My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 142


My doomsday Territory Chapter 142, This Quality of Life, Thief Envy.

Walking around, Captain Chen saw many new things along the way. There were round puppets, exquisite buildings, and majestic walls. They said it was all built by the shelter. Before arriving, he hadn’t expected that the Tree Shade Shelter would be this great. After seeing so much, his purpose of coming to the Tree Shade Shelter had already accomplished. Although his intuition told him that the shelter had a secret, he didn’t want to explore it.

The main reason they were sent here was to investigate and get a compressive understanding of the shelter to determine whether the shelter was threatening or not. Not to thoroughly investigate the shelter.

Naturally, he wouldn’t dig too much into secrets as it would make them suspicious. Moreover, they were powerful. He didn’t feel like they’re gonna get much with just a few of them.

“After we bought the equipment, we should leave and tell the news to the higher-ups so that they could make some decision.” He pondered.

At this time, the few people led by Wang Zhou arrived in front of a large three-story building. This one was also a building that Tang Yu had constructed through the system. Tree Shade Department Store was written on top of it.

“Tree Shade Departement Store is divided into 2 different parts. One is the goods area, the other is the equipment and props area. Which one do you guys want to go to first?”

Actually, Tang Yu was lazy and didn’t want to build 2 buildings as it will be moved to the future commercial district anyway.

Captain Chen hesitated. As a member of the spy department, although his salary couldn’t be compared to before the doomsday, his earnings were better than an ordinary survivor.

And The Tree Shade was just a small shelter. Even if their top brass was strong, the most they could do was to scavenge back some things from the wild. Not to mention, this is a supermarket, which means they would face a lot of people. Captain Chen was even less interested. Now that he thought about it, he was disguised as a wandering hunter. Aside from equipment, he must also buy some other supplies.

He had to check it out anyway, “Then, let’s go to the goods area first…”

Walking inside the Department Store, Captain Chen was astonished. The inside of the building was even more… exquisite than he had imagined. He was speechless. There were so many shelves filled with items on their corresponding categories. Such as daily necessities area, fresh vegetable area, drinks and snacks area, clothing area, and so on. Just like a supermarket before the doomsday.

Because it looked identical to the ones before the doomsday, he was even more speechless. During the doomsday, supplies were extremely scarce, but this supermarket was filled with so many goods. Even Lindong’s official supermarket only sold a few fresh vegetables. But here, he could find most vegetables and meats, even fruits!

“These… these…” He was speechless.

But Wang Zhou seemed to have accustomed to this kind of reaction, “That’s why we call this place a Department Store. Do you think that a place that doesn’t have a full range of goods can still be called a Department Store, hmm? I guarantee these fresh fruits and vegetables are of the highest quality. Would you like to buy some to try?”

The team was somewhat impressed. Fruits and vegetables were scarce in their ration. If there were any, it would be cherished. They only had them in a small amount from time to time. Looking at the fruits and vegetables on display, they were in a much better condition than what they could get in Lindong. They were fresh, like freshly picked and harvested.

Scanning the price tags, the Captain was stunned again. It wasn’t too expensive, but not that cheap either. 3 prices marked on it, contribution points, work points, and spirit stones. The first two prices were unclear to him, but a basket of fruit with only 1 spirit stone was a very good deal. Wouldn’t that mean most of the survivors in this shelter could eat fresh fruits and vegetables? Chen turned around in the department store. The meat, food, daily necessities, medicine, clothes, and everything else were sold at a fair price.

He asked Wang Zhou about the survivors’ average income in the shelter. He concluded that the Tree Shade Department Store was indeed a department store for the survivors. In other words… an ordinary survivor lived a more comfortable life than an officer like him. It’s just… Chen felt the words he wanted to say stuck in his throat.

A few moments later, the few people walked out of the goods area with one or two bags in their hands. They couldn’t buy much because it would be a hassle to carry on the way back. If they didn’t consider it, they would probably shop greedily. Chen had a complicated expression as he picked up a ripe red apple and bit into it. The sweet juice poured down his mouth. There was a kind of inexplicable pleasantness when he ate it.

Led by Wang Zhou, they walked through the door to the other part, the equipment, and the props area. Compared to the goods area, there were fewer shelves. Once they entered, there were rows of brand new guns hanging on the wall. Pistols, assault rifles, automatic rifles, and even light machine guns. From a glance, he was able to tell that these guns were of superior quality, not DIY guns or something.

Once again, Captain Chen was surprised. He didn’t know how many times he felt surprised after coming to this shelter. As a spy, he should maintain vigilance. However, right now, he just couldn’t help but express his human nature. He wasn’t sure if he should be happy or sad.

As he browsed the equipment, Wang Zhou began to act like a salesman again. “This is the firearms area. From pistols to heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, we have them all.

Captain Chen couldn’t help but asked, “Even sniper rifles and rocket launchers?” But he couldn’t find it inside the shelves of equipment.

“Yes, but…” Wang Zhou led them inside and eventually stopped at a shelf. “It’s here.”

“Why is the price tag only available at contribution points?”

“Because these are restricted weapons. Only members of our patrol teams and some special positions can buy them. How about it, brothers? Do you want to join our shelter? You’ll be guaranteed to get plenty of food!”

Captain Chen politely refused, he wasn’t interested in guns. “Most of us are still accustomed to using sharp weapons. I heard the sharp weapons from this shelter were incredibly amazing. That’s why we came here to take a look.”

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