My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 151


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 151, Combat Puppet.

After crashing the Chariot and testing it a few times, Tang Yu determined that the Floating Chariot’s performance was excellent. Especially its impact ability, “Shay, try the miniature fusion cannon.”

After that, a muzzle emerged from the Floating Chariot’s front part, light condensed on the muzzle and whoosh! A white beam shot out from the muzzle, not into the surface, only leaving a small and deep hole. 

“That’s all? Where’s the explosion?” Shay protested while descending from the Chariot and ran to the hole where the white beam shot through and observed the result. It was a small hole, tiny. 

Kevin ruffled his long beard, sweeping off the dust on it, “It’s a cohesive attack. When you encounter an enemy with high resistance, the beam will penetrate the target directly. It’s more lethal this way.”

“What…” Shay looked disappointed and mumbled, “No explosion, no sense of romance at all. Bad review!” 

After recording the data, Kevin smiled at Tang Yu. “My Lord, I recalled yesterday you said apart from the Floating Chariot, there’s something you want to test today. Is it a new type of puppet?”

He had no idea where Tang Yu had gotten so many innovative blueprints. But when he thought about how the Lord summoned him here from another world, no matter how complicated the blueprint was, they were nothing compared to the summoning. What was even more rare and valuable was the fact that the blueprints and information were available for him. 

Recently, he was lent a rune book. Although it was only about the basics of rune literature, he gained a lot from it. Kevin was even appalled to find that as an Advanced Rune Master, his understanding of the basics of rune literature was very weak. Some parts of his knowledge already deviated from the essential meaning of the runes. Even so, he was promoted as an Advanced Rune Master. Even Kevin himself was surprised.

It’s not about his learning ability, but because in his original world, rune knowledge was inherently high-end knowledge, and the information about it was very scarce. Many books were written by some seniors who had researched the Book of Rune Literature based on their own understanding. Aside from the scarcity, many of those inheritances were defective. The runemasters wrote the books might not have fully comprehended the content of the Book of Runes. So they wrote it based on their own understanding, after which, revised or changed as time went by.

He had no idea how many times the book of rune literature passed on was revised. Not to mention these manuscripts were old and hard to read and also emitted a strange smell. God knows what his predecessor had done with those manuscripts! 

The scarcity of knowledge made it impossible to conduct some tests. He could only guess things he couldn’t understand. If he still couldn’t, he would just do some more experiments. He had no idea how many times he had blown up his labs in order to test some rune structures. So many times that no one sane bothers to fund his research anymore. Which made Kevin depressed. Failure is the key to success, my ass! Why couldn’t people see it?! 

That’s why he looked forward to the library books, fantastic blueprints, and the equipment made from it. Kevin rubbed his hands, his face blooming with a smile, like a chrysanthemum. 

Tang Yu took out a compressed round ball larger than a basic puppet’s ball, about a hand fist. These equipment were all in a compressed state when they came out of the oven. Of course, they couldn’t be retrieved again after opening it. This mainly due to the large size of the equipment itself. Just like the Floating Chariot. Even if the parts were manufactured separately, they would still come out of the oven in a compressed state. 

After all, the workshop’s black box size was small. It’s hard to imagine how equipment came out of the oven without compression. Could it be like some kind of dimensional bag which slowly gets bigger as it comes out? However, that wouldn’t work either. The workshop’s door had the size of a regular door. They had to break through the wall if they wanted to get the Floating Chariot out of the workshop. That was on-premise if they could collapse the workshop’s wall. 

Tang Yu weighed the grey ball in his hand. It felt quite good. He threw the ball, mid-air, the compressed ball transformed into a two-meter tall humanoid puppet. The puppet landed on the ground with both feet, landing steadily on the ground with a bang.

This was the Combat Puppet – bare form. 

With a humanoid body over two meters tall wrapped in grey armor, it looked extremely powerful. Its weight of several hundred kilograms caused the ground to sink. This was a high-rank blueprint that cost him 50.000 spirit stones. The puppet mimicked human combat patterns. It had a higher combat intelligence than the basic combat puppet. This puppet can be equipped with both melee weapons and firearms. That means the puppet could be a sword fighter, a shield wielder, or a firearms puppet.

“Such a shame the materials needed to craft the Ninth Awakening Stage Combat Puppet were scarce.”

The puppet had three grades. The highest grade had the strength of the Ninth Awakening Stage. The middle grade had the strength of the Fifth Awakening Stage. And the lowest grade, the puppet in front of him, had the power of the Double Awakening Stage, which was made of the basic iron material.

This was the puppet’s shortage. Theoretically, Kevin could produce an army of puppets with his bare hands. However, theories were just theories. If it became a reality, it’s no longer called theories.

“Test the strength of the lowest grade combat puppet first. If possible, with the current materials, you can still put together a few second-grade fighter puppets. It’s the puppet’s bare strength. As long as you equipped the puppet with weapons and used them strategically, their level should be almost comparable to a high-grade puppet.”

Tang Yu saw the old man stroking the puppet’s body, just like what he did to the Floating Chariot. But because the puppet had a humanoid figure, Tang Yu couldn’t bear to look at it anymore and turned his face away. I shouldn’t say anything.

With Tang Yu’s authorization, Kevin controlled the puppet to do a simple movement with his voice to record the data. Finally, Kevin said, “My Lord, it’s a combat puppet. I think it would be better if we gather the data while it’s fighting something. I also would like to see the combat puppet’s fighting intelligence.”

Tang Yu pondered. Kevin was right. 

Test it himself? Absolutely not. 

Shay? Too much power. PASS.

Kevin? Although his strength was higher than the puppet, he felt he still had to respect his elders. 

He gazed around, sweeping the patrol members who were practicing a few simple movements in the distance. His eyes brightened up. 

He had found the right ‘lab rat!

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