My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 150


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 150, This Was by No Means A Mistake.

Topic by topic was reported in an orderly manner.

The old man in the first seat led the meeting. Still calm and full energy, his gaze swept over the people in the room. “Now, the last topic. Regarding the army restructuring project and the establishment of the Ancestral Dragon.”

“As we all know, the demonic beasts emerging from the Crack of the Abyss were getting more powerful. And our army wasn’t formed to deal with demonic beasts. Killing demonic beasts with firearms is no longer effective. So developing new weapons, especially rune weapons, is imminent.”

“But that’s not enough. The world has changed. Back then, ancient war relied on numbers, modern wards rely on advanced equipment. But now, yes, equipment is important, but it’s only auxiliary. The most important thing is still human, hunters!”

“Hunters had endless possibilities. As far as we know, there are 13 stages in the Awakening Order that were divided into three evolutionary processes of Foundation, Shaping, and Condensation of the Power Source. Hunters who had condensed their Ocean of Source Qi will be able to wreak havoc on entire army troops. It’s clear that the hunters’ role will become more and more significant as time goes on.”

“Therefore, I propose we form an Ancestral Dragon Force with hunters as the army. And the original army would be used guard shelters and certain tasks. Any objections?”

There was a moment of silence.




The old man looked solemn. “After the Force was established, the first thing we should do is to let hunters know how to cultivate their power. We have some army hunters who had tried to cultivate, and the results exceeded our expectations. After joining the Ancestral Dragons, the hunters will be taught about the cultivation method.”

There were many legends about cultivators that ordinary people had heard and mocked. But the old man knew, some legends and myths are based on truth, they weren’t just empty words. Cultivators exist. So was martial arts and monasticism. But the cultivators before the doomsday weren’t as powerful as the legends say. And most cultivation methods were extremely difficult to learn. After they finish cultivating, they can’t tell other people about it. As if something restricted them. Even a true martial arts master before the doomsday, a cultivator, was far beneath the one-man army. At best, he could only deal with an elite squad.

This was the reason why trouble was rarely heard before the doomsday, even among martial arts practice. A chivalrous man would have to break the rules if he performed his martial arts. Basically, that would be a crime. If he’s not careful, he can shoot GG if he’s prodded a few times. 

However, it’s different after the doomsday! The Earth changed, making the Source Qi flourish, everything was renewed. The true cultivation techniques gradually began to reveal their due power.

The old man looked at the ‘young man’ in his early thirties with silvery-white hair on his side. His name was Meng Jingran. He seemed like a young man, but his real age was not younger than the first seat old man. He was a true martial arts master. After the doomsday, Master Meng’s strength progressed further. Even the elite hunters in the army couldn’t match his power.

The old man deeply understood it was thanks to the cultivation methods. Naturally, he also knew that Meng Jingran’s strength could advance rapidly because of his decades of cultivation efforts. It was unrealistic to expect the hunters from the army to reach his level. But as long as the military hunters were taught about the cultivation methods, the military’s overall power would exponentially increase.


The Territory, somewhere in the Eastern Resort Villa area.

The area had been divided into patrols training ground and weapons and equipment testing ground.

At this time, Tang Yu had no idea a crisis was happening in the far north. But he was also staring at a chariot in front of him with the length of an ordinary car, but with a slightly narrower body.

This was the newly released Floating Chariot, the semi-finished product. Unlike most equipment crafting, the Floating Chariot crafting could be done in one go or parts and then assembled them together. Naturally, it would be easier to craft it in one go, but he still lacked some of the key materials needed to craft it. So, he put aside the parts that were still missing some key materials and crafts the other parts.

The semi-finished Floating Chariot in front of him lacked the most crucial floating function. But if he ignored that, the Chariot was equipped with three pairs of strong tires, strong enough to run normally on land.

“It’s just the floating function was the highlight of this Chariot. There were many high-risk danger zones on the way from Lindong to Luoxia. To avoid it, we need to take a long detour. But we have to pass on complicated terrains. Without the floating function, we can’t pass most terrains. Not to mention it consumes time…”

“Aside from the danger level, rushing to Luoxia by foot will take months. Even without the floating function, using the Chariot will be faster. Maybe in half a month. But if I use the fully finished Floating Chariot, it would only take a couple of days to get there.”

Tang Yu pondered. He saw Kevin was leaning towards the Floating Chariot. His eyes sparkled, fingers gently stroking the Chariot’s body. As if he was stroking a woman. He didn’t even care that his long white beard was dragging on the ground, stained with brown dirt.

“Wonderful, wonderful! Truly wonderful!”

Kevin muttered to himself, “I never thought that the Energy Resistance Rune and the Concentration Rune could be nested together in such a structure! Why couldn’t I think that way? What am I doing in the past 10 years?!”

“There’s also this Defense rune that can be improved like this, inscribed on the chariot armor. Completely making use of the armor’s original engravings. Although these runes aren’t advanced runes, this design effort is really too subtle!”

Kevin touched the front, body, and wheels of the car, even after a full turn, he almost got under the car.

Tang Yu’s face was filled with black lines, and couldn’t stand it anymore. He couldn’t help but cough. “Ahem, Master Kevin, if you want to study it, I can lend you later. But for now, you should test the Chariot’s performance first.”

Kevin flustered with a dry laugh, “My Lord is right. This old man was too eager to see such a wonderful thing! It should be studied and tested slowly.” He took out a measuring device and collected various data on the floating Chariot.

Tang Yu asked Shay to try driving again. The floating Chariot moved forward in the test field, turning, drifting, and opening all acceleration runes. Then, the floating Chariot crashed into the mountain cliff with a bang.

Kevin: “……..”

Tang Yu: “……..”

The debris crumbled away, burying the Chariot in it.

Shay opened the door, kicking away the debris around the Chariot and patting the dust off of it. He looked a little embarrassed, but then he saw that the floating Chariot itself was unharmed. His eyes brightened, he couldn’t help but touch his head. “Ah, yes. This was a test to try the Chariot’s impact resistance. It’s definitely not an operational error. How could I, a renowned driver from Qiu Ming Mountain, would make such a low-level mistake?”

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