My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 146


My doomsday Territory Chapter 146, The Contained City Calamity – Pt. 1.

“How could it be so fast! The Academy of Science can’t even produce that amount in a day as they can in an hour! Not to mention the gap in quality!!” An officer’s eyes squinted, “They must have some kind of secrets to do this. I think we should find out what it was, even if it’s meant by force!” 

“By force? Have you forgotten about their strength? And don’t forget, we’re this country’s military!” Another person had a different reaction. 

“Well, if the Academy of Sciences had their production secret, it won’t be long until the army popularized the equipment. Don’t you want that too?” 

“So what? We can’t just break some boundaries…” 

Both sides were sticking at their argument. Both sides had a point. Seeing that there was a tendency for a quarrel in the conference room, Lu Jianjun slammed at the table. “Yes! We have to find a way to get our hands on Rune Equipment Technology. But there’s no need to take it by force.” 

If he said he didn’t want the technology, he would be lying to himself. If the hunters in the army were armed with rune equipment, their combat powers would rise to at least 2 levels. Not to mention that as a new field, the rune technology would definitely have a lot of room for development in the future. He had already sent some people to investigate after the Demon Slayer Longsword came out on the Black Market. But he couldn’t get any news from it. If it wasn’t for the ruckus made by Lin Wei this time, he probably wouldn’t even notice the Tree Shade Shelter so early. 

“The people of the Tree Shade Shelter have already sold a batch of rune equipment to the Academy Sciences earlier. Also, they had exchanged the technology to some exchange. So we have to respect their attitude and obtain the rune technology in the form of trade. I believe we can also come up with trade goods that they needed the most…” 

They must master rune technology. If the Tree Shade Shelter was weak, his attitude would be different. There was never an equal conversation between the strong and the weak. Although Lu Jianjun wasn’t going to do something evil, he would definitely pressure the Tree Shade to get the rune technology into his hands. At most, he would give them some compensation. But right now, he had considered the person in charge of the Tree Shade Shelter on the same level. 

“However…” Lu Jianjun pondered, “Their power is too strong, and their influence is growing. We must get the equipment from them first-hand.” 

The head of the Intelligence Department immediately spoke up, “Chief, don’t worry about that. Leave it to us, I will dispatch a few men to monitor the shelter’s development up close.”

“There’s no need to. The Tree Shade Shelter is building a commercial district.” 

The rest of the questions were addressed to Captain Chen. 

Chen nodded, “From their plan, it’s not a small commercial district.” 

“In that case, let’s send someone to buy a shop in the commercial district. It can serve as surveillance on Tree Shade and also can be considered as a source of extra income. If I’m not mistaken, in order to supply the research and manufacture of the rune equipment, their spirit stones must be running low.”  


In another area, far away from Lindong. 

The ground surface was dry and cracked, even the plantation died. All that could be seen was the yellowish earth. A gust of wind rolled by, raising dust in the sky. At the horizon, a black beast looks hovering. But at a closer look, it was a majestic city wall made of concrete. 15 meters tall, firmly defending the shelter at the rear. 

At this moment, the city wall was filled with gunfire. Accompanied by the sound of endless alarms. Below, a raging demonic wave had reached the bottom of the city wall. The soldiers standing above the wall could see their hideous forms of the demonic beasts. The soldiers controlling heavy machine guns didn’t even need to aim. They just randomly shoot at the herd of demonic beasts, killing some weaker beasts.

Strong demonic beasts leapt on top of the wall but were quickly taken care of by the powerful hunters who stood by on the wall. The rear part of the city was filled with cannonball explosions that landed in the wave of demonic beast, clearing a large patch among the herd.

“Why did these demonic beasts never stopped attacking?” Lin Yanrong, a soldier in charge of defending the city, casually chatted with his companion. He was a newly recruited soldier after the doomsday. But right now, there was no fear on his face. It was because he had encountered countless demonic beasts during the past months. At first, he was panicked, but soon he realized. With the high wall guarding them, the demonic wave wasn’t much of a threat.

“We’re lucky to be in such a large shelter, so the demonic beast wave wasn’t much of a threat. But for small shelters, they would most likely get wiped out when encountering this kind of demonic wave.”

“That’s right!” His companion nodded. “But I won’t say the waves aren’t a threat. Because this time, we’ve only encountered ordinary First Awakening Stage demonic beasts. They said the Fifth Awakening Stage demonic beast could easily trample an entire city. If we didn’t deal with it carefully, even large shelters would be vulnerable for extermination.”

“Don’t worry.” Lin Yarong was careless, “We can’t just encounter demonic waves so easily. Also, the top brass had already prepared a strategy to deal with it. Haven’t you seen the weapons? There’s a rumor that the military’s superweapon was developed to deal with a city-trampling demonic beast.”

“I’m not worried anymore. Every day we defend the city and kill demonic beasts. It’s boring, but it’s better because we’re safe.”

At this time, most of the demonic beasts below the city wall had already been killed. Lin Yanrong moved his sore arms to rub his eyes, “Do you feel it’s foggy?” 

His companion was stunned. “Yeah, it seems foggy.” 

He didn’t look outside the city but inside the city. This fog seemed to be originating from within the shelter. They weren’t just the only ones noticed. Other soldiers guarding the city were also looking towards the city, feeling the fog was getting thicker. 

“Hey… why does the fog look a bit red?” Lin Yanrong muttered. 

“A bit red?” His companion noticed the colorless fog had gradually dyed with a pale red tint. Feeling something familiar, he thought briefly and was shocked, “Red fog!” 

Lin Yanrong was stunned. He remembered the red fog that came together with the beginning of the doomsday. His mind went blank. 


There was a sudden sound like glass breaking. As if some barrier had been broken through. 

The pale red fog suddenly turned into bloody red in the blink of an eye. It’s just like the beginning of the doomsday, where the fog suddenly appeared! 

Suddenly, a deafening rumbling sound came from somewhere within the city. 

The soldiers defending the city couldn’t help but look in the direction and were stunned.

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