My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 161


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 161, Critical Damage From A Top Student.

In the dim light, the beast statue grinned. Its mouth looked incredibly eerie. The mercenaries that seeing this scene, had goosebumps and suddenly feeling uneasy. But there’s no turning back for now. Some people with optimistic traits felt that there must be unimaginable treasures at the end of the path. 

“My Lord, which path are we going to take?” Shay glanced around. Apart from the different beast on its entrance, he couldn’t see any other differences. 

Tang Yu pondered. “Since we don’t know which way to go, let’s just… take the Bear mouth path. At least it doesn’t look that horrendous compared to the other three.”

The path connected to the beast mouth entrance was like an underground tunnel. It was an enclosed tunnel but was built in a similar style as the square. It was a spacious tunnel, and the walls emitted a faint fluorescent light like the square’s dome. 

A group of people walked down the Bear Path. The rest of the hunters did the same. Although the square was large, people circled around and found that the four paths were the only exit. Everyone chose their own preferred path. 

Tang Yu noticed the Silver Wolf and Warhammer Mercenary Regiments had joined forces and entered the Tiger Path, with many mercenary teams following behind them. 

He took a glance back, well… there were quite a few Lindong mercenaries following him too. It’s only natural. Outside the cave, they had already shown how they felt. They were afraid, so they followed far behind to make themselves safer, or so they thought. When they saw Tang Yu and the others entering the pathway, they slowed down their walking pace and followed far behind. 

Tang Yu naturally had predicted what those people were thinking, but he chose to ignore it. They were weak, that’s why they acted like that. And besides, his top priority right now was to find the Rift Crystal as soon as possible. 

‘Besides, our team may not be the ones at the front. Perhaps someone entered the secret realm earlier. Also, the Metal Swallowing Beast is nowhere to be found. Maybe it entered one of the paths and went missing.’

Thinking of this gave Tang Yu a bit of a headache. He could only hope it’s still alive. After all, he needed the Metal Swallowing Beast alive. 

Throwing out a few round puppets in front of him, the puppets unfolded and walked ahead to explore it first. The group followed, wary and silent. All that could be heard were their light footsteps.

“There seems to be something carved there.”

After walking for some time, Shay suddenly pointed at the stone wall in front of him. Tang Yu stepped forward and saw some crooked patterns carved on the side of the wall.

“Perhaps this is a kind of writing?”

He glanced at it with a sudden realization in his heart. He could actually understand the meanings of these crooked patterns!

“I, Zhor, the King of Thieves, have spent my life stealing endless treasures. But unfortunately, I can’t steal my own lifespan.”

“Do you want my treasure? You can have it all if you want it, go get it! I have placed all my treasures in the deepest part of the tomb.”

“O brave adventurer, strive forward!”


Tang Yu was stunned. The amount of information contained in these few words was a bit vast. Of course, he didn’t know who this ‘Zhor’ man was. But from these words, he summed up two key points. Zhor had an awesome life, and even after death, he’s still awesome. 

Tang Yu looked around. There’s no telling how long the Bear Path was. Thinking about the square and the unknown environment behind, Zhor’s tomb was so big that it felt a bit exaggerated.

A tomb built with an entire secret realm as the main foundation? It really was all about lust for money. And what he liked the most was money. 

He wasn’t the only one who could read them. The others could read them as well. The crowd showed a look of deep thought of hidden excitement. However, Tang Yu didn’t move on. He carefully inspected the letters.

“As I expected. These crooked patterns are the Rune Words.”

Rune Literature was the most essential language that could convey information on a spiritual level. Although he didn’t have many books about Rune Literature in his library, Tang Yu understood that this language was precious from Kevin’s reaction. 

Unfortunately, his understanding was still limited. Although he understood the bigger piece of it, he couldn’t comprehend what each word meant. The words were still a distorted pattern with his current level of Rune knowledge. 

This made Tang Yu feel suspicious. Could it be that it was fake information? A fake Rune Language? 

“This one, it’s a rune that represents fire, and this one, well, it’s a rune that represents signs…” Elaine was standing beside her, her small face looking thoughtful.

Tang Yu took a closer look, “No, I know about the flame rune. The curved hook of the last stroke should be facing upwards. So the vertical on top should be a little higher.”

“No…” Elaine shook her head, “What my Lord just described was the most basic flame rune. On top of that, the flame rune has a total of 12 first-derivative strokes, and 96 second-derivative strokes…”

 “And this flame rune, exactly, should be a fire motivation rune, with the function of raising morale, and belongs to the dual derivative strokes. You see, this energy node isn’t very similar to the flame rune, and this rune, if put in the whole sentence, translates to bravery, and these… these…”

“Unfortunately, there are still a few runes whose meanings I can’t deduce.” Elaine said, looking a little frustrated.

The other people around her couldn’t understand, but they felt she was so powerful. 

Tang Yu was shocked. He realized his mistake the moment Elaine spoke it. For a while, he was stuck. But why hadn’t he thought of that all just now?! 

They both read the same book, but their gap of knowledge was so wide. As a scumbag who thought that he had a good grasp of knowledge, he was instantly injured by the crit of the top student spirit.

Especially Elaine’s last sentence reminded him of his past. That’s what a top student would always say.

“Unfortunately, I still got a trivia question wrong.” 

Otherwise, they would have a 100% right score. 

Tang Yu calmed his wounded heart, but he never took his eyes off from the runes. These were still rune words. Even if it had no power, these runes were already very precious on its own. So they couldn’t be left alone. 

“Dig out all the stone walls in this area.” 


Naturally, the hard work will be done by the patrol members and Yan Dazhuang. They received a high-grade rune longsword from Sky. With the sharpness of the blade, they were finally able to cut through the rigid stone walls. A large portion of the stone wall was split into several stone slabs and stored inside the Space Backpack after a bit of work. 

‘By showing these to Kevin, we should learn a bit more. It seems like this is a good start. However… ‘

He caught a glimpse of the large hollowed-out stone walls. It seemed to be… hurting his image a bit? After all, he was a big boss in the eyes of those Lindong mercenaries. He can’t be seen digging out rock, right? 

He needed something to make up for it. 

Thinking about it, his face brightened. “I know! Since this place was already engraved with text, it would be nice to add some more text engraved on it. And also, some promotional messages as well.” 

TL’s note :

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