My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 165


My Doomsay Territory Chapter 165, On The Importance of Choices.

The second group was now braking, and they were desperate to see what was happening. But what the hell is this?! Their comrades died under the machinery traps. Just when they thought they could finally break free from the pursuing puppets, but they were trapped like a sandwich?!

They were aware, if they stepped forward, the puppets would be awoken. But the puppets behind them are still catching up! They’re in a pinch!

Time was running out.

Tang Yu frowned, pondering if he should open the path. Suddenly, the process of reviving those puppets popped up in his mind. It seemed like they still have a chance!

“Go straight ahead!”

The distance between each stone sculpture was about 5 or 6 meters wide, so Tang Yu rushed towards the middle of it. Wherever he went, the cracking sound continued, and the stone layer fell off one after another.

He suddenly realized that these ‘stone sculptures’ weren’t stone sculptures in the first place. This tomb was never designed to be a terracotta army. After all, the puppets moved by their own will, and the layer of stone skin makes their reaction a bit slow.

Perhaps these puppets were some kind of safety measures placed in the tomb. God knows how long those stone puppets stood here in the secret realm without disturbance. Naturally, after things being left alone for a long time, dust will build upon the outer layer. And those dust began to harden into stone layers. It seems plausible…

Great Logician Tang Yu thought it made sense.

The surrounding puppets gradually become awaken. The second group was still outside the newly awoken puppets square. Once they began to awaken, there would be no escape. However, someone in the second group suddenly realized, “Quick! Let’s follow them!”

It took some time before the puppets were fully awakened. The reason why they were awakened was that hunters were running past them. With the hunters’ speed, by the time the stone puppets completely awaken, they would still be some distance between them.

It’s the simplest method. The hunters were too nervous that they didn’t even bother to think about it. Quickly rushing behind Tang Yu’s group, they were still in time even though they were a few seconds late.

Hopeful expressions showed on their faces.

After an intermission, The Bear Path Exploration Team continued to the next round of the race.


At this time at a cliffside, several hunters had gathered.

Behind the cliff was a mountain wall with a few holes where beast heads grinned wide.

A group of hunters ran out one after another obstacle in the Lion Path.

Looking down, the bottom of the cliff was pitch black. One could only vaguely hear the sound of turbulent water. But nobody knew how deep the water was, or if it’s dangerous or not.

They were desperate.

There were countless pursuers behind them. And there was no path ahead!

“Shit! What should we do? It won’t be long until those puppets catch up!”

“Damn it! If only those guys didn’t activate so many puppets at once, we wouldn’t be caught up in this mess!”

Thinking about it, a group of hunters accidentally activated the stone sculptures. They planned to destroy the rest of the puppets before they all could fully be awaken.

There was a fire ability expert among the group who condensed a massive fireball that could directly incinerate the stone puppets. However, only the stone layer was shattered. The heavily armored puppets inside were not. Only the puppets on the center of the attack were scrapped, while the rest of the puppets were activated.

Thinking of this, they just clench their teeth.

If Tang Yu was here, he would realize that it was not just their team that had bad luck. Basically, they were all unlucky. The probability was too high.

A hunter looked around. There were quite a few hunters who had arrived before them, “We have a lot of people here. Why don’t we just fight those puppets?”

After some hesitation, the others finally agreed.

After passing through several halls and destroying many puppets, they knew very well they might win if they really fought. But they didn’t know how many people had to die to win.

But right now, instead of dying from trying to leap to the platform on the other side, it was better dying from fighting the puppets. God knows what kind of dangers lurked on the other side of the platform. With the tomb’s nature, they felt there was too much possibility of danger.

“Let’s guard the path entrance and make use of the terrain to snipe out those puppets.” One of them said that.

Next to them, a hunter who had arrived at the cliff a few moments earlier was confused.

“Puppets? What puppets?”

The two sides exchanged information. The hunters who ran out of the Lion Path were surprised to find the Tiger Path hunters didn’t encounter any danger. Any danger!!

Not the puppets, no the traps along the way, nothing.

According to these people, the Tiger Path was a straight line. It only took them about 10 minutes before they arrived at this cliff.

“That ‘Zhor’ guy who calls himself the King of Thieves only said that only the bravest adventurers will get the final treasures. But we have found nothing along the way, so how are we going to sift out the bravest adventurers?”

The hunters from the Lion Path were silent, their mouths just smacked shut. They had taken the difficult path. Damn it! No wonder it’s crowded here. Turns out the path wasn’t dangerous at all, and it was a short distance. Even if those people weren’t walking fast, they would still arrive first.

They had taken a lot of turns in the Lion Path.

“How many turns?”

Tang Yu, who just ran out of the Bear Path, heard these people talking from afar. Their expressions were even darker than the Lion Path hunters. The path they just took was more than a few turns. It’s literally a winding path down the mountain. They had crossed the mountains and seas to get here. And Tang Yu had no idea how many of those quality resources still survived.

However, those who took the Tiger Path simply arrived at this point.

This illustrates the importance of choices!

The other’s expression was also dark, especially Peng Bo, who was panting like crazy at this moment. Shook his head, he was the hunter from the second group behind the catching up, “Get ready, let’s snipe those puppets at this exit too.”

The hunters who came out of the Tiger Path also understood that they couldn’t stay out of it and spread to the Lion and Bear Path exits. Some of them also split up elsewhere to prevent the puppets from coming out on the other path.

Time ticked and passed very slowly.

Everyone’s eyes widened…  

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