My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 152


My Doomsday territory Chapter 152, Shame on You.

The Floating Chariot had just crashed to the mountain wall with a loud noise. Naturally, the members of the patrol team already noticed. But it’s not appropriate to go over and take a look. But frankly, they were desperately curious about what just happened. As soon as Tang Yu granted them permission, they rushed like a wild horse chased by a predator. Tang Yu shook his head. What a bunch of lousy people. 

They had no mission today. Some patrol members were on patrolling duty in various areas of the shelter. While most of them who had no money to go to the training camp went to the training ground to practice some movement. Such as Lu Xiaopeng, one of the veteran patrol members who had mastered Heavy Chop. Which had the power two to three times more than an ordinary chop, making others envious. Among the new patrol members, Lan Qingya had actually learned the Heavy Chop just from a few days of practice. The male members of the patrols were feeling ashamed and practiced even harder. 

“Although I can’t master Heavy Chop yet, I have mastered the basic stances. I believe I can learn it within another three days.” Zhao Ming’s expression brightened. “And I’ve noticed that even though I haven’t learned the skill yet, just learning these stances has increased my strength quite a bit. Last time, I even killed a Double Awakening Stage demonic beast alone!” This improvement in performance was something he never thought possible. 

As soon as they approached the testing site, the dozens or so patrol members saw the two-meter tall humanoid puppet. From first glance, it would trample several basic puppets. 

“Mr. Tang, you’ve developed a new type of puppet?”

The patrols thought Tang Yu developed the puppets with his abilities. The basic combat puppet couldn’t be underestimated either. As they progressed stronger, they surpassed the basic combat puppet’s power. But of course, Tang Yu won’t just stand idly. It was time to develop stronger puppets. 

“That’s right, this time I asked you guys to come over to test the strength of the new puppet. The rule is the same, the puppet won’t be equipped with any weapons. While you guys are free to do so.”

Tang Yu beckoned his hand, and the fighter puppet moved a few steps forward. “The difference is that this new puppet, even if it’s not loaded with weapons, can still exert the Double Awakening Stage hunter’s strength. So, which one of you wants to come up and try it first?”

The corners of his mouth quirked slightly as he looked at the people in front of him. Surely, this was the right way to provoke the patrol members.

The words just fell when Zhao Ming stepped out. “Double Awakening? That’s perfect. I already broke through the Double Awakening two days ago, and I’m looking for an opponent. But fighting a person isn’t as fun as fighting with puppets!” 


In the battle arena, the two sides stood opposite of each other. With a command, the combat puppet charged in a straight line, leaving a wide footprint on the ground, just like a tank launching a charge. Zhao Ming drew out a combat knife and stared intently at the coming puppet. He had grown a lot compared to when he first fought a basic combat puppet. He strengthened his Heavy Chop stances. With these stances, his power increased significantly. He had tested it on the Fist Strength Testing Device.

For this strike, Zhao Ming was confident. As long as he could deal with some damage, he had the upper hands. With a set of combos, he would be able to steadily inflict damage on the puppet. When the time came, he would change the girl’s impression of him! Or so he thought.

In the next moment, the combat puppet kicked. Before his blade cut down, the puppet’s big feet kicked him in the stomach, directly sending his body flying backward. Zhao Ming was confused. That doesn’t feel right. How could the puppet kick? The last time he fought with a basic puppet, they couldn’t kick. It’s cheating! 

When he tried to stand up, still dizzy, he saw the combat puppet already arrive in front of him at some point. One of its big feet swung in less than 5 centimeters from his face. He was kicked again in the head.

The observing patrols couldn’t help but cover their faces.

“I had no high expectations from Zhao Ming. But getting KO’d in just one round? Isn’t that too fast?”

“That’s right. We’ve already fought with a round puppet. And this time, Leader Tang said that the puppet had Double Awakening Strength, so it must be at the bottleneck of it. Perhaps Zhao Ming couldn’t beat the puppet. But he couldn’t even last a round. As I expected, he’s still too green.”

“Disgraceful! Zhao Ming! Put on a skirt or something!” 

Most of the patrol members had the strength of a double awakening stage. Even though Zhao Ming tried his best, the other members were unconvinced. No matter what, they had to demonstrate their strength and be worth in front of Leader Tang. Zhao Ming had just stained their reputation.

“I’ll do it!” A big burly man stepped forward.

With Zhao Ming’s forewarning, the man raised his vigilance. Even though he was stronger than Zhao Ming, he didn’t dare to act recklessly. As soon as the battle started, the burly man began to attack.


The burly man was thrown, landed on his face on the ground.

“What?! Mr. Xing is lost this fast too?!”

“How many rounds was that? 1, 2, or 1 and a half? I don’t think it’s better than Zhao Ming. What did he do last night? His performance was so poor!”

Another member with the strength of a double awakening stepped forward as the others watched, nervously. The short man moved with caution, circling around the puppet, and tried to attack from time to time.

“Well done!” The others cheered in their hearts. Although he was short and could only aim its legs, he had the advantages as long as he could destroy the puppet’s joints. That way, the puppet will lose its speed advantage, and then it will be a GG!

However, the others’ eyes widened. The combat puppet instantly stormed up, grabbed the man’s shoulder, and lifted him up. Slamming him on the ground hard.

Zhao Ming: “……..”

Others: “…”

The short man was stronger than the last two, so he could endure longer in the battle. Thanks to him, the others could see the difference. Zhao Ming and Mr. Xing lost quickly, giving the illusion that they were weak chickens, not because the puppet was strong. However, the reality is harsh. Compared to the puppet, they were all weak chickens.

After some battles, the puppet came out unscratched. Standing tall, as if looking down on the crowds.

The others were hesitant. If they could defeat the puppet, they would gain Leader Tang’s recognition or at least Leader Tang would notice them if they could last long enough.

However… Looking at the previously beaten members, they realized their own strength. Not to mention a few rounds, just a single round was good enough.

The patrol member who had just shouted to Zhao Ming to wear a skirt was embarrassed. If he went to battle and also got knocked out in one round, then he would have to join Zhao Ming. Wearing the same skirt together.

What a disgrace!

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