My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 157


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 157, Frozen.

Tang Yu was strolling around while inspecting the territory. 

As his strength increased to the Fifth Awakening Stage and his potential was nearly fully developed, he finally hit the bottleneck. Cultivating to break through the bottleneck is out of the question. It would be useless. So right now, he better not think about it too much, or else he will be depressed. He just waited for the opportunity to come and finally broke through the second realm.

Since he couldn’t improve his strength, it’s better for him to study equipment and props for now. He could improve his strength from the outside. He wasn’t planning to become a mere wall decoration, either. 

After thinking about it, he walked into the spell factory. It was a new system building that could be used to research, construct, and launch large-scale spells, which belonged to a type of territorial guarding spell.

Tang Yu learned that the so-called large-scale spells were essentially evolved from ordinary spells as well. The only difference was that both the spell’s power and range were much greater than ordinary spells.

Currently, there were only two types of large-scale spells that came with the Spell Factory.

[Giant Fireball.]

Constructing price: 5.000 Spirit Stones. Constructing time: half a day.

[Destruction Thunder.]

Construction Price: 10,000 Spirit Stones. Construction time: 1 day.

The Level 1 Spell Factory had three spell slots, capable of storing three constructed large-scale spells. The range of these spells was a circle larger than the territorial range. Similar to the guard puppet’s activity range. Both belonged to territory defensive measures. 

This was also his last defense against colossal demonic beasts. It would be difficult for an arrow tower or cannon to severely wound a demonic beast the size of the colossal beetle. But the power of a large-scale spell should be able to explode it. 

He had constructed and stored the two spells in the slots. 

“Hmm… I haven’t tested it yet, so I had no idea how it’s going to work. Should I test it sometime?” Tang Yu stroked his chin and pondered, “However, both of them are offensive spells. Well, the Giant Fireball’s attack area should be average, not too big. It’s best to work on a crowd control spell now. It would work on nimble and flexible enemies in the future.” 

After thinking about it, Tang Yu sent a voice message to Elaine.

Within a few minutes, he saw Elaine walked in.

At this time, Elaine was wearing a light white-black striped short shirt and black trousers, her hair was tied up, and she was wearing a somewhat mismatched yellow engineering hat, looking at him curiously.

…Did she just come from the construction site?

Tang Yu just remembered that Elaine was the head of the Logistics Department. During the shelter’s construction, a lot of material approvals had to go through her hands, so naturally, there was nothing strange about her going to the construction site.

“I need your ice spells for a test.”

Elaine nodded. She never asked too many questions.

Tang Yu brought Elaine to the next room used to collect spell data.

The room was surrounded by translucent crystal walls on all sides, which seemed fragile. But in reality, this material could effectively absorb spell damage. He pressed a control switch, and soon a thick pillar rose from under the floor in the center of the room.

“Use your best freeze spell to freeze this pillar.” Tang Yu said, thinking, “First use twenty percent of your strength, then fifty percent, and finally, exert your full strength.”

This way, he could calculate the different strengths. 

“Okay!” Elaine extended her pale hand.

In a split second.

Ice crept from the bottom of the ground upwards, completely covering the pillar in icy blue luster.

Tang Yu visually measured the thickness of the ice layer, which was about a few centimeters.

…Is this the 20% of Elaine’s strength? It didn’t seem that thick. He pondered and picked up the Swift Revolver at his waist, fired two shots at the ice. The bullets made a little dent in the ice, then fell back to the ground with a crunching sound. On a closer look, the two bullets had actually deformed.

“It’s that hard.” Tang Yu saw Elaine’s somewhat confused look and couldn’t help but laugh dryly.

It had been a while since he had seen her, and Elaine’s strength progress seemed to be even better than he had expected. Back then, Elaine was also still at the Fifth Awakening Stage when Tang Yu broke through to the Fifth Awakening. 

Still pondering, Tang Yu pressed another button. The pillar’s temperature rose, melting the ice. “Let’s try fifty.” 

This time, the ice covering the pillar spread faster and thicker. He certainly didn’t need to fire another shot. The pillar itself had the ability to collect data. 

Three minutes later, the ice melted again. 

“Exert your full power.” 

Elaine took a deep breath, her blue hair fluttering, her yellow engineering helmet trembled. 


The lower cheek band of the engineering hat snapped open, and the hat fell askew. Tang Yu couldn’t help but reach out his hand to catch it. A chill went straight through his bones’ marrow, spreading throughout his body in a split second.

At this time, Elaine had already stretched out her hands and squealed, “Condensation!”

All strands of her hair rose up. White mist dazzled around her palm. The thick black pillar was quickly encased in azure ice crystals. 

This time, the ice layer became thicker and thicker… 

Tang Yu watched as the ice crystal spread from the pillar, nearly covering the room.


The sound snapped Elaine back to her senses.

Turning back, she saw Tang Yu’s body was covered in frost. Panicked, she dismantled the cold air around her.

“My Lord… this… I-I….”

After calming her down, Tang Yu sighed. A white mist escaped from his mouth. She was on the verge of crying, her face reddened from embarrassment. He could only pat her on the head, indicating that he did not blame her.

Just now, he had already pondered that Elaine had gotten stronger. But he never thought that her full outburst was so strong. If he didn’t have the Fifth Awakening Stage physique, the consequences would be more serious than a sneeze.

Taking another look at the surrounding crystal walls, the light flickered. It’s absorbing the power of the freezing spell. If there were no crystal walls around them, who knows how far the ice would spread.

“We have collected the data. And then after researching a bit about the spell, we should be able to develop a large-scale freezing spell based on Elaine’s spell…”

Tang Yu thought as he walked over to the control switch. Setting the pillar to heaten up and melt the ice.

He pressed the switch.

Press it again.

And again.

However, the pillar still didn’t respond.

The corner of Tang Yu’s mouth twitched, “This… isn’t broken, right?” At his side, Elaine lowered her head, looking very frustrated.

 “Never mind, let’s move to a different test room then.” He said.

Suddenly, a long-lost notification sounded in his mind.

“Ding! Rift crystals were detected. Please obtain them as soon as possible…”

“Ding! Rift crystals detected,…”

“Ding! …….”

Tang Yu “???”

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