My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 15


Chapter 15 – Outsiders (Part 2)

Tang Yu no idea that the system also has this function.

However, now’s not the time to question it.

Tang Yu opened the system panel and found a more detailed information in the log.

He saw the names of the two survivors in danger and reminiscing that the two men was being sent to the eastern part of the resort to gather supplies.

But now they’re in danger?

The system provided no more details.

Tang Yu had tried to ask the system but it only repeatedly gave those words as an answer.

He also speculated that it wasn’t an encounter with a demonic beast since they had cleared out demonic beast from the resort area. If it were a demonic beast, those two would had already died and there wouldn’t be a danger notice. It’s obviously they were either injured or captured.

Tang Yu hurriedly left a message for Elaine and Roger and set off immediately after summoned No. 2.


Han Jing led the team to the resort villa area, and he found some traces of human activities along the way.

He didn’t completely believe in Wang Zhou’s word. His boss didn’t just entrust this task because he was the most powerful hunter, but because he had worked for him for many years and gained complete trust. Therefore, Han Jing was very cautious. He had to eliminate all factors that might interfere with the mission.

During his observation, Han Jing sneered.

There were many demonic beast carcasses in the resort area. Many of them were the ones from the previous demonic wave that attacked the shelter. But Han Jing observed carefully and noticed some of the demonic beasts were still fresh like they were only recently killed. It was not from the demonic wave.

On the contrary from Wang Zhou’s claim, this meant that there’s a hunter among the remaining survivors. Perhaps they were currently trying to save them.

Han Jing found this idea amusing.

In his team, there were two other triple awakening and five double awakening hunters. In addition, they had guns and ammo, even weapons with lethal firepower. It’s no exaggeration to say his elite team could wipe out the entire remaining survivors.

This was the gap between the strong and the weak. Ordinary survivors could never understand.

“But that’s fine. It will save us some times if those survivors attack us first. We cannot afford to fail this mission. Anyone who might leak the information will be a dead meat.”

From the very beginning, Han Jing already sentenced these survivors to death. Even if they knew nothing of the spirit stone mine. Unfortunately their actions had to remain as secret as it was too close to the spirit stone mine. In order to prevent those survivors from discovering the mine, he had to kill them all. These survivors could only lament on their bad luck.

He glanced at Wang Tai who was leading the way, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Captain Han, the villa area is in front of us. It’s the center of the resort. We have not met other survivors along the way so it’s likely that the rest of them are inside.”

Wang Tai didn’t know what Han Jing thought yet.

He just thought about getting his secret stash of spirit stones back. And after this trip, he could weave a relationship with the big boss in Lindong.

Han Jing responded lightly and took the lead, his body suddenly tensed with caution.

Two figures with sunlight shining on their back stood halfway up the mountain and looking at them coldly.

Han Jing smiled.

He believed these survivors valued themselves too high.

There was only one hunter.

Would they be scared if they could feel his aura?

“Captain, looking at the way the dressed, they think they were superheroes.”

Behind him, a team member laughed and mocked.

Han Jing also felt disdain. These two figures on the mountainside, a man and a woman, one in a combat suit and one in a robe, were looking flashy and bright. Did they really think pretty clothes would help them?

A real good equipment was all about practicality.

He wore a gray combat uniform including combat vest, arm guards, boots, helmet, leg guard, and several other gears might look inconspicuous. But it’s a masterpiece from Lindong shelter’s technology.

This was the real life saving equipment! Not just some pretty costumes!

Han Jing waved his hand, “Squad one, charge forward and capture those two.”

Several hunters moved forward and sprinted.

The distance was nothing for a hunter.

On the mountain side, standing on a field of grass.

Tang Yu gently shook his head, signaling Elaine not to attack first.

The hunters were getting closer.

From their perspective, the two of them looked like a sack of meat, ready to be pounced.

But was that true?

Tang Yu smiled.

He naturally also noticed the team underneath them, they weren’t easy to provoke.

Both the auras and the numbers were exceptionally strong. They might be the strongest hunter team he had seen since the doomsday.

Perhaps this group of people had come from an extraordinary place.

Or perhaps they had another motives.

It didn’t matter now. What’s more important was that he had seen their two ‘leaders’ and it didn’t look like they’re strong.

Han Jing observed Tang Yu carefully.

At this time, squad one had already closed two-thirds of the distance and the two figures were still foolishly standing there. Neither of them were attacking or running.

were they scared?

Or desperate?


A building on their right side exploded. Among the flying debris and materials, a figure jumped out.

The figure was extremely fast. The nearest group of men whose attention was still on the mountainside couldn’t react when they were hit. The person flew out, blood scattered from his chest as he fell.

Han Jing was stunned.

He was the strongest and fastest, but his eyes couldn’t’ follow.

This figure was too fast! He only vaguely saw the figure wearing blue and white armor.

was that even an armor?

Han Jing doubted his sight.

The figure rammed in a straight line, and two of his member who were guarding the two survivors suddenly flew out.

This time he could see clearly. It was a man wearing armor of blue and white. The man danced with his spear, and the rope that bind the two survivors were severed, but they weren’t harmed.

He was a master.

Han Jing instantly made a judgement.

No wonder the survivors had confidence. He had no plan to fight with such a powerful master. But he was a human, no matter how strong he was, he still couldn’t dodge gunfire. Perhaps this man could dodge a small number of bullets, but once the bombardment had start, there wouldn’t be any threats left. Aside from the two ordinary survivors on his side.

This was his most anticipated scene, when someone was about to succeed but suddenly fell into the abyss.


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