My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 144


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 144, It Only Takes 3 Minutes.

It wasn’t long before the freckled girl returned. Everyone looked at her and couldn’t help but stare at the person behind her.

A girl with long, sky blue hair draped over her shoulders. Her bright eyes glimmered as if there’s clear spring water flowed inside her eyes. She wore a dark blue-rimmed robe. Her face was light and elegant. Walking elegantly like a gazelle, step by step, yet the crowd felt a cold wind blowing as if the temperature around her suddenly dropped a few degrees.

Yang Yuanping’s eyes shrank. She didn’t have a strong aura. Yet years of martial arts practice told him that this person was dangerous, extremely dangerous! Even though he was a Fourth Awakening Stage hunter, he won’t be able to survive two attacks from the girl. This feeling was comical, mainly because the girl looked soft and delicate, the complete opposite of strength. Yet, his back was already drenched with cold sweats. He forced himself to calm down.

Through the freckled girl’s introduction, he knew that the blue-haired girl was the head of the shelter’s Logistics Department, the true higher-ups of the Tree Shade Shelter. He was even more convinced that the girl was a super expert who hid her strength. Indeed, the Tree Shade Shelter’s power had long exceeded their Creek Forest shelter. Yang Yuanping cast away the thought and began inquiring about the weapon customization.

“Weapon customization is a benefit that only belongs to the patrol members, but…” Elaine paused.

“The Lord was preparing to develop a commercial district, right now, it was a good opportunity to promote it.”

They had 4.000 spirit stones in this transaction, although that amount was nothing for the current territory, but it was an excellent start. A large transaction could have thousands of spirit stones or ten times higher. If they can attract surrounding shelters, they will all come here to conduct transactions. The territory’s income can at least increase by another level.

“My Lord said not to miss any business opportunity.”

Logistics Master Elaine.

Of course, they won’t sell higher-level weapons such as the Swift Revolvers. The reason why they limited weapon customization to themselves was that it’s simply too troublesome. It required blueprints modification, which required both cost and time.

“After all, you’ve reached the transaction limit. So I can make an exception this time and offer you a chance for weapon customization.”

“Then… I would like to order some long spears. I wonder how many long spears I can have with the remaining 1.000 spirit stones?” Yang Yuanping was eager.

Elaine stroked her chin and thought, “For custom equipment, you need to submit it to the Equipment Department to assess the price according to your requirements. Also, if it is too complicated, we will not accept it.”

“It’s nothing complicated, just a basic long spear.”

“Then, please follow me to the Equipment Department.”

Yang Yuanping, along with the people from the Creek Forest, hurriedly followed the girl. Captain Chen thought about it and chose to follow along.

Wang Zhou was stunned, “Hey! Where’d my clients go? They haven’t even bought anything!” He also hurried to catch up.


Located at the west end of the Villa Area, the Equipment Department building was a hemispherical building in a remote area with the mountain cliff in the background. From the outside, a noisy rumbling noise could be heard.

“Xiao Li, bring me a #5 rune pen, hurry up!”   

“Xiao Huang, move this pile of iron to the compressor.”

“Xiao Li, press the No. 3 switch… Now press the No. 5 switch. Great, close the blue valve.”

“Xiao Huang, turn on the upper switch and turn off the lower one…”

The Equipment Department was like a machine workshop, filled with all sorts of equipment. Of course, they were all rune equipment.

Kevin had nothing on him when he came into this world. But as an Equipment Master, as long as he had the materials, he could make new tools in his workshop in just a few minutes. Legend said that an Equipment Master could make anything with their bare hands as long as they have enough materials and time.

Apart from the building built by Tang Yu, the rest of the machine and tools were made by Kevin himself. It was the workshop’s appearance. Aside from the noisy sound, there was nothing wrong with it.

At this moment, an equipment was freshly taken out from the oven. Kevin had his long beard on the back of his neck. He stared at the equipment in front of him with a concentrated look, holding a No. 2 B-type rune pen in his hand and was fine-tuning the runes engraved on the shield.

As a MasterEquipment maker, Kevin had his own set of workflows. First, he would design the equipment blueprints, then he would manufacture the equipment samples, then he would debug and test them to find out the best data, and finally, he would, in turn, improve the blueprints in order to achieve the optimal effect.

The equipment production heavily relies on the various devices inside the Equipment Department. Kevin only needed to control the overall situation. The era of manual iron forging equipment was long gone. Only the final rune debugging stage required his handworks.

This was his pride as an Advanced Rune Master. Relying on his skills to adjust the runes so he could have the most in-depth understanding of the runes’ effects. Kevin quickly put away the rune pen and nodded his head in satisfaction. Although it was only level 2 rune equipment, it was among the top of its level. That’s why he put a lot of effort into it.

Only then, he found Elaine, and several people stood outside the door. He opened the door and didn’t forget to instruct his two assistants to send the shield for the last inspection process. “Minister Elaine, is there something I can help you with?”

Elaine said her intention. Kevin glanced at Yang Yuanping, “What kind of long spear do you want? What type, length, weight…”

Without hesitating, Yang Yuanping told Kevin what he wanted. And asked, “Master, I wonder how long it would take to manufacture such an equipment? Can you do it in one day?”

He could only stay in the Tree Shade Shelter for a day at most. If it took several days to create a custom weapon, then he would have to endure it. After all, it’s a weapon. Although it looks ordinary, it would be complicated to make it. Yang Yanping wasn’t sure how much time it would take, surely won’t be that short.

Hearing this, the white-bearded Master laughed in a mocking tone, “One day? Boy, are you underestimating me? For a piece of ordinary weapon, it only takes 3 minutes!”

“Three… three minutes? That’s so fast!”

Kevin didn’t bother to answer. He asked Xiao Li to bring his tools, stroke on the paper, and drew a blueprint. He wandered around the dragon, eloquently, and a long spear leaped on the paper.

The blueprint was not like a painter’s drawing. The long spear was divided into several sections, with key parts marked with data and some parts enlarged to engrave runes. Kevin didn’t even hide his talent when drawing the blueprint.

Yang Yuanping stared at him with wide eyes. It felt like he was drawing an abstract painting. The other people around him also stared in puzzlement. Such an intricate blueprint masterpiece was just drawn in a minute! Although they didn’t know how they knew he was powerful!

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