My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 162


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 162, Quality Resources.

Although the territory didn’t lack ordinary survivors, Tang Yu felt having more hunters on his side would be better. These hunters don’t necessarily have to be recruited into the patrol teams. He intended to make the patrol team as an elite force, that’s why loyalty is their number one virtue. In the future, the patrol recruitment test will be more strict.

But those hunters could also have some use! And the Lindong hunters who followed them inside the Secret Realm…

Tang Yu glanced back. The worst one was still the elite squads. After all, those who weren’t confident of their power wouldn’t have roamed the outskirts of the mountain forest. Also, they had the guts to enter the Secret Realms.

Although treasures were much appreciated, human life was more important. And whether the treasures really existed or not was entirely a different story.

Basically, the hunters who had entered the Secret Realm were… quality resources.

‘If we can take them into the territory, my sales will rise higher. Besides, there were some items that weren’t available in Lindong even if those hunters had the money to buy it.’

‘Not only that. These hunters were also powerful, especially those top mercenary teams. They were at least at the Fourth of Fifth Awakening Stage. As long as these people were active, they could gain a steady income in the territory. Once I need certain special materials, I can issue a quest through the Adventurer’s Guild, and these people could search for them. This way, it will be easier to gather the materials.’

Lord Tang Yu thought forward. It was basically killing two birds with one stone. It might even boost the shelter’s reputation abroad, provided that these crooked people could comprehend what he wrote.

He rummaged through the 20 slot Space Backpack in his hand and finally found some wood pieces. God knows why he had woods in his backpack!

“Well, time to carve some woods to fill in the time during the rune slab excavation process.” His men were busy, so Tang Yu took out a small knife for carving. “What should I carve?”

He put a lot of thought into it and asked the others about it. What should he write?

“Come to the Tree Shade Shelter and feel the art of explosion with us!”

“Scums, introducing the big and mesmerizing Tree Shade Shelter.”

The first one was Shay’s suggestion. The second was from Gray Blade, making Tang Yu wondering what Gray Blade had done in Lindong this whole time.

Isn’t there a reliable one? The answer is no.

That’s when he realized that he had gotten one less department in the planning before, the publicity department!

It’s because the territory lacked publicity, the ‘quality resources’ he had on hand weren’t enough. Once he gets back, he must do this first thing in the morning!

Thinking ahead, he pulled his thoughts back to the current situation. Tang Yu pondered.

“Tree Shade Shelter, located 60 kilometers south of Lindong Shelter. We have the finest equipment, the best cultivation environment, the most comfortable residence.”

He certainly didn’t write it in such a pompous manner, but it probably looked like it.

After they finished their business, the party moved on.


The hunters following far behind observed from afar, feeling a bit strange.

“Why did they suddenly stop?”

The Lindong mercenaries didn’t dare to get too close. The hunters from the other country did the same. They will be affected if there’s a danger ahead. Let those fools worked as the mine detecting device. The foreign hunters thought the same.

After waiting for Tang Yu’s party to move forward, they also continued walking. Someone suddenly pointed to the side of the stone wall, “Look, there’s something written here!”

The stone walls were replaced with a wooden plank, which looked way more conspicuous than its original appearance.

The others who heard it couldn’t help but look over. There were only a few lines of words engraved in the wooden board. Could it be that what was engraved here was a clue about this place? Is that why those people stay here for so long?!

Everyone leaned closer to observe. The Lindong mercenaries were surprised. They saw the Lindong Shelter engraved on it. Did the clue of this place have something to do with Lindong? What the hell!!

The stone walls on both sides of the path were smooth and flat. But only this area was replaced with wooden planks. As if something was dug up, and they filled it in with the planks.

Someone suddenly noticed, “Hey… could it be that Boss came from the Tree Shade shelter?”

“It’s possible. None of the Lindong big bosses was that young. Maybe he’s the leader of the shelter!”

“You’re focusing on the wrong thing! It says the Demon Slayer Sword is on sale in Tree Shade. Demon Slayer! Don’t you want it too? Ever since its appearance on the Black Market, I’ve been saving my spirit stones for it!”

Much surprises to the Lindong Mercenaries, they finally discovered the truth about the boss’ identity. They also had the opportunity to purchase weapons such as the Demon Slayer Sword. The price stated that it was much cheaper than the price when it first came out of the Black Market.

Sure enough! They earned it! It’s a good thing they followed this boss! The others who took the other path weren’t lucky!

However, the hunters from other country’s expressions darkened. They couldn’t read it, but they understood it was written in Chinese!

A Secret Realm and Chinese words written on it, it’s definitely a lie!

Someone immediately made a move. He pulled down the wooden plank. Revealing the stone wall that has been dug into a hole.

“There must be some clues written here, but those people took it!” A short man gritted his teeth.

“It must be a very important clue! We can’t go on like this! We need to get those clues in our hands!” He waved his hand, a hundred hunters around him responded in unison.

They wore colorful military uniforms, held various kinds of firearms in their hands. The short young man was actually their leader.

Suddenly, the hundreds or so hunters quickened their pace and rushed towards the front. The people walking in front didn’t change their pace, so they quickly closed the distance.

The short young man spoke in a rude tone, “Stop them… wait, what is that?!”

He suddenly saw that the path had reached its end. At the end of the tunnel, a large and spacious hall was seen, even the light was brighter.

“Forget about them! Hurry! There’s gotta be something good in the big hall! We need to grab it as soon as possible!”

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