My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 167


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 167, A Convoy From Afar.

In the area around Lindong, the wilderness, smoke, and dust were rolling. A big convoy slowly approached. Steel-plated armored vehicles moved at the forefront. Some parts of the welded steel polished to sharp points, stained with layers of the dried bloodstain. Just from a glance, one could tell that this convoy had gone through hell.

There were dozens of armored cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles, all of which were modified and armed to the teeth. All were stained with thick blood, some strange internal organs were stuck on the wheels. The armored vehicles were topped with several heavy machine guns, as well as some black muzzles sticking out of the windows. The convoy looked stern and cold-blooded. Solemn hunters armed with guns or firearms walked on the convoy’s outskirts, their eyes wary of the environment.

One of the leaders looked at the map in his hand in convoy, “We’re almost there.”

The news quickly spread throughout the convoy, making the people relieved and excited. “We’ve finally arrived at Lindong? Thank Goodness. I thought we wouldn’t make it.”

“Yeah. I won’t come along if I know it would be a rough journey. I almost died a few times! And here I thought it would be better to follow the military.” The young guard’s expression darkened.

A middle-aged man with a skimpy mustache on his lips shook his head, “Going out to the wilderness is already dangerous. The farther you are from the shelter, the more dangerous it will be. Our Storm Mercenary Regiment is considered a good one in Hengcheng City. But even so, you’ll be wiped out in the wilderness if you’re not careful.”

“The same goes for the military. If they could travel easily in the wild, our shelter won’t be compressed in such a small area, right?”

“But of course, if the military didn’t act as the main force this time, we will never get to cross the wilderness to Lindong alive. So boys, look at the bright side. The dead are gone, but those who survive get to live a better life.”

The mustache man looked at the two youths beside him. They all belonged in the same mercenary regiments. They were tasked to guard the goods being transported to Lindong. They wouldn’t have risked their lives to come all the way from Hencheng to Lindong if the salary wasn’t tempting enough. The most crucial thing was money.

Before the Doomsday, components were produced from all over the world so humans could craft complex products. But since the Doomsday started, humans couldn’t continue producing complex products. For example, the military can only produce some simple individual weapons, such as armored vehicles and tanks. If no replacement parts are found, they’ll make do without the missing parts. Right now, the Academy of Sciences is trying its best to study special weapons with post Doomsday new materials as the main material. However, the Earth changed after Doomsday. The difference between regions grew wider. Some minerals that weren’t scarce in Hengcheng were rare in Lindong. The two trucks beside the mustache man were filled with it, both finished products and raw materials.

Originally, they departed with 5 similar trucks. But their convoy had encountered danger along the way. After some hardship, only 2 trucks remained, along with the mercenaries beside him. This convoy, although looked big, already lost a lot of its members along the way.

“What a shame…” The mustache man shook his head, unsure whether he pitied the lost cargo or the members died on the road.

Finally, a black line appeared on the horizon.

The soldiers in charge of guarding Lindong Shelter saw the convoy from afar. They weren’t surprised because the convoy was large. They could tell from a glance that it wasn’t Lindong’s convoy. Someone ran to inform the authority.

After a while, Lindong’s steel gates were slowly pulled open. The military hunter lined up in a formation, while the convoy slowly entered the city.

“You’ve finally arrived.” Lindong military’s top brass greet the convoy leader warmly.


The one sent by Hengcheng Shelter was the vice leader in the military. After settling down the convoy, they didn’t waste time and immediately negotiated with the Lindong officials. “We have brought over quite a few supplies. Including several materials for making space stabilization devices that are unavailable in Lidong.”

They were quite friendly with each other. But when dealing with two large shelters with millions of people under their wings, everything should be done according to the protocols. According to the previously agreed numbers, they exchanged supplies and also information.

The most fundamental reason for this cross-regional exchange is the Yuncheng incident.

“The research on the space stabilization device over at the Northern Court is progressing quickly, and they have given us some important materials. However, we are still missing some key materials…” Lu Jianjun said slowly.

The Hengcheng representative thought. “Maybe it’s because our range of activities isn’t wide enough. We only explored the area near the shelter, while there were so many places we haven’t explored yet. Maybe there’s a possibility to find the materials needed for the space stabilization device in the exploration area.”

“Then again, it’s still necessary to broaden the hunters’ activity range like the Northern Court’s strategy to establish a transit shelter. And it boosted the hunters’ activities greatly. Our Hengcheng Shelter had prepared such a plan, what about the preparation here, General Lu?” The Hengcheng representative asked.

Lu Jianjun answered, “We have already established the transit station in Lindong. But for taking people back to the shelters…” He paused. It’s easy to bribe small shelters’ higher-ups so they would willingly give their survivors to larger shelters. Even if some selfish shelters refused to hand over their survivors for money, he could take some coercive measures.

However, there’s one problem…

Lu Jianjun frowned. The Tree Shade Shelter possessed strength above the normal shelter. What’s more, the shelter was survivor friendly, and a normal demonic beast wave wasn’t a threat to them. So, there seemed to be even fewer reasons to take the people from the said shelter.

“Maybe we can test their attitude…”


Lindong Commercial District.

While the top brass was discussing important matters concerning the shelter’s survival. The various mercenaries that arrived with Hengcheng military were busy selling the goods they had brought with them.

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