My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 145


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 145, As For The Production.

The blueprint was complete, and Kevin immediately put it into the scanner. He calmly ordered Li to carry the material, and then commanded Huang to control the switch. Soon, at the manufacturing device’s exit, a long black spear came out of the furnace with a ‘bang’.

After getting Kevin’s approval, Yang Yuanping hurriedly went forward to touch it. A little hot, but it didn’t matter, he was eager to try the long spear. At first glance, this long spear looked black and ordinary, nothing special. However, holding it in his hands, he could feel the spear’s weight and was overjoyed with it.

“Master, may I go outside and try it out?”

“Yes, yes. Go ahead, and don’t interrupt my work. Oh yeah, how many spirit stones did this kid bring over to customize his weapon?” Kevin waved his hand and suddenly asked Elaine next to him.

“…A thousand?”

“If I remember correctly, the Lord said I can get half from the blueprints’ cost. And for the manufacturing cost, I get a 30% share.”

3 minutes to earn that much spirit stones? 

Kevin rubbed his hands in excitement. Looking at Yang Yuanping again, his gaze softened. It’s a pity their customer only had the last 1.000 spirit stones left from all their spirit stones they brought this time. Such a bully, he must not let them go next time.


Outside the Equipment Department, at a construction site. Yang Yuanping held the spear with both of his hands. The black spear danced in his hand like a spirit snake. Whooshing wind every time he moved it. Yang Yuanping waved it very cheerfully, he hadn’t been so happy in a long time.

He started to practice his spear skill at a young age. He had already incorporated the skill into the memory of every cell in his body. The material of an ordinary long spear won’t be able to withstand his full strength just for daily practice, not to mention in dealing with demonic beasts. On the contrary, this ordinary long spear manufactured in only less than three minutes gave him a feeling that he could freely fight with demonic beasts. This is the power of the Master of the Tree Shade Shelter! Yang Yuanping thought complexly. 


He pierced the air with his spear.

The tip of the spear resting steadily a foot from the ground. The energy swinging out from the tip of the spear exploded the stone pointed by the tip of the spear nearby. Gravel flew everywhere. 

“Good spear! No… excellent spear!” 

Post-apocalyptic transactions were straightforward, and there was no such thing as staying for a meal after a deal was made. Yang Yuanping and the others hurriedly left the Tree Shade Shelter with the few boxes of equipment they had purchased. Captain Chen and his team also felt they had gathered enough information. After purchasing some more manufactured equipment, they also left the shelter. Their figures disappear into the wilderness. 


In the Hillside Square, Tang Yu leaned his hands on the guardrail. In his mind, several dots were leaving from the territory range. 

“What did they buy?”

The short and fat Wang Zhou standing beside him thought, “2 basic longswords, 3 combat swords. Oh right, they also bought some fruit. Apples, bananas, and two oranges. And they also bought… uh, an Old Godmother.” *(Tl’s note: Lao Gan Ma or Old Godmother: a brand of popular chili sauce.)

“Leader, is there something wrong with those people? Are they spies?” Wang Zhou wasn’t sure before, and nonsense was something he had used to hear. But this time, he immediately reacted. 

“That’s right. They’re spies.”

“Then why didn’t you catch them? Oh, I see… You want to do it outside the shelter, so there’s no ruckus over it?” Wang Zhou started blabbering, speaking hundreds of words at once for no reason. 3.000 words for the process, 5.000 words for the scenario.

“No, they’ve gone far.”

“…scared?” Wang Zhou was puzzled. 

However, Tang Yu fell into deep contemplation. At first, he wasn’t sure about those military hunters. Unlike the investigation teams Lin Wei had sent, these hunters were marked with yellow dots, instead of red. He guessed that it might be because they had a different purpose. Although they were equally looking for information, the military hunters’ sole purpose was to understand the Tree Shade Shelter. However, the team sent by Lin Wei, from the very beginning, had treated Tree Shade Shelter as an enemy. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that he felt suspicious and observed them from the crystal ball, he wouldn’t have known they were manpower sent by the military. What Captain Chen had seen and heard were all already arranged by Tang Yu. He had no plans to hide his strength. It’s true, the shelter had developed rapidly. Some things, like the rune equipment, could easily attract others’ attention. 

More or less, he wanted to show some of his strength. If he pretended to be a weak man, the weaker he looked, the more greed would arouse from the others.

In the doomsday, a strong man with a handful of spirit stones would be envied and admired by others. But an ordinary person with a lot of spirit stones would definitely make others jealous and greedy. Hence, displaying strength would save him a lot of troubles. 

Go ahead and hate him, Lord Tang won’t bother to care. If they hate him, they would have to spend a lot of spirit stones like Lin Wei. 

For now? He’d better be a pacifist! 

At least for now, there’s no conflict between him and Lindong. 


Lindong Shelter.

The streets were still full of people passing by. As time passed, the Lindong construction began to become more perfect and neat. 

Chen and his team rushed back to Lindong with no rest and immediately reported the news. 

A few minutes later. In a small conference room, Lu Jianjun and a few officers listened to the team’s report. 

“…From this point of view, the Tree Shade Shelter had fulfilled its duties as a shelter should.” One of the staff officers said, “And the shelter’s influence had spread so quickly that the Creek Forest Shelter leader had personally come over to buy some equipment himself?” 

Creek Forest Shelter was considered quite strong among the small shelters in that area. The fact that the Leader himself personally went to purchase equipment could tell how close their relationship was. 

At this time, Captain Chen brought out the purchased weapons. An officer took a look and nodded at Lu Jianjun, “It’s true. This is the same Demon Slayer Sword that the Lindong mercenaries had gone crazy for.” 

He glanced at Captain Chen again, “According to your estimation, how many weapons like this did they have? And how much did they produce?” 

“They should have quite a lot.”

“A lot? A dozen? Hundreds?” 

“No, I think there’s more.” Chen thought, “There were more than a dozen of it on the Equipment Supermarket shelves. And that was just one type of weapon. While there were other weapons available, nearly ten types of it…”

“Moreover, the Creek Forest Shelter bought dozens of weapons at once. The supermarket’s employees agreed to do so with no hesitation. So it’s clear that they have more of them in stock.”

 “As for the production…”

Captain Chen recalled the scene he had seen in the Equipment Department earlier. That white-bearded old man created a piece of equipment with the same quality as the Demon Slayer Sword in just 3 minutes. So in one hour, he could produce 20 similar pieces of equipment? What about a day? 

Just thinking about it made him shivered.

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