My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 140


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 140, How Efficient is The Construction of A Super Expert?

The half-naked man’s problem was just an interlude. Soon, he was taken away by two hunters in black combat uniforms. Captain Chen saw that some grumpy hunters suddenly became obedient and waited in the line quietly.

Similar things also happened from time to time in Lindong’s registration office. He had seen them with his own eyes. Living in an era like the doomsday, people need to fight the demonic beast and experience life and death. They had become more cautious. However, some people had become careless and violent. Such people would end up in a bad situation. Whether in Lindong or here.

After registration, the staff of the Tree Shade Shelter would introduce the shelter to them. They were lucky as the person in charge of guiding them was the chubby person from earlier.

“Great. The leader should know a lot of stuff more than the regular staff. So we might be able to get some information.” Captain Chen thought carefully. He walked behind Wang Zhou, listening to the man’s introduction while asking this like an ordinary hunter would have. He was skilled in his questioning. He mostly asked common things that an ordinary hunter would want to know casually, but nothing too suspicious.

“Oh, you mean the towers? That’s the legendary arrow tower. It already looks obvious, though. Or… did you never play any games? Well, this is bad, inexperience is sometimes a hindrance!” Wang Zhou chattered non-stop.

Chen sweatdropped. This man seemed to be a chatterbox. A spy like him would love to meet chatterboxes, but why did he feel so tired?

He quickly changed the subject, “Bro, I was wondering about something, but I’m not sure if it’s okay to ask.”

“Oh? You have a question? Then just say it.” Wang Zhou looked puzzled.

“It’s um… I just saw you beat that First Awakening Stage hunter. Well… you’re an ordinary person, right? I still wonder how you beat him. But of course, if it’s a secret, then just forget it.”

He never expected that Wang Zhou would reveal his secret, but he had to try anyway.

But the man actually didn’t mind. “Oh, about that. You’re asking the right person.”

Chen was stunned because he would get an immediate answer. The others were also curious.

“If you want to become stronger, there is only one way to do it, and that is…” Wang Zhou’s face suddenly became serious, his eyes squinted like an eagle, and he slowly spat out a word, “Training!”

Training? Captain Chen was confused.

Wang Zhou continued, “It’s all thanks to my very strict training schedule. But no matter how hard it is, you have to stick with it. That’s the key to getting stronger!”

“You know, I’ve been doing it for 3 years!” Wang Zhou looked at the sky as if he recalled those hard days. “I do push-ups 100 times a day, sit-ups 100 times! Then squat 100 times! Pull up… 100 times! Then run for 10 kilometers! And swim for 200 meters! Daily!”

“Any laziness won’t be tolerated!” He sighed and continued. “At first, I almost couldn’t keep going. I feel like I was dying every single day. But it was worth it. And after a while…”

He reached up and ran his fingers through his hair, “You see…”

Chen was stunned because he saw nothing.

Wang Zhou shook his head, with a ‘you’re no good’ look. “Look carefully, it’s exactly what it is! My hair!”

“Hair? But what does that have to do with hair?”

“Of course, it’s relevant! Hair and strength are inversely proportional. Don’t look at the fact that you’re stronger than me now, the day I go bald is the day I stand at the pinnacle of humanity!” Wang Zhou tossed his hair, his voice drifting away with the wind.

“……..” Wang Zhou left Chen and the rest of the members utterly dumbfounded. At this point, he was a fool if he believed him. Training to get stronger?! Damn it!

However, Wang Zhou put on a ‘you don’t believe me?’ expression on his face and instantly pose like a photo model.

Captain Chen covered his face. At this point, he was so tired that he didn’t want to talk to this guy. The team slowly walked towards the shelter.

Captain Chen and the rest of the team were looking around the area from time to time. Like a curious person who stepped into a new place would normally act. However, he was actually observing the shelter.

The resort villa’s original gate and protective fences were gone. It seems they were destroyed by the last demonic wave, so the survivors took it down. Along the way, they saw survivors moving back and forth. And from time to time, large trucks would drop by.

He kept an eye on the scene. Although tired, these survivors looked radiant. They would chat and laugh from time to time, unlike gloomy survivors that could be seen in some shelters. Even in Lindong, there were a lot of survivors who looked depressed.

He was still curious because a lot of people had gathered in front of them. So, he asked away, “What’s that about?”

“That? Ah…” Wang Zhou looked proud, “Recently, our shelter is undergoing major construction. We’re planning to build a large commercial district near the entrance of the resort. And not just an ordinary market with makeshift tents, but a proper commercial district. According to the plan, the commercial district will be divided into several blocks with many buildings. You’re also a hunter, right?  When it’s finished, are you interested in renting a shop? It’s a guarantee you can get rich in minutes.” In the end, Wang Zhou didn’t forget to promote the shelter.

Captain Chen, however, was even more surprised. The Tree Shade Shelter was even capable of building large-scale projects now?

It should be known that those small shelters, although they were called shelters, but in reality, they were mostly relying on the buildings that were built before the doomsday.  After the doomsday, those shelters were mostly incapable of building anything. Not to mention, just the construction equipment would need to be brought back from the dangerous wilderness.

Besides, the food consumption would be undoubtedly massive if you wanted the survivors to work. In the doomsday, many small shelters have been trying to strictly reduce their food consumption. So, a small shelter like the Tree Shade Shelter was surprising to spend a lot of manpower and resources on construction projects. If it was to build a city wall, he would understand. But why did they bother to build a commercial district?

Although puzzled, Captain Chen stopped to watch. From afar, he could see that the front had been divided into areas. There were many survivors with shovels on standby beside them.

“Is this the preparation for digging a foundation?” Wang Zhou nodded, also chattering, describing the prospects of the commercial district, and incidentally continued to push for renting a shop.

Captain Chen had learned to automatically ignore Wang Zhou’s words, pointing at those people and asked, “Then why haven’t they started working? The area that needs to be excavated should have been planned, right?”

“Of course, it’s already planned, but they’ll have to wait for someone before digging.”

“Wait for someone?”

 “There.” Wang Zhou stretched out his hand and pointed into the distance, “The one they were waiting for is coming.”

Following the direction, Captain Chen looked ahead and saw a man wearing blue and white armor. Even his face was hidden in his helmet, walking forward step by step. The surrounding survivors had all backed away. However, the man in armor stopped in his tracks.

What’s going on?

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