My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 148


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 148, Mourn.

Machine guns were roaring in their ears, and shells were swooshing overhead from time to time. Luo Gang coordinated the overall situation and commanded the soldiers.

“Very well. The 1st Battalion advanced to the Xincheng block, 2nd Battalion and 3rd Battalion advanced to the Luohu block. Make sure to drift the demonic beasts back to the Abyssal Rift!” 

This time, the Crack of the Abyss’ appearance was utterly unpredictable. More than half of the shelter area was damaged, and countless survivors were killed or injured. Luo Gang was heartbroken at the thought that countless survivors died in the other area that didn’t have the army’s support in these very seconds. But he understood the priorities. If he couldn’t stop the demonic beast from pouring out of the Crack of the Abyss, not just the other area, but the entire shelter would be destroyed.

“If we can encircle the Crack of the Abyss just like what Lindong once did…”


A purple beam of light shot out from a distance and landed on a tank. In the next second, the tank was pierced by the beam and burst into flames. Luo Gang’s expression changed. Before he could even speak, another countless purple beam of light shot out from the demonic beast herd. They never lost a battle with the tank as their backbone. But now, they have lost. If this continued, the entire frontline would collapse. 

“Artillery team, locate the coordinates and bombard!”

Numerous shells fell, erupting blazing fire, and rumbling sounds were heard. As the smoke and dust dissipated gradually, Luo Gang’s eyes scanned over the area. Around the landing point of the shells, ordinary demonic beasts were already dead and injured. However, at the very center, under the shroud of a purple crystal wall, more than a dozen eyeball-shaped demonic beasts were unharmed. The purple crystal wall flickered a few times and gradually disappeared. 

From the dozen evil eyes, 2 larger eyeballs with red legs stood out—purple light flickering in their eyes. A few moments later, they condensed energy in front of them and shot out a thick beam of light, illuminating the earth and sky with a dazzling purple hue. Wherever the light beams passed, tanks, soldiers, hunters, demonic beasts, the buildings were all vaporized without exception. Only a deep furrow in the ground remained. As well as the gaping hole in the army square that was penetrated by the beam of light, making it clear that all of this was not an illusion.

The wind blew past a soldier who had only joined the army after the doomsday. Staring blankly at the pit in front of him where his comrades just stood there, just now. He was stunned. Eventually, his expression changed. He screamed, threw down his weapon, and fled like a mad lad. 

On the other side of the team, Luo Gang was also startled. If he stood in the center of the team, he wouldn’t be spared. This power was too terrifying! 

Luo Gang looked at the distance. The larger evil eye now looked a bit dispirited. However, he didn’t dare to think that the enemy had run out of their strength or not. The entire army would have collapsed if they attacked with it again, maybe 1 or 2 times. Not only they couldn’t resist the demonic beast, but the survivors would be annihilated, none of them would be able to escape alive. 

Without his command, the personnel controlling the artillery at the rear immediately reloaded the muzzle with shells and shot it out of fear. Luo Gang’s eyes widened. 

When the smoke and dust cleared, what appeared before their eyes were the same purple spherical crystal walls, firmly protecting the dozens of evil eyes within it. The artillery fire couldn’t even touch them.

With eyes as sharp as an eagle’s, an angular young man looked at the evil eye in the distance and said, “Chief, let me take someone with me.”

He was the head of the Hunter Regiment, the strongest hunter in the entire shelter!

However, Luo Gang immediately rebuffed, “No! Based on their attack just now, that demonic beast has the strength of at least the Tenth Awakening Stage. You’ll only…”

The young leader looked excited, “Those eyeballs are long-range type demonic beasts. If we can get close enough, we have a good chance of killing them! Chief, this is the only way, if we delay any longer, our brothers won’t last!”

Luo Gang was startled, looking at the young man’s face in front of him. His name was Qin Yu, he just turned 20 this year.

He remembered the smile that overflowed on his face when he first joined the army. And also remembered his crazy appearance of fighting with the demonic beasts at the beginning of the doomsday. He also remembered when the Hunter Regiments was established. Qin Yu stood on the stage and swore loudly that he would kill every demonic beasts for the rest of his life in honor of their fallen comrades. 

He already knew what the outcome of this battle would be if things went wrong. Guns and artillery fire were ringing in his ears. In front of him, countless demonic beasts roared as the army troops were forced to retreat. Every second, countless people were dying from the demonic beasts’ attack.

Luo Gang’s throat squirmed. Eventually, let out a choked word, “…alright.”

“I promise I will accomplish this mission!” Qin Yu saluted and turned to leave just like the usual norms. But this time, it’s a bit different.

The sound of flying shells once again cut through the skies. This time, the shells did not fall on the evil eye. But landed in front, on the dense herd of demonic beasts. The wave of the demonic beast was blasted into bloody pieces. 


Qin Yu took the lead and shot out like a cannonball, holding a battle knife made of extraordinary metal. Slicing demonic beasts into two wherever he went. Covering each other, the elite squad composed of many experts broke into the demonic tide. Like an arrow, shot through the dense demonic beasts.

The evil eyes also noticed them. The leading evil eye was still dispirited, but the other evil eyes were shooting out purple beams of light. 

“Kill them!!” 

A flame-control hunter shouted, setting his body ablaze with his ability. He flung his arms to the front, turning the ground into a sea of fire. The purple beam pierced his body, but he didn’t falter. The fire temperature rises, the colors burn even brighter. Wrapped in the sea of fires, he leaped towards the demonic beast wave like a giant fireball.

“Captain… sorry… I’ll leave the rest to you…”


The ground turned into hot magma and killed the demonic beast.

Qin Yu tried his best to hold his tears, the battle had just begun. It’s not time to grief the dead yet. His body moved like a hurricane, rolling up countless pieces of demonic beasts flesh. He finally arrived in front of the group of Evil Eyes, the dazzling white luster on his blade blossomed. 


Like the screeching sound of steel rubbing against steel, his blade slashed down, the purple crystal wall burst open, an ordinary Evil Eye died in an instant. Qin Yu didn’t stop. He looked for the largest evil eye, the fury in his eyes became even stronger. He appeared in front of the largest evil eye and slashed down!

Woosh! Boom! 

The white blade and the purple crystal wall touched. But this time, it didn’t shatter. Instead, he was bounced back from the impact. Qin Yu’s expression remained unchanged, his fury was growing larger. Holding the blade with both of his hands, his figure turned into a shadow. Hurricane winds swirled on the ground as the shadow of the blade danced. The ground was crisscrossed with slashes. 

Slash slash slash! 

Qin Yu’s blade cut down from every angle. But no matter where it landed, a large purple crystal barrier emerged, steadily blocking his blade. 

Suddenly, a thin, tiny purple beam shot out from the eyeball. 


The world turned silent for a moment. Qin Yu, whose movement was so fast that he only left afterimages, paused and couldn’t help but fall backward. Lowering his head, he found that his heart had been pierced. 

Gurgling blood, dark crimson liquid spilled from his mouth. As if the Evil Eye was mocking him, scowling at him, he was enraged. It was as if time ticked slowly. As the sound around him fading away, along with those familiar cries that would sleep together in his heart.

Qin Yu, however, smiled. 

With the last of his strength, he pulled the switch on his body. His clothes tattered into strips of clothes slowly drifted in the wind. Revealing inside, tied to his waist, a circle of bombs made of spirit stones. 

The stones blossomed with brilliant white light. 


As if the world lost its color, illuminated by the dazzling light, burning the ground. 

There was a voice…

I… keep my promise…

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