My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 143


My doomsday Territory Chapter 143, The Client from The Creek Forest.

The goods in the props area were similarly placed on shelves.

“This side is the props area. There are… er… here…” 

Wang Zhou scratched his head, he didn’t know what was in here either. It wasn’t a small area like firearms, yet most of the shelves were empty. 

Captain Chen couldn’t figure out what exactly were props and for what purpose was that. He carefully observed. Occasionally, he could see one or two items. A crystal called Origin Crystal, a spherical item called Origin Quality Bombs. Yet all of these goods required contribution points to be exchanged. He was confused and asked Wang Zhou, but it seemed the guide was lost either.

He shook his head, turning at the corner to the sharp weapons area. He saw several people standing on the shelves in front of him, scrutinizing them. 

This was the busiest time for survivors, the vast majority of survivors had their own workload. Only a few people were in the goods area. In addition to the staff, Captain Chen could only see one or two survivors. Even less in the equipment and props area. It seemed only hunters came here?

But Wang Zhou seemed to be able to recognize the person coming inside. “Brother Li Tao! Bringing a team over to trade again this time?”

When Li Tao came over last time, he talked with the fat man and smiled, “I’m not the leader this time. Here, this is the Leader of our Creek Forest Shelter, Mr. Yang Yuanping.”

Yang Yuangping was in his early thirties, with a neat haircut and clean, neat outfit.

Last time, Li Tao bought a basic longsword and spoke in detail about what he had gathered in the Tree Shade Shelter, shocking Yang Huanping. Due to the demonic beast wave, their population dwindled, but their power dramatically increased. Except for spirit stones, they had lost most of their stuff. 

Nevertheless, Yang Yuanping was not frustrated. They conducted a test and determined that the longsword was worth the price. Thanks to the longsword, Li Tao, a Double Awakening Stage hunter, was able to confront a Triple Awakening Demonic Beast. In Yang Yuanping’s opinion, a few spirit stones were really cheap.

He had long wanted to come over personally, but, thinking about that matter, a trace of worry flashed across his face. This time, he also seized the opportunity to come out here only to purchase some weapons to enhance the strength of the Creek Forest Shelter. 

Having seen the shelter, he was even more surprised. “Tree Shade Shelter’s development is really fast! Li Tao just told me about this shelter, but just in a few days, the shelter had changed drastically. Even right now, they were building a commercial district. Only God knows how the shelter would look like in another month or two.”

He put down the 22-inch suitcase he had been holding. Opening the suitcase, it was filled with shining spirit stones.

“There are 4.000 units of spirit stones here. This time, we’d like to buy twenty basic longswords, 30 basic combat swords, and 50 basic combat uniforms. Please count the spirit stones here.”

The person in charge of the equipment and props area was a girl with freckles across her face. This girl was also the shelter’s early survivor. Now, she worked as a junior manager in the logistics department, in charge of selling goods in the equipment and props area. 

She nodded her head and ordered a staff member to bring a scanner. It looks similar to the barcode scanner used in supermarkets. But instead of scanning items, it could scan the energy contained in spirit stones. Kevin had made this device the other day. 

The staff member held the scanner, pointing its muzzle at the suitcase and scanned left and right around the suitcase.


A mechanical beep was heard, and the scanned numbers displayed on the screen.


Yang Yuanping’s mouth opened wide as the count was exactly the same. God knows how long they had been manually counting the spirit stones!

Chen, who had been ignored after Yang Yuanping took out a box of spirit stones, was no longer surprised. It was just a device to scan spirit stones. They’ve got that too at Lindong Shelter! They had approximately the same scanning efficiency, range, and accuracy. That’s just it. What’s so surprising about it? 

“These equipment cost 3.000 spirit stones, leaving 1.000 spirit stones. Do you need to purchase anything else?” The girl with freckles asked. 

Yang Yuanping swept his eyes over the shelves, “I’m not sure… Do you have any long guns here?” 

The girl shook her head, “Other than the equipment placed on the counter, the weapons can only be bought through custom order.” 

“Then… I wonder if I can customize a few lances with the remaining spirit stones?” 

She looked embarrassed, “For now, weapon customization is only open for patrol members…”

Yuan Ping was disappointed, “Isn’t there any other way?” 

“Well…” The freckles girl thought. After all, the people in front of her were their biggest customer yet. “Please wait for a moment while I inquire with my superiors.” She hurriedly left.

The others could only glance at the scene and thought they’d better take a look around the sharp weapon area. 

Yang Yuanping swept his gaze from one piece of weaponry to the next. Apart from long swords and combat knives, there were actually not many pieces of equipment in this area. Many of which could be purchased directly with spirit stones. Such as basic dagger, although it’s not suitable in combat against demonic beasts, it was normal. However… basic staff, basic hammer, what the hell?! 

The staff looked like a rather delicate twig, is it hard enough to knock a demonic beast? And the hammer, well, it’s just a hammer. However, it was a short and small hammer, not a suitable weapon that could be used in combat. 

The corner of his mouth twitched, “You even have such… weapons here, why don’t you have long guns?”

The staff thought about it and could only helplessly shake their heads. Indicating that they didn’t know. 

Yang Yuanping continued to look again, “Basic muskets, swift revolvers… shouldn’t these be in the firearms area? Why did you put it in the sharp weapon area?”

The staff member thought for a while, he thought really hard to the point he wanted to cry. And finally could only conclude. “That… I don’t know…”

He was just in charge of running errands and counting the equipment stocks. You’d have to ask the salesman about the question!

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