My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 159


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 159, What’s The Proverbs Again.

The twin-rotor helicopter is spacious and has soft, comfortable seats inside. It was specially designed by Tang Yu. 

The territory now had Kevin as a master equipment maker. Because of the limited time, it was hard to design advanced aircraft blueprints. Although he remembered a lot of blueprints, the world he was in back then was different from this world. Most of the blueprints had materials that were not available here. At least now it’s still unavailable. 

But if it’s just to design and build an ordinary helicopter is an easy task for Kevin. This helicopter was the product of Kevin’s combined knowledge of rune literature and the modern engineering theories fused together. For simple transportation, nothing is impossible. If he had a longer time to think about the blueprint, he would have come with something a bit more complex than a helicopter. 

The mercenaries were right. Taking a helicopter in the wild was basically suicide. He didn’t know how many demonic beasts he had encountered along the way. Except for Roger, who was left in charge to guard the territory, and Kevin, who was older, everyone came along. That’s why they could safely get here. But encountering such a terrifying demonic beast like the Giant Eagle just now, Tang Yu had to take extra measures.

It’s not because Shay and the others couldn’t take it down. But because this helicopter was too unstable to stay up in the air. Because he had brought all the followers here, the journey from the territory to here wasn’t really dangerous. But it would be a suicide mission if they went to Luoxia with this helicopter. 

Tang Yu took a glance below. This area was on the outskirts of the mountain range, the terrain was uneven. And there were tall trees everywhere, some of which had grown over 20 or 30 meters tall. It wasn’t easy to clear a large space so the helicopter could land, especially with this size.

Shay frowned, “It’s too slow.”

He went to the hatch, opened it, the whistling wind blew his neat hair, and jumped.

Jumped off…

Leaping down from dozens of meters mid-air! 


On the ground.

The ordinary mercenaries were just watching the fun. But the captain-level leaders present were frowning in deep contemplation. 

“Where did these people come from? That combat uniforms seem a bit different from the one worn by any of Lindong’s top men.”

“It’s different. I can feel it’s better than the military’s uniform. I don’t know, maybe I’m just hallucinating.” 

They watched as the helicopters slowly descended. The new hunters and the Forgotten Mercenary Regiments seemed to be acquainted with each other. As top experts, they’re already aware of the Forgotten Squad. Maybe their leader, Gray Blade, was related to this force? 

The Flame Squad’s captain, Wang Wu’s face grew darker. More and more people came to the area. When suddenly…


Screaming, someone pointed at the sky and saw a figure jump down from the helicopter. 


Shay landed on the ground like a falling cannonball. The earth shook and cracked. 

He was unharmed. He got up and tidied up his clothes and hair as if nothing happened.  

This scene… was totally shocking!! 

Shay jumped down. Frightening the members of the patrols teams and the other mercenaries. They were afraid, what if Shay hit them? Would they be dead? 

Shay waved his hand, “You’re taking too long. Let me do it!” He said, with one hand touching the trunk of a 20 meters tall tree.

The next moment, the entire tree trunk exploded into fireworks with a bang. The bark, leaves, and debris scattered like raindrops. Apart from Gray Blade, who quickly evaded, everyone else was covered in the debris. 

The mercenary crowds, “…………”

The captain-level experts, “…………”

Silver Wolf and Captain Xiao also had a ‘Are you kidding me?’ look on their faces. 


On the helicopter, Tang Yu facepalmed. It’s really embarrassing!

Sky didn’t sit idly and swoop down from the hatch. Looking more elegant and dashing than Shay’s ‘superhero landing’. He landed quietly in the ground, not leaving any cracks. 

After landing, he drew his sword and swung it out, the blade swirled into a gale, blowing the debris away at once. Sword light flashed, and the tree was cut down from its roots. 

Finally, the space was large enough for the helicopter to land. 


The helicopter landed surely and slowly. Its rotors spun and blow away the leaves around. The plane’s hatch slowly opened. 

At this time, the mercenaries were looking at this direction with full anticipation. What kind of boss who had been staying inside the helicopter? 

Gray Blade and the other two experts who had just jumped down from the plane didn’t seem like they were the leader of this force. So… what kind of man could gather so many experts on his side? Could it be Lindong’s top brass? 


The hatch finally opened. 

A fully armed Tang Yu appeared from inside the helicopter. Donned in a silver battle suit, or more appropriately, battle armor, its silver armor gleamed under the sunlight. Despite the fact he was already dazzling in the patrols’ eyes even when wearing the previous suit, this one looked mesmerizing! 

This silver armor was custom made. Unlike Roger’s armor, he didn’t look bulky wearing it. It was quite flexible and didn’t hinder his movement. Two fist-sized white crystals adorned the shoulder plate. This force was entirely on a different level. 

A hero came out of the helicopter. 

Elaine and Winnie followed closely behind Tang Yu. 

Elaine was dressed in a light blue robe. Her sky blue hair was hidden under her hood, A staff adorned with blue sapphires rested on her hand. 

Winnie’s curly light blonde hair fell over her shoulder. Her wide white robe couldn’t hide her ample bosom. 

“My God. What an entrance. A boss’ entrance is totally different, with two chicks hanging on his sides.”

“Yeah. A strong man in front and beautiful women in his back. Obviously, the wilderness is a dangerous place. We have to sacrifice looks for survival. But look at these people, they looked like they went out for a vacation!” 

“Man, I’m jealous. I want a pretty lady and curly-haired women with big boobs too!” 

Tang Yu felt the other men’s envious gazes as he stepped out from the helicopter. Somehow, he felt satisfaction. 

What’s the proverb again? They who envy others… are the inferiors! 

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