My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 153


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 153, our Plan Died Before It Even Began.

The battle outcome exceeded Tang Yu’s expectation. The patrols weren’t weak. They had trained intensely for days and fought demonic beasts. Although they weren’t experts, their strength towers above ordinary people. But the combat puppet finished them in a few moves.

This strength… Tang Yu recalled the description, the combat puppet’s bare strength was around an ordinary Double Awakening Stage. The middle stage probably referred to a hunter who had already developed their potential, even stronger than someone who just refined their Spirit Power and raised it to the Double Awakening peak in terms of speed and power. Coupled with combat intelligence, it’s only natural that the puppet could defeat the patrol members who hadn’t trained that long. Its power far exceeded the patrols.

Among the patrol members, the new recruits still can’t afford cultivation methods. So they would just train in the training camp or practice Heavy Chop stances daily. While the senior patrols who had more money could afford a dose of Body Hardening Potion to strengthen their body. In this regard, Wang Zhou, as the test subject #1, took advantage that he got the Potion for free. With this, he could push his own body strength close to the limit just in a few days. Unfortunately, the Body Hardening Potion lost its efficiency after he almost peaked his own body potential. So, he could only rely on intensive training to break through the last bit of body potential.

At this time, the other patrol members hesitated. Zhao Ming suggested, “For now, I guess Double Awakening hunters can’t defeat this puppet, right?”

The others glanced at each other. Finally, their eyes looked at a silent young man. “Lu, what do you think?”

The silent young man shook his head, “20%, maybe less. But we should try it.”

He was about to step forward but was stopped by Zhao Ming, “Lu, you’re the strongest person at the Double Awakening stage. Our hopes lie with you. But we create opportunities for you to improve the odds of winning.”

Seeing everyone was puzzled, Zhao Ming smiled mysteriously, “Think. Back then, we could win against the round puppet because we studied its attack pattern.”

Zhao Ming continued, “And now, this humanoid puppet must have some kind of attack pattern as well. But because the previous battles were too short, we couldn’t fully analyze it. I think before Lu gets down in the arena, the others should do it first. Not for winning, but as long as they can endure longer, we can study its attack pattern. By then, our chance of winning will significantly improve, right?”

His words enlightened the rest of the patrol members. Indeed, this strategy might work. The silent young man hesitated but finally nodded. Usually, he would refuse this kind of strategy. But this time was different, they’re staking the honor of the patrol team. It would be a disgrace if they can’t defeat a single puppet with their numbers.

The patrol members took their chance and discussed the countermeasures and fighting order. They would try to endure in the fight as long as they could. By then, they would be able to study its attack pattern.

Thinking so, the first person stepped forward, “I’ll do it!”

He was ready for imminent death when he saw Leader Tang waved his hands, “That’s enough. The test ends here.”

A group of patrol members who were rubbing their hands: “(?д?;)!!!”

That’s not the right script!  They had prepared so much and had discussed all sorts of measures to deal with the situation. But then they were told that it was over… It was like studying all night for exam questions and then coming to the exam room the next day with a pair of panda eyes, only to be told by the examiner that the subject would not be tested. They were so depressed that they wanted to smack someone’s head.

Zhao Ming still wanted to fight for a little more, “Leader Tang, please give us one more chance.”

The silent young man also stepped forward, “I hope that Leader Tang would give us a chance to fight with the puppet. Win or lose, we want to experience it and gain some combat experience.”

“In that case…,” Leader Tang intoned, “I’d rather not, you won’t win anyway.”

“This combat puppet has high combat intelligence. You can understand that it’s experienced in combat. You were trying to test out the puppet’s behavior patterns that didn’t exist. As of now, you guys can’t match the physical strength, nor the combat experience and skills.”

The corner of Zhao Ming’s mouth twitched. That made sense. Zhao Ming knew in his heart that even if they fought, their chances of winning were slim. Yet when Leader Tang said it so bluntly, it’s heartbreaking!

He wanted to say something more. But Tang Yu spoke again, “And you guys wanted to fight the puppets to improve your combat experience, right? That won’t do. We only have 1 puppet. No matter how much you train, you won’t gain much combat experience. And what would you do if the puppet is broken? By docking your wages?”

Zhao Ming was speechless.

Tang Yu felt the timing was perfect. He slowly spoke, “However, there’s a place that could quickly improve your battle experience.”

Everyone was startled, even the patrols who had broken through the Triple Awakening Stage.

Just now, they were disappointed because they weren’t allowed to continue training. But this time, the leader said there’s a place where they could quickly improve their battle experience? What kind of place was that?

Tang Yu pointed his hand towards the villa area, “It’s on the training camp’s fifth floor. I guess you’ve never been there before, right?”

“Fifth floor? It’s there?!”

“People said the fifth floor is mysterious and had methods to increase power quickly. I saw Captain Rogers, and the others went there to train. I’ve always thought there’s a high-end training facility on that floor!”

“But it cost 60 spirit stones. I can’t afford it!”

The members of the patrol teams were discussing. It’s not like they didn’t want to try that out, but the cost stopped them from coming. Even those who could afford it were hesitant since they didn’t know exactly what was on that floor. It’s a dilemma. If they went up there and trained for half a day, they would have a hard time for half a month. But they didn’t even know what’s inside.

Tang Yu thought carefully. Before, he hesitated if he charged the room too pricey for only half a day, no one would come. But now it’s different. The territory had begun to take shape, he had upgraded things. Most importantly, while he had the spirit stones, the original fifth floor only had 3 rooms. It’s not enough, even for him and his followers, not to mention the patrol members.

But now, he had upgraded the training camp to level 2, adding a total of 10 rooms on the fifth floor. He was planning to let the patrol members use this building to squeeze the money from their pockets. From a glance, it seemed like the patrol members were paid well, but in reality, it was the opposite. The money still went to Lord Tang’s warehouse.

The Grand Lord Tang was delighted.

He also planned to build another training camp near the castle for him and his followers.

It would save time.

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