessly at the gathering crowds around him.

The survivor next to him nodded, “That’s right. The free food portion the shelter gave to us freely could only last for around 1 week. If we can’t find a job by then, we have to receive the shelter’s relief food. And the amount of relief food is very small.”

After eating the delicious food in the cafeteria for almost a week, the survivors were even more reluctant to be eating relief food in the future. It was both unpalatable, and the portion is too small. Particularly, there were some dishes in the cafeteria that made their mouths water, but due to the limited free quota provided by the shelter, they could only watch the others eat and smell the aroma, and look at the dish on their fast food plates…

He received 999 mental damage.

The teenager was especially eager to eat those delicious dishes. But he was very self-conscious, he was weak, he had no power of skills. If he couldn’t find a job soon and forced himself to do physical jobs, another two zeros would be added to his mental damage.

Suddenly, noises were coming from the front. The doors of the Labor Center were opened, and survivors swarmed in. The skinny teenager was getting anxious and tried to squeeze his way in. But he was pushed around by others and almost couldn’t control his balance. So he waited until the frenzy was over.

The hall inside was spacious. At a glance, there were more than a dozen window counters available to take jobs. But right now, they were all crowded with long lines. The skinny teenager was in a gloomy mood. He chose the one with the shortest queue. Survivors were still coming from the outside. Before long, there were around a dozen people lined up behind him. Luckily, there were a lot of staff members here to maintain orders. Otherwise, weak people like him would be bullied by the strong men.

Time went by. The survivors in front of him looked delighted after having their jobs and left the line. The line was shortening, but he was still worried. Were there any jobs left? Will he be able to meet the requirements for the remaining jobs?

After a while, it was finally his turn. The lady at the window counter asked with a smile, “Name?”

“Yang… Yang Wei.” The teenager stuttered, he was nervous.

The lady on the counter glanced at him. As if wondering why his name and appearance didn’t match well.

“So… um… What kind of jobs are still available? Please?” Yang Wei asked.

“See for yourself. It’s on that list.”

Yang Wei lifted his head. Only then did he realize that some of the walls on the hall were embedded with screens that displayed the types of jobs open for recruitment this time.

[Welders. Limit: 20, recruited: 20. Requirements: *] [Plasterer. Limit: 50, recruited: 4. Requirements: *] [Reinforcement Worker. Limit: 30, recruited: . Requirements: *] [Carpentry…] [Concreter…] [Handyman. Limit: ~. Requirements: none.]


At this point, the lady asked, “Have you thought about it? What type of work do you want to choose? Oh, right, some of the jobs that have relevant requirements will have some simple tests when you get to the site. You will be disqualified if you don’t pass the test.”

“I, I’ll, just pick the handyman.” Yang Wei replied hesitantly.

The staff nodded and quickly printed out a form and handed it to Yang Wei.

When Yang Wei took a look at it, this form had his name, gender, and the type of work he had chosen written on it, and it actually had his photo attached at the end. He didn’t know when it was taken.

That’s when he heard the staff lady say, “Take this form and go to the city gate to find the person in charge of Team 7.”

Yang Wei hummed a few times and turned around to leave.


“This job will last for 10 days. During that time, you will be under my command. Any questions?”

There were about 20 people in the group, all of them were handymen. Yang Wei stood among the crowds, listening to the person in charge of speaking.

None of them asked anything, including Yang Wei. The group leader led the team at the entrance of the resort. Right now, there were already a lot of survivors here. Yang Wei could see many people were moving construction materials. There were several large trucks, forklifts, and other construction vehicles parked around. It was a busy scene.

The leader of Team 7 had already returned with his mission. He gathered up the group and clapped his hands and said, “Our mission has been assigned. Today, we will have to complete the excavation of the foundation of this area. Any questions?”

Looking at the large area the leader was pointing, someone in the team couldn’t help but asked, “Captain. How can we dig the foundation of such a large area within a day?”

Yang Wei was also hesitant. It’s not that he couldn’t do the job, but it’s practically impossible!”

Hearing that, the team leader said. “Oh, right. I forgot to tell you. Although we’re in charge of this entire area, an expert will come to help us. So we just need to dig the foundation a little bit neater.”

“As for who is the expert that will help us, I personally haven’t got the information. Well, let’s just stick around and wait for them to come.”

An expert? Yang Wei wondered. Even though it’s a hunter, it’s impossible to dig out such a large area in just a day, right?


Lindong. Lu Jianjun’s office.

Lu Jianjun was looking at the information in his hands with a heavy heart. Ever since Lin Wei and his team were annihilated, the Tree Shade Shelter had entered his sight. Only by such tragedy did he discover such a powerful shelter had appeared in the Lincheng area.

“According to the information obtained from our investigation, Lin Wei had a conflict with the shelter from earlier. Because of a spirit stone mine. He brought the team to annihilate the Tree Shade Shelter, but it turns out that the shelter was even more powerful than Lin Wei. And the spirit stone mine was undoubtedly felt in the hands of the shelter.”

He was also craving for the spirit stone mine, but he won’t do something like Lin Wei just did. In contrast, he was even more interested in the shelter’s strength. From various investigations, he only knew that the shelter was indeed strong. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the details of their strength. Seemingly inadvertently, a powerful shelter had been formed and was still growing.

Lu Jianjun was also surprised at the things that recently happened in Lindong. The Scarlet Hands were annihilated by mysterious people, and he still couldn’t get the men’s identity. Even after some investigation, he got nothing. From a first glance, he thought he would never get to know who the suspect was. But now that he thought about it again, the people from the Tree Shade Shelter were likely the ones that did it.

They were not only powerful, but they also possessed superior equipment. The more he investigated, the more surprised he was by the strength displayed by the Tree Shade Shelter.

“Is there more information about the Tree Shade Shelter?”

The officer next to him shook his head, “That’s all the information we’ve gathered from the outside. The rest will depend on what kind of information our spy could get from inside the Tree Shade Shelter.”

Thinking of this, Lu Jianjun couldn’t help but sigh. “Such a powerful shelter suddenly appeared. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I just hope the person in charge of that shelter would do their best to shelter survivors. And not some crazy man who only craves for power.”

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