My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 17


Chapter 17 – Rich Materials

The battle didn’t last very long.

The gunfire sound kept echoing for a few minutes, and then everything went silent like nothing ever happened.

Wang Zhou and the other survivor escaped for their life. The rest of the lucky survivor did not wander around, they immediately hid on the villa after receiving a warning message.

At this moment, they were listening to Wang Zhou retelling his near-death experience.

Wang Zhou said that although his companion had recovered, his face was still very pale. Wang Zhou who previously showed a terrified expression also recovered. His face’s now lit with excitement as he was telling his story.

“You have no idea. Those people were bad, they pointed their muzzle at me. But I remained calm.”

“At that time, the master brother appeared like a hurricane and swept the man that held us. He cut our ropes and defeated all the enemies.” Wang Zhou paused for a moment, “It seems like there is two master brothers. Maybe they’re twins. I couldn’t see their faces clearly because they both wore helmet. But the master brothers were really powerful. The enemy was also powerful but they were easily defeated by the masters. It was amazing!”

Wang Zhou told his fiery story as the others became even more fascinated.

They didn’t see the situation directly, but they could imagine how powerful the master brothers were.

The enemy group was armed with various firearms and weapons, their face turned pale when they heard gunfire sound.

But the master brothers could defeated the enemy even during the scene of rain fire.

This shelter was so lucky to have such a powerful master!


Tang Yu held his face. He was lost in his thoughts.

The previous battle stuck suddenly. Although he managed to defeat the incoming enemy, he still reflected on their deficit in this battle.

Their shelter vigilance was still too low.

If the enemy deemed the two captured survivor as no longer useful, they would’ve already been killed.

He also didn’t expect he would encounter a group of foreign hunters this early.

In the doomsday, different group of survivors often maintained vigilance but not always hostile. Not every group was hostile. Some groups could manage relationship based on the same interest. Usually, both groups would observe if either side was hostile then they would carefully consider whether attacking another group was worth it.

Because once the battle started, loss of life was inevitable.

Most groups weren’t like this group of hunters. They would immediately turn hostile when the other group didn’t agree with their terms. This experience told him that he should be more cautious and humble.

Tang Yu felt this was very reasonable as he hadn’t maintained a humble profile.

“I need to push the territory’s advancement even faster, especially in its defense. Just now when a group of hunters attacked within the territory, I felt insecure.”

He carefully thought, “This group of hunters belongs somewhere. If they are all missing here, maybe there will be some trouble in the future. But fortunately we also gained something good in return.”

Most of Han Jing’s team member were killed or wounded during the battle.

They were killed by No. 1 and No. 2. These two struck violently. With such strength, their direct hit was a death blow.

Tang Yu also fought. He shot a running hunter.

That was his first kill.

Strangely, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

He heard some people would be sick and vomiting after they killed someone.

But he didn’t have such experience. After months of doomsday, he already saw some pretty bloody scenes. Even when he never experienced it directly, he already being accustomed to it.

Roger tortured the remaining hunters who were still alive for information.

“A spirit stone mine. No wonder they would take it this far.”

Tang Yu was feeling greedy for the mine.

The importance of the spirit stones were vital. If they could mine the spirit stone, the territory would certainly enter a rapid state of development.

Easy to say, but the reality wasn’t that easy.

There were less than twenty survivors in the territory, there were not enough porters. Not to mention he had no miners! What’s more, even though the location of the spirit stone mine was relatively close, only three or four kilometers away. The surrounding area was very dangerous because it’s located in the wilds.

“So I can’t mine the stones now?”

Tang Yu was depressed.

Wait a minute…

He suddenly remembered Wang Tai, the former leader of the shelter that was recognized by Chen Haiping.

Wang Tai was a stubborn person, he instantly committed suicide rather than telling any valuable information. However, Wang Tai’s two subordinates weren’t as stubborn as their leader. With Roger’s excellent torture skill, he even had them to say what the color of the underwear they were wearing.

He also learnt the real reason why Wang Tai returned, aside from leading Han Jing to find the spirit stone mine, he also had his own purpose.

It seemed like he went to get back to his stash of valuable supplies.

That was all the information the two men gave. They were just speculation, guessed from Wang Tai’s usual habits.

He always had a habit of hiding things.

Tang Yu felt this was very likely the case. Wang Tai who fled in rush had no time to bring his stash. The two men also confirmed this.

After they had served their purpose, Tang Yu handed them over to Roger.

It’s impossible to let them go.

This group of people was dangerous, even for him. As for the Lindong gangster behind them, Tang Yu had no major worries for now. Now he could only think of Wan Tai’s hidden stash of materials.

“Now where could he hide them?”


Resort villa area, western part.

Opposite to the eastern part of the villa area, this was the core area of the entire resort. Wang Tai previously lived in villa No. 1 of the western area.

Tang Yu had searched through the villa before but he didn’t find many valuable things. He wasn’t thinking about it, but now he felt that it was indeed abnormal. How Wang Tai’s residence had nothing valuable? He had no time to gather everything when he fled!

Empathizing with him, Tang Yu also had a habit of placing things in his residence. In the castle, for example, he stored his spirit stones in a small warehouse.

Wang Tai’s belonging might also be in the villa where he lived, but certainly not in an open space.

The villa’s area was not small, and around the area, Tang Yu felt there’re two possible places worth to check. Either in the small garden in front of the villa or the basement.

At this time, the basement was empty. He only found some food stored here before, which he had already taken away.

“No. 1!”

The guard puppet appeared beside Tang Yu. He pointed a circular movement on the basement wall. “Break the walls there but be careful not to break this place.”

With rumbling sound, No. 1 became a humanoid bulldozer. In an instant, the previously neat basement became ruins and looked even messier than the surface.

Among the piles of the debris, a hole looked particularly suspicious.

“I was right! There’s a hidden basement!”

The second basement was relatively smaller, but as far as the eye could see, it’s filled with various materials. Not just foods, but luxury goods such as tobacco and alcohol. And even a large number firearms.

“There’s more!”

There were various of foods in the basement. Tang Yu also saw a refrigerator. Which was still running with a diesel generator connected to it.

In the freezer, Tang Yu found various vegetables and meat.

He no longer cared how long the meat was frozen or how fresh it was. The variety of the ingredients was so good even before the doomsday!

This fellow Wang Tai sure knew how to enjoy life.

Fortunately, he got them all for free. Tang Yu felt grateful for Wang Tai for his selfless sacrifice.

Food occupied a large section of the basement, a small part was some daily necessities, and the rest of them were mostly firearms.

He was okay with the ordinary pistols and rifles. But he found a surprise among the firearms.

Two light machine guns. This would greatly improve the shelter’s defense line.

Although his current territory had no decent defense system yet.

“But these thing won’t make Wang Tai went such a laborious and hard way just to get them. Besides, they taken up a lot of space. If Wang Tai doesn’t want to attract Han Jing’s attention, he couldn’t possibly bring everything.”

“Then the most valuable thing should be…”

Tang Yu glimpsed at the corner, there lied a safe box.

The second basement was already a safe place. Tang Yu immediately knew that there must be a valuable items inside it.

This was a highly advanced safe box, but that was before the doomsday. He simply hit it and it smashed open.

There were tons of bright spirit stones blinding the eyes.

Tang Yu held his breath. That was the first time he ever saw this many spirit stones.

How many were there? One thousand, two thousands, or maybe more?

“The system detected 5,255 units of spirit stone.”

The system’s mechanical voice echoed inside his mind. At this moment, Tang Yu felt overjoyed.

With this amount of spirit stones, he would be a rich person.

Thank you, Wang Tai.

In the safe, aside from the spirit stones, there were some quite high-ranked demonic beast materials such as sharp claws, thick furs, etc.

Among them, there were several special products crafter after doomsday which he had never seen before.

For example, a basketball-sized crystal with transparent interior.

Or a brick-sized metal that looked different from other metal.

Tang Yu inspected the materials one by one carefully, put them back in the safe, and took the whole safe away.

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