My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 141


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 141, Tree Shade’s Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger.

Next to the construction site, Yang Wei held a shovel and was waiting in silence.

Suddenly, the group leader rushed at them and said, “All of you! Get back a little bit, and keep backing up a little bit more.”

Along with the other survivors, Yang Wei retreated, again and again, only to look at his own group leader with some confusion. The Team 7 group leader seemed to see their confusion and pointed to the distance, “Oh, the expert who came to help has arrived.”

The expert? Yang Wei hurriedly looked over and saw a strange man in armor walking to the center of the area that needed to be excavated.

At that moment, he heard someone ask, “Team leader, I’ve never seen him before. Is he very strong? Is it true? With this expert’s help, we’ll be able to excavate all the foundations in this area in one day?”

“It’s normal that you haven’t seen him before, I too only met him once or twice.” The team leader chuckled, “As for how strong he is, I’m not sure. I only know that this one often follows Leader Tang. But I’ve heard some stories that this man is perhaps even stronger than Captain Roger.”

“As for being able to finish the job, it should be fine. The higher-ups won’t issue impossible tasks that can’t be completed.”

Nowadays, No. 1 and No. 2 were rarely seen at the shelter. Only the earliest survivors had the privilege of witnessing their strength. Some people had speculation they were not humans. However, an ordinary person like the leader of Team 7, who was originally a member of the construction squad, knows no better than a newcomer like Yang Wei. 

In their eyes, No. 1 was a very mysterious expert. As for his strength compared with Captain Roger, he wasn’t sure. Yang Wei and the other survivors had a hard time believing that. Roger was the expert they’ve seen a lot in the shelter. He was fortunate enough to have seen Roger fight a demonic beast with the size of an armored car. Its body armor that was even harder than steel plates still couldn’t last more than a few rounds against Captain Roger. The aftermath of the battle left the surrounding area in a mess, with trees breaking and the ground becoming potholed.

Such strength and destructive power were completely beyond his imagination. He couldn’t believe that the man was stronger than Captain Roger. But he was curious to see how he would dig the foundation quickly.


At the other place, Captain Chen and the others were a bit confused, “What is this for?”

“Digging the foundation, of course.” Wang Zhou said with carelessness.

“But how?”

Captain Chen saw that the man didn’t hold any tools in his hands, could it be that he was digging by hand? Even if he was a hunter that had broken through the bottleneck. How much more efficient could it be, compared to an ordinary person? There were plenty of ordinary people, so why would they waste an expert’s energy to dig a foundation? Not to mention that he knew, most experts don’t like to do dirty jobs like digging.

But suddenly…

Crack.. crack.. crack…

Captain Chen’s eyes widened. The man in the field was clearly not moving. But the ground beneath his feet was cracking, inch by inch. A spiderweb-like crack spread on the ground miraculously stopped at the mapped area marked with yellow lines. The ground only cracked within the rectangular area within the yellow lines. 

He can even make the ground crack just from the pressure of his feet?? 

Captain Chen was a little shocked, “How in the world is it possible to keep the cracked ground mapped within the area that needs to be excavated?!”

No doubt. This man donned in armor was an expert hunter, a super expert! 

Even those super experts who had broken through the sixth stage of awakening won’t be able to cause a large ground to crack easily. Not to mention that he had absolute control over the crack! It was terrifying! 

Near the site, Yang Wei and other survivors finally understood why the group leader told them to step back. Thinking so, suddenly, he saw the expert donned in armor, raised his right feet, and slammed down again. Yang Wei held his breath, eyes widened.


The ground surface that was already cracked shattered and crumbles with a deafening sound! Making stones and dirt flew everywhere.

No. 1’s figure had disappeared in the dust, but the observing crowds were panicked as countless boulders flew on their way. Quickly fell and formed a mountain of rubbles nearby. But the rest of the smaller stone splashed everywhere, falling on the surrounding as dust spread in the area. Yang Wei and the other survivors were shocked, instinctively covered their heads with hands, and retreated.

The dust finally disappeared, revealing the man’s figure. His white-blue armor was sparkly clean, without any visible speck of dust. Upon further inspection, the ground has been hollowed by more than 2 meters deep.

Yang Wei looked at this scene, finally understood their workload today. Under the leader’s command, the entire group quickly went down into the pit. Took the shovel to remove some of the rubble inside, and started digging the soil. Gradually smoothen up the surface of this pit.

By now, No. 1 had already gone to another area. The entire construction site was filled with rumbling sounds from time to time.

Still stunned, Captain Chen was replaying the scene he just saw until Wang Zhou’s fat hand shook in front of him.

“I said. Are you guys still going to buy some equipment? Because my schedule is pretty tight right now.”

He snapped back to his senses and followed Wang Zhou. Still observing the construction site along the way.

A strong, burly man placed his hands on the ground. And the next moment, an explosion sounded like a cannonball hitting the ground. Dust splashed up high. When the smoke and dust dissipated, there was a pit with 4 to 5 meters deep forming in the place where the man stood.

Once again, the destructive force shook Chen’s heart. From afar, this burly man covered in dust looked like an African refugee. Especially his hair, which was originally clean and sleek, now all stood up from the explosion. 

The strong man stood in front of a young man. Bowing his head in an apologetic manner.


Some words emerged inside Captain Chen’s mind.

“Is this even can still be considered a foundation pit?”

“Is there such a foundation pit?”

“Now, what are we going to do about this pit? You’re responsible for filling it back in with soil.”

He couldn’t help but feel down.

The big burly man was undoubtedly a first-class master. Yet, if he heard it correctly, it sounded like he was obeying this young man, right?

What kind of person could make such a great master bend his knees?

The Tree Shade Shelter had such a Crouching Tiger!

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