My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 14


Chapter 14 – Outsiders (Part 1)


“Yes, My Lord.”

His voice was heavy and powerful. As the sentence fell, a strong tall man came from the distance. The man’s movement looked slow, but in fact he actually walked very fast. Shortly after, he came in front of Tang Yu, bowing slightly.

The powerful man was two-meter tall with brown hair. He was donned in black heavy armor, carrying a claymore with his helmet in hand. As the strong man approached, heavy pressure exerted in Chen Haiping’s heart.

His eyes widened.

This kind of pressure was not aura. From Roger, he only felt faint aura coming out. This kind of pressure originated from his momentum, a kind of person who had gone through the sea of corpses and survived.

The suffocating aura and baleful Qi hit his nerves and numbing his skin.

He recalled his memory back then when he was a soldier, there were some soldiers in the special squad who had this kind of Qi. They had gone through the battlefield and killed countless people. However, their Qi was nothing compared to this strong tall man.

He was without a doubt, a high master!


The pub had only one free daily attempt to summon new adventurers, it could be used during the day. Yesterday, Tang Yu only managed to summon an ordinary D rank adventurer so he didn’t sign a contract. Instead, Roger was summoned this morning.

With previously summoned an A rank adventurers, Roger’s C rank was not good, but Tang Yu valued his strength.

He didn’t know how heavily a hunter’s rank affected other people. All he knew was hunters were divided into three realms. The first realm was the foundation of the awakening, which was from the first to fifth awakening. This also became the limit of power summoned by the pub. The second realm was the shaping of the body.

Roger used to be a master of shaping the body. Naturally, Tang Yu couldn’t possibly summon such a strong adventurer. But Roger was heavily injured during the battle against the black wave. Not only his strength fell to the five level of awakening, but he also became disabled. He would never again return to the battlefield.

That was until he was summoned. Under the contract’s binding power, Roger recovered from all his injury. Although his original strength had not returned, it’s only a matter of time before he could back to the second realm.

After his injury from the many years had recovered, Roger’s baleful Qi violently burst out. Since Tang Yu was bound by the contract, he did not felt any discomfort. Chen Haiping was the only unfortunate soul to bear such violent burst.

His face was already pale, but there’s a glint of excitement on his eyes. From his face, he couldn’t hide his eagerness and impatience.

This must be the spirit to urgently wanting to learn the skills to slay the demonic beast.


At the villa resort’s entrance, a mini convoy had arrived.

It consisted of two jeeps and one minibus.

The doors slammed open, heavily equipped team descent from the vehicles. They were equipped with guns bulletproof vest. As soon as they descent, these men immediately dispersed, patrolling the area.

Wang Tai descent and was followed by his two subordinates.

Looking at the now ruined resort villa, Wang Tai’s heart ached.

Before the doomsday, he was a successful boss. This Tree Shade resort villa was once his property. He happened to be on the villa when doomsday occurred. Relying on his private weaponry and a group of loyal men, they teamed up and gradually developed the resort villa into a shelter.

However, the previous demonic wave had destroyed everything.

Fortunately, he still had a chance to return here to the mountains. Wang Tai approached the middle-aged man with a smile, “Captain Han, the spirit stone mine is already close, but it’s difficult to cross the mountain path behind. Do you think we should settle a camp here first?”

Han Jing narrowed his eye and observed the surrounding area. It was indeed as what Wang Tai said, the entire shelter was destroyed by the demonic wave.

However, these were not the focus of his attention. The only thing he wanted to know was whether the spirit stone mine really existed just like what Wang Tai claimed.

After the doomsday, drastic force changed the earth and various new materials had appeared. The spirit stone was one among them. A mine that contained a large number of spirit stones. Even if there’s only one mine, it’s much more efficient compared to hunt thousands of demonic beasts. Thus, Lin Wei couldn’t refuse the temptation.

Han Jing was Lin Wei’s confidant, he had worked for Lin Wei for more than ten years. Knowing how his boss’ mind worked, he pondered a little. “Second squad heads to nine o’clock. Third squad heads to three o’clock. The rest of you, stand by.”

The remaining men surrounded the vehicle and stood guard. Wang Tai gazed into the distance, his eyes gleamed brightly.

Of course he understood well the value of a spirit stone mine. If the shelter was still here, they would never let it go. Fortunately, they’re all gone. Wang Tai shifted his gaze and wondered how to take his secret stash in the villa without others noticing.

Shortly after, the third squad who had just left had returned, they caught two survivors wriggled in fear.

“What’s going on? Why there are still some survivors here?” Han Jing asked.

Wang Tai shook his head, saying he didn’t know as he was surprised too.


Wang Zhou and the other survivor looked at the heavily armed men surrounding him and shivered.

They were just collecting some materials that are still usable after the demonic wave. They didn’t know there were so many armed men with guns and caught them and dragged them here without they could even resist.

“Speak! Who are you and why are you here? What are you doing? Tell me the truth or there will be consequences!”

A member of the squad pointed his gun and asked.

Wang Zhou’s face turned pale, the other survivor gazed with dilated pupils as he began wriggling his body. It seemed that he was already scared and acting silly, “He.. hehe.”

Seeing that the man was about to fire, Wang Zhou suddenly had the courage to save his companion and said, “Wait! Please, don’t shoot, he’s just a fool. I can talk, I’m normal.”

He calmed down and said, “We are survivors of the Tree Shade shelter.”

“Survivors? Stop joking around! The Tree Shade shelter had been long destroyed by the demonic wave!”

Wang Zhou was so scared he almost cried. Even if he was pressured, he still managed to let out words, “We really are survivors of the Tree Shade shelter. Please wait, until I finished talking. When the demonic wave surged, we hid in the underground storage room and was lucky to survive.”

Want Tai frowned and asked, “You hid in the underground storage room? How long have you been hiding? And why haven’t you met any demonic beast when you came out?”

“We were hiding, I don’t know, maybe two or three days. And we were hungry so we went out. As for the demonic beast, I don’t know. It was already like this when we went out.” Wang Zhou whimpered.

By the looks of this group of men, he knows they are not just ordinary survivors. They looked cruel and vicious. Wang Zhou knows that even if he told all the truth, he wouldn’t survive. So he decided to keep some key information in hope that Mr. Tang would come to rescue him.

He wasn’t sure if Mr. Tang would actually rescue them, because in the doomsday, ordinary survivor was the least valuable. But it’s better to trust Mr. Tang than these scary looking strangers. At least for the past few days, Mr. Tang had treated them very well.

Han Jing stood silently while listening to the team’s continuous interrogation. He turned to Wang Tai.

“They were a survivor from your shelter, do you recognize any of them?”

Wang Tai shook his head, “I don’t recognize them since they’re just an ordinary survivor, but if it was a hunter, I might be able to recognize them.”

Han Jing pondered.

Judging from the result from the interrogation, there are several remaining survivors aside from these two. But they’re not strong, so they should not possess a threat. But just to be safe, he ordered, “Bring these two, since there are other survivors, we can use them as bait.”


On the other side.

Outside of the castle, on the open space.

After exercise for a few laps in the morning, Tang Yu didn’t find any demonic beast so he headed back to the castle.

With the decreasing number of demonic beasts, their hunting efficiency had lowered down. At first, they encountered several demonic beasts within a few minutes of hunting. But now, he had searched for more than half an hour and came back empty handed. So he decided to return to the castle and exercise.

Hunters also needed to exercise, especially after their significant increase in power. In order to control his strength, Tang Yu needed to spend a certain amount of time exercising.

At this time, his body was in a very awkward posture. This was the exercise Roger had recommended after he was summoned this morning.

His hand moved to perform some combat movements.

 Suddenly, a warning appeared inside his mind.

“Ding! The Lord’s followers are in danger, please pay attention…”



Tang Yu gazed in confusion.

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