My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 168


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 168, Should Try Selling It To A Small Shelter.

The Storm Mercenary Corps leader, Moustache, was now frowning, “How was that? How many of our two cargos were sold?”

A young mercenary hesitated before saying, “Less than a tenth of the goods have been sold, and it’s getting harder and harder to sell them.”

“How could this happen?” Moustache muttered, “Is it because of those people?”

“Yeah…” the young mercenary slowly nodded, “The goods we brought from Hengcheng weren’t available at Lindong. But those people had greater power than us, and they brought more goods with them. They took over most of the Lindong market…” 

Just in terms of strength alone, those people were stronger than mercenaries like them. They had no chance in the market. The young man was also silent. They were mercenaries, not merchants. They were never good at the business in the first place. 

The mustache man looked disappointed. It can be said that the last two cargos were his only hope. He was desperate enough to follow the military to Lindong. Now, not only did he lose his wealth, but his entire mercenary regiment would likely fall apart. “Damn it…” the mustache man clenched his fist, but then loosen it. 

The Hengcheng Shelter had the same structure as Lindong. His Storm Mercenary Regiment was considered quite high in the ranks. If it wasn’t for their high ranks, they wouldn’t have been qualified to join the military’s convoy. 

They didn’t join this trip just because they wanted to. The roads were winding and treacherous. Even the military needs to be extra careful. Each mercenary regiments need to consider the cargo load according to their hunter’s strength. The Storm Mercenary Regiment needed dozens of hunters to guard 5 cargos. Of course, only 2 cargos left, and less than half of his men had arrived at Lindong safely. 

However, Storms were only an ordinary force among the convoy. The first and second most powerful Mercenary Regiments had the biggest power. Also, some of them belonged to their shelter’s big brass. They couldn’t afford to provoke such a big power. 

Although their commodities were scarce, the Lindong market was limited. The richest one was the Lindong military. Yet, all the supplies they needed had already been exchanged with the Hengcheng military. While the larger regiments took over Lindong’s market. 

“Brother Yang, Brother Gao…”

The people walked side by side from the distance. He was familiar with them. But to the mustache man’s surprise, there was no sadness or disappointment in their faces. Seemed like they had no trouble selling their goods. 

“Brothers, what happened?” The mustache guy called out to the two, “Do you guys manage to sell out your goods?” 

One of them glanced around and carefully leaned close to the Moustache, “Storm Leader, in honor of our friendship. I’ll tell you the secret. But remember, don’t spread it.” 

“Of course, of course!” 

“If you think about it, Lindong’s market is indeed being occupied, but there are numerous small and medium-sized shelters around here. Although it’s not as big as Lindong, there’s a lot of them.”

“I’ve already asked around. There are many small shelters south of here. Maybe we can sell our goods over there…” 

The mustache guy nodded, already impatient, “Then we should cooperate, it’s safer this way. There’s a lot of small shelters anyway, I’m sure we can all had good sales. There’s no competition among us, and we can set the price higher.”



Secret Realm.

Gale was gusting between the cliff’s end and the platform on the other side. Some hunters had arrived there. Someone had attempted to fly, someone had tried to leap over at a breakneck speed. Yet, it was useless. There seemed to be an inexplicable force pulling down in the dark. No matter how confident they were, the experts ended up falling down the water and disappeared.


Tang Yu was speechless when he looked at the rattan below his feet hanging between the cliff edge and the platform. Who would have thought they only need to walk along the rattan strips to get to the other side?

The thing is, these rattan strips were colored in black and perfectly blended into the environment. It’s not visible to the naked eye if they weren’t paying enough attention. If it weren’t for a hunter that failed to leap and ended up falling on the rattan strips, there’s a chance they would never find it.

The designer of this tomb was really strange.


Tang Yu stepped on the rattan, the wind blowing around him, and the slightly swaying rattan couldn’t make him shake in the slightest. He tiptoed on his feet until he reached the rattan’s end and quickly leaped onto the platform. Behind him, there were still many hunters carefully walking on the rattan. Some who were afraid of heights could only crawl, or rather, be dragged forward. 

Tang Yu thought someone would actually cut the rattan strips and overthrow the other competitors. But it didn’t happen. He was somehow disappointed. Are people nowadays good? Or is it because they thought they wouldn’t be a threat anyway? 

“Let’s go.”

There were already some hunters who had entered the cave. But Tang Yu wasn’t in a hurry. This tomb wasn’t designed to be ‘first come first served’. Rather, it’s ‘first come, first to die’. 

It was a curvy and winding path. They encountered several forks along the road. Just like a maze, except they haven’t encountered any traps. Even though the path was harmless, it was a complicated path. Only some patterns were carved on the stone walls on both sides. It wasn’t a rune word, but beast drawings. It should be the clue to get out of the maze. 

Tang Yu was stuck and left this puzzle-solving matter to his followers. He relied on the method of random selection to lead the people forward. While observing the patterns on the stone walls on both sides, he was now gathering clues.

Suddenly, a thumping sound came from the front. Something was violently stomping the ground. 

“Boss, be careful. Something’s coming.” 

Gray Blade’s expression lit up, “Boss, it’s a Metal Swallowing Beast!”

A large group of hunters was chasing after the beast. The leader had many flying knives hovered around him. As he raised his hand, the flying knives whooshed out with a flash and penetrated the beast’s back. Thanks to its thick skin, the beast wasn’t fatally wounded. But the blade of the knives still pierced quite deep. Blood seeping out from its wounds. 

Tang Yu was annoyed. 

Why would he hurt his Metal Swallowing Beast?! 

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