My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 169


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 169, The Last Stone Gate.

On the other side, the group of hunters also spotted Tang Yu and the others but didn’t care.

Taking advantage of the Metal Swallowing Beast’s injuries and the moment it slowed down, they finally caught up with it. The hunter with telekinesis ability waved his hand again, levitating a few more flying knives and shooting them at the beast’s rear hip area, where the knives were inserted before. 

He had already calculated the attack. As long as he continued to aim at the wounded part, it would be fatal enough with a second penetration. At that time, it would break the Metal Swallowing Beast open, and they could take out the metal ores condensed inside and earn huge money. If he could use the materials to forge new knives, then his strength would rise by a few steps higher! 

He couldn’t care less about the person on the other side. It was a small team of ten or more. They would immediately leave once he used some ruthless method. Then he would… but the telekinesis ability hunter was stunned. Why didn’t he hear the wounded beast’ screech? When he looked ahead, he found some of his flying knives had fallen to the ground, and some of them were broken in two. 

What the hell happened? 

He wasn’t clear about what happened. But he looked at the people across the room with a grin, “Give me the-“

He controlled the fallen knives on the ground. The knives trembled and were about to fly up. But suddenly, he saw a man wearing a straw hat in front of the Metal Swallowing Beast. Raising his feet and stepping lightly. 


The flying dagger he controlled was shattered, and at the same time, the hunter’s face turned red and spurted blood from his mouth.

“How could this happen?!”


Inside the path, sword lights flashed from time to time, along with gunfire. 

Tang Yu aimed a few times. The enemy was quite large in number, yet none of them were capable of fighting. After confronting Shay and Sky, the enemies collapsed in a few seconds. Shaking his head, he, Great Lord Tang, believed in peace and didn’t like violence. But unfortunately, the enemy started it first. Since they couldn’t communicate with words properly, they could communicate with fights. After all, it’s the most direct form of communication. 

“That’s why it’s important to master a foreign language. That way, you might be able to avoid a disaster. But unfortunately, at best, I only had middle school grade English. But now it’s degraded to zero.” 

Next to it, the Metal Swallowing Beast was still bleeding. But after noticing Elaine and Winnie’s aura, it didn’t dare to run and could only cower in fear. Tang Yu glanced at it. With a beast this size, it was hard to imagine how he could shrink it. But he was also curious!

“Let’s shrink you up.” Tang Yu held a special high-grade rune longsword in his hand and poked it with force. 


Most of the longsword’s blade was inserted deep into the stone wall on the side. This stone wall was harder than the Metal Swallowing Beast’s body. The beast’s eyes widened, its huge body shaking. Tang Yu smiled, he was satisfied. Alienated beast and demonic beasts were different. Like the Fifth Awakening Stage Metal Swallowing Beast, its intelligence wasn’t low. Maybe it had the intelligence of a 7 or 8-year-old child. This abduction, ahem…. Negotiation was done smoothly.  

“Now…” Tang Yu took out a beige scroll, “Open your mouth and bite it.” 

The beast hesitated, but finally opened its mouth and bit the strange object to pieces. 

Suddenly, a white light emerged from the beast’s mouth and enveloped its body. In the next moment, the Metal Swallowing Beast’s body disappeared with a flash of light. 

Tang Yu sent it back to the territory with the Town Portal Scroll. And Roger, who was in charge of the territory, would take care of it. It was the easiest way to retrieve the beast. The secret realm was dangerous and treacherous. What he would encounter was unpredictable, although no one could ensure their safety here. At least they could try. But if he brought along such a large object like the Metal Swallowing Beast with hatred, the survival difficulty would rise to a hard level! 

Regardless of how much he had gained from this trip to the secret realm, the materials needed for the Floating Chariot were complete. 

The path curved and forked countless times. Tang Yu couldn’t remember how many times he had walked through the same path. From time to time, he could see some random items in the path. They were not garbage; rather, the other hunters left things behind to mark the area. But this method is ineffective as other hunters sometimes kicked the things or picked it up as they passed by. Looking at the grey drug sack that he was holding, no one knows what the owner of this item was doing by coming to the secret realm! 

It’s truly ineffective. It’s not because they didn’t think of carving something on the stone wall or slab, but it’s because the stone was too hard. Ordinary swords and weapons couldn’t even scratch it. Instead, the swords were broken in two. With a broken weapon, how can you survive here?

Some of the clever ones left marks on the stonewall with dyes. These dyes were mostly taken from demonic beasts’ blood. But, not many teams carrying around demonic beast blood with them, and using their own blood was out of the question. So, the maze had completely turned into a garbage tunnel. This time, it would be good to leave something here. 

Tang Yu let the others mark the area. He originally wanted to carve with a knife on the stone wall. But then he thought about what he should write. And he simply wrote the previous advertising slogan on the stone wall. It was an excellent way to mark and promote the territory to attract an additional group of quality resources. 

He had no idea those Lindong mercenaries who had taken the Bear Path were still frustrated when they saw the advertising slogans because they couldn’t take the chance back then in the Black Market. 

A few minutes later, Gray Blade deciphered the pattern clues on the stone wall. And after following the directions and marking several choices, left, right, left again, the group finally walked out of the maze. 

They saw a tall gate with over 8 meters height and 5 meters width made with strange black stone. At this time, the gate was closed. There were words written in rune language, “My treasure is behind this gate, do you want it? Then, push the door open.” 

Tang Yu pondered, he originally wanted to excavate the rune words on the black stone gate. However, there were already some hunters walking out of the maze right now. Seeing the words, their expressions brightened. Some couldn’t resist rushing up towards the gate.

“What’s the rush? This gate is clearly the last one, how could it be so easy to open it?” 

“I think there’s some kind of trap behind the gate.”

“That’s right, rushing towards it will only kill us. We only survived until now because we were careful.” 

Most of the people here weren’t impatient. Instead, they looked wary. Their experiences told them that there would always be repeated incidents when rushing towards something. They were both nervous and excited at the hunters who rushed towards the gate.

Finally, a hunter arrived first at the black stone gate. He stretched out his hand and pushed the black stone gate. 

The gate was opened with a rumbling sound. 

A ray of golden light came through the crack of the stone gate. 

“Holy shit!”

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