My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 163


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 163, A failed Attraction.

In the pathway, Tang Yu squeezed his brain cells to analyze the situation in the secret realm.

After some ponderings and speculations, he finally… still found nothing.

At that moment, a group of people was seen rushing past him.

“What’s going on? Are they rushing towards their death?”

Tang Yu couldn’t understand their motivation. Are they not worried about the possible danger ahead? Even Tang Yu threw some puppets upfront to explore the road first.


The short young man’s heart was overjoyed when they finally walked past the crowds. They moved fast. In a few moments, they exited the tunnel and took a good look at the hall.

“Is this… a handle, hemp, use it?”

The short young man stared at him and spat out a few broken Chinese words…

The large hall in front of him was densely packed with gray stone statues dressed in armor and equipped with weapons. They were very similar to the Terracotta Army he had heard about. 

As the son of a warlord, the short young man also had his own dreams. He wanted to be like Qin Shi Huang and build such a grand tomb after his death. He learned a lot about Chinese culture for this sole dream. Although he still can’t read Chinese words, it didn’t become a hindrance in pursuing his dreams.  

Back then, he knew this situation very well. Building a tomb with thousands of terracotta statues was out of the question, but he could use a dozen or so in his tomb. However, after the doomsday, he had become a hunter. His power was still growing. Now, he might actually have the chance to build a real terracotta tomb in the future. Or so the short young man thought. 

He opened his eyes wide, slowly inspecting the stone statues. He wanted to imprint this view in his mind to have some kind of reference when building his own tomb in the future. 

He took a step forward to get a closer look when suddenly…


The short young man was startled that he retreated two steps back. And saw the two terracotta warriors near him had a crack spreading across the statue. “It’s broken?” The young man felt it was a shame that he still wasn’t fully immersed in the scenery. 

The cracks on the statues spread wider, and the stones shattered open all over the ground with a loud bang. However, unlike what the young man imagined, the stone statues weren’t completely shattered. The cracked stone was only its outer layer. After the outer layer cracked, the true face of the stone statue was revealed! 

It’s no longer a stone statue, but a stone puppet wearing heavy black armor! 

The heavily armored puppet had the same height as an average person. Leaning on a great two-handed sword, when the eyes of the puppet’s helmet lit up with a crimson glow, the great sword was slowly raised upwards. Because they had just been awoken, their movement was still a bit slow. 

However, the young man was stunned. Isn’t this kind of situation only happens in movies?!

“Shoot! Quick!! Shoot it!”

The hunters on the front quickly raised their muzzles and pulled their trigger on the armored stone puppets.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Rounds of bullets were shot, none of them could penetrate the stone puppet’s heavy armor. Their barrage only left a small dent on their black armor. Sparks fly everywhere as the countless bullets ricocheted. 




“Hey, do you hear something?” The short young man suddenly had an ominous feeling in his heart. 

When the stray bullets bounced around hit the other statues, the outer cracks appeared on them. 


A dozen or so gunmen had been shooting for so long. But they only targeted the 2 stone puppets into potholes, but they certainly couldn’t hit the vital points. And right now, more and more stone statues were shattering, the outer layers of the statues were falling off, and the stone puppets awoke. 

When Tang Yu reached the end of the path, what he saw was hundreds of pairs of red eyes slowly lighting up. Taking another look at the group of guys in colorful uniforms facing the heavily armored puppets with firearms, the stray bullets bounced off and hit the other statues. He quickly understood the situation. 

What a disgrace! 

Obviously, these heavily armored puppets had to be approached in a particular range to be activated. If only a few puppets were drawn out at once, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with them one by one. However, now those puppets were alarmed by stray bullets. Hundreds of them had awoken together, giving Tang Yu some terrible headache. 

The newly awoken puppets soon found the group of people that had awoken them from their deep slumber. The short young man was a little panicked because the bullets couldn’t penetrate them. Fortunately, he was sane enough to roar, “Use sharp weapons! Attack their joints!” 

A group of elite hunters drew their weapon and swung their swords with a whooshing sound. Some of the puppets had their legs hacked out with a large gash. Yet they still could move to wield their heavy swords and continued fighting with the hunters. 

From a distance, more heavily armed puppets were clattering forward. Moving faster and faster, finally charging like a large truck! 

A hunter tried to intercept it but was knocked back and spurted out blood from his mouth. 

Tang Yu witnessed the spitted blood spilled on the stone slab. The blood actually merged into it and disappeared without a trace! It’s impossible that this tomb comes with its own cleaning function! 

Obviously, something was odd about it! 

The short young man and the others were getting more and more stressed. Their mouths blabber a lot of ‘bird language’ that Tang Yu couldn’t understand. 

“Boss, we can’t resist any longer.” 

“Retreat! Retreat!” 

They retreated towards the exits. The hunters who heard gunshots and rushed towards the end of the path were stunned at the scene. If the situation wasn’t dire, they couldn’t help but hate those foreign hunters! But what should they do now? The situation had flipped in a few minutes! 

The charging armored puppets were so powerful that many hunters retreated to the entrance. 

Lord Tang carefully thought, with his team’s formation and the large numbers of compressed puppets stored in his backpack, he could’ve just defeated the stone puppets. But the question is… is it really necessary to take all of them down? It’s hopeless, and only a strategic retreat would be better for this situation. 

He took a look at the fleeing hunters and shook his head. This path was connected to the square, but it was a dead end. No matter what they did, they would enter the puppet’s activation range. But now that the puppets were charging towards the fleeing hunter’s direction just now, a part of the main hall was emptied.

Now’s the chance!

“Go over there! Quick!” 

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