My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 154


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 154, This Game Experience Is Extremely Cruel.

The patrol members became even more curious about the fifth floor, discussing it with high spirits as they knew their strength would improve their combat experience after training there. Noticing the change in atmosphere, Tang Yu coughed. Pulling back the patrol member’s attention towards him.

“Indeed, the room cost is too pricey, far from affordable for you guys. Originally, when your strength grows to a certain level, and your income increases, you could afford it. It’s because the facilities on the fifth floor cost a large amount of spirit stones each use.”

“However, you lack battle experiences. Especially the real-life and death fighting experience. It might not be applicable in normal situations. But once you encounter a life and death crisis, this lack of experience would be the cause of your death.

“So, I’ve given it some thought and decided to lower the price. After this, it will cost 2 spirit stones per hour. I hope you guys can make good use of these facilities to improve your fighting experience.” Tang Yu spoke with a tender smile on his face.

It was a look that deceived the patrol members. To squeeze the spirit stones from their pockets.

However, the patrol members didn’t know about it. From their point of view, Leader Tang had a tough time lowering the fifth floor’s rent fee. The new price couldn’t even cover the facility’s spirit stones consumption. And every time they use the facility, the shelter will fill the rest of it.

Yet, Leader Tang had given them an opportunity to use the fifth floor to increase their combat experience. So they would survive as long as possible in a life and death crisis. Thinking about this, they were very touched. Their favorable impressions rubbed off on them. At the same time, they were also curious to discover what kind of facility could quickly improve their combat experience.

“Let’s go. First, you have to experience the training facilities on the fifth floor.” Tang Yu waved his hands, and the group followed him towards the training camp. 


Between the eastern and western villa area. The training camp.

After the upgrade, the number of floors was still the same. But the area of the training camp had expanded considerably. The training facilities inside were roughly the same as they were at level 1, but the resistance limit was slightly higher. For example, the fist strength testing device from the level 1 training camp couldn’t withstand Roger’s full power punch. Only after the upgrade did he could measure his full-powered punch.

After the group entered the training camp, they went upstairs. With Leader Tang’s authority, they didn’t even need to swipe their cards. The door to the fifth floor automatically opened, revealing the environment inside.

“Let’s see what’s in here…”

Suddenly, a group of people flooded the room, only to see that the fifth floor had a long corridor and small, enclosed rooms on both sides. Was the mystery inside the room? All of them looked at Leader Tang.

“Ever heard of virtual reality technology? What inside the rooms was an illusory and real spiritual space. It’s just like a real-world, except you will be resurrected when you’re dead. Don’t you think it’s a perfect place to quickly improve your fighting experience in life and death crisis?”

Tang Yu smiled, “There’s a total of 10 rooms here. You guys discuss and pick 10 people to try out first. You all will be given an hour of the free trial. Make good use of it.”

Later, he explained how to operate the room. After a brief discussion, the patrol members picked 10 people who entered the rooms on both sides of the corridor with curiosity and anticipation. 


Zhao Ming walked into one of the rooms, and the door automatically closed.

“Spiritual space? There is such a magical training facility? According to what Leader Tang said, this training facility pulls the user’s spirit into a special space. All perceptions are real. In which the training effect from this facility is far beyond the simulation of virtual reality technology. After training here for a few days, the experience gained here was even higher than the ones gained from months of hunting down demonic beasts.”

When encountering demonic beasts in the wild, hunters would only engage attack if they were completely sure they would win. If they were unsure, the hunters would usually avoid it and would pick on weaker ones. There’s no such thing as a 50:50 chance. They’ll die if they fought demonic beasts every day.

But it’s different here. He didn’t have to worry about death in the spiritual space as he would be resurrected again. That meant he could fight freely. Just thinking of it made Zhao Ming excited. If he could follow Captain Roger’s footsteps, even if he wasn’t as strong or fast as him. He could still put on a good fight instead of being tossed around like a toy by a combat puppet in one round. Thinking about this made his heart ached. His bad reputation had increased once again.

“I guess I’ll get going now.” Zhao Ming walked to the center of the room and sat down cross-legged, clearing his thoughts. Soon, the mysterious patterns on the surrounding walls slightly glowed. In a split second, the surrounding space seemed to shake. Zhao Ming’s consciousness stretched infinitely. By the time he woke up, his body was in a gray space.

There was no sky, no earth. It’s a void space.

From Leader Tang’s instruction, this space was only a transit space. Although the void was nauseating, he didn’t care much about it. He waved his fist and kicked the air a few times.

“It’s really virtual, but 100% real! I’ve never thought I could play this kind of virtual game in my life!” He smiled happily like a large dumb man.

Soon, Zhao Ming summoned a translucent screen. The UI was fairly simple. There were three modes to choose: Training Mode, Battle Mode, and Survival Mode.

“There’s a survival mode? Wow, it was just like the games I played back then!”

He reached out and poked the screen, an option popped up from it.

[Survival Mode costs 1 Spirit Stones / 0.5 Contribution Points per entry. Given that the user has been granted 1-hour trial access, the entry will be free. Enter Survival Mode? YES / NO]

“Yes!” Zhao Ming didn’t hesitate.

Of the three modes, only Survival Mode required an entry fee. The other two were free. Zhao Ming felt it would be a shame if he didn’t take advantage of it. He won’t be dead anyway, it’s just like playing a game, of course, he had to challenge himself. Also, Leader Tang said they had to break through a life and death experience!

Thinking that way, the scenery in front of him changed. In a few seconds, he found himself in a prairie. Stunned, he found himself dressed in basic black combat uniform, holding a basic combat knife in his right hand, and a small round shield in his left hand.

A gust of wind blew on his cheek, the green grass swayed, the air was filled with a thick scent of grass. Wolves howls could be heard from the distance.

Zhao Ming was excited, “Oh, it’s starting now?!” He gazed at the distance and saw a giant wolf, two times larger than an ordinary gray wolf, appeared on a distance.

Followed by two wolves, three, twenty, fifty…

The wolves howled one after another. Black wolves were seen at the horizon.

Zhao Ming was stunned, his legs petrified.

“Where’s the exit button? Where’s the exit button! No, don’t come closer. No! AHHHHH-“

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