My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 171


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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 171, Spirit Stone Aura.

Zhor stood at the edge of the coffin, his hands clasped in front of his chest, looking pretty damned satisfied. The mysterious runes beneath his feet were faintly visible. The life energy that had gathered after refining the freshly spilled blood was being continuously injected into his body.

After sleeping for too long, he couldn’t resist time. It’s not just his body that withered, but also his soul. By entering a deep slumber state, doesn’t mean his time froze. He wasn’t even sure how long it had been since he last awoke. But one thing for sure, the world has changed. 

“Thankfully, I had already anticipated this kind of situation and spent all my money to hire a runemaster to set up these special runes…” Zhor glanced at the fighting hunters and was surprised, “No wonder they’re weak, they didn’t even have a heritage.” 

He had set up the entire secret realm alone. It would always be detached from the wandering layers of space and successfully linked to the main world as long as the conditions match. In order to obtain a sufficient number of offerings, he had purposely made a few more openings for the secret realm. But the consequence was that it would reduce the stability of this realm. Zhor didn’t care; all of this arrangement was made so he could arrive at the new era. 

“Although they’re weak, their life energy is not bad at all. I thought I needed to look for other sacrifice offerings after I descended to the main world. But it seems like it’s no longer necessary.”

“Also, their blood seems to contain a trace of very pure spirit energy.” Zhor pondered. Replenishing his life force means restoring his strength. With the pure spirit energy, his depleted soul won’t just be restored but progressed even further. This pure spirit power seems like a gift that belonged to this era. His heart was burning with spirit. 

“Perhaps I can break through the coveted realm the prophecy had told. The great world where all things are revived. Back then, I couldn’t even begin to break through with all my efforts, but now I can do it.” He glanced at the side, “Oh, there’s still some strong ants here, and they also have some professional heritage. Now that’s interesting.”

At that moment, Gray Blade emerged from the coffin’s shadow. Sky flew with two sharp swords, the radiant silver sword flashed in the hall. The surrounding temperature dropped and was almost freezing Zhor into frost. Sound of gunshots roared in the distance. There was also golden light radiated, shrouding the bodies of several hunters with its brilliant golden light. In an instant, they worked together as a team. 


Tang Yu’s gaze flickered as he stared at an egg-sized prismatic crystal in his hand in the distance. A tablet-sized transparent screen showed from the crystal, showing a miniature Zhor. This was the Primary Detection Crystal. 

[Tier: Tenth Awakening Stage/ Thirteenth Awakening Major Completion.] [Age: ??] [Gender: Male] [Race: Half-human ] [Skills: 1. Phantom Touch, 2.??, 3.??, 4…..] [Weakness: ?]

After all, it was just a basic detection crystal, and Zhor’s strength was so high that the crystal couldn’t capture a lot of data. But it also allowed Tang Yu to affirm the guess he had in mind. This Zhor was relying on something to recover his strength. And he had reached the peak of the Awakening Stage. Also, Zhor was different from all the hunters he had encountered. Judging by the situation, it seemed like he had mastered some special techniques.

Tang Yu wasn’t surprised. After all, the self-proclaimed King of Thieves came from an ancient era that had mastered Rune Literature and could build such a tomb. If it wasn’t for the Rift Crystal, Tang Yu would’ve thought of an escape. 

“Fortunately, the followers were only at the Seventh and Eighth Stage, so their power gap with Zhor isn’t that big. And also, they worked together….” 

On the battlefield, as Tang Yu had expected, Zhor was pressed by his followers. But the other hunters weren’t that lucky. 

However, Zhor felt no rush, “My knight, finish them.” He floated back, the two warriors in full body armor rushed up, not just overturning the hunters, but also the puppets. Only from its appearance, the two warriors looked even more terrifying than Zhor.

“Shit! We still can’t stop him!” The hunters shouted after the two super-warriors joined the fray. There were still many heavy armored puppets around that were attacking them. Right now, a steady stream of puppets poured out from the hole. Their numbers were larger than the ones chasing them at the Beast Paths. 

Suddenly, the scene was reversed. The few experts who had just suppressed Zhor were in a pinch!

“Damn it! Even those experts were still no match for Zhor.”

“Hey, those guys are actually very strong, you know? They could manage to hold on for so long against Zhor and the two knights. Didn’t you see that Warhammer Leader? He couldn’t even take a single strike!” 

“So what? They still can’t defeat him. It’s over! We’re all done! We’re going to die here!” 

Among the hunters, there were some expert hunters who understood, they wanted to rush and help. 

The leader of the Silver Wolf, the terrifying-looking man with long hair, his black hair suddenly turned silver-white, and a silvery crescent mark appeared on his forehead. His fingers stretched out and turned into claws. His entire body turned into a shadow, whooshing through the heavy-armored puppets. In the next moment, the demonic man’s figure emerged, while most of the heavy-armored puppets around him had already been sliced in two. 

He took a deep breath again, his speed burst again. Turning into a silver light figure, he appeared behind the knight, his claws like raindrops, landing hard on the knight’s head in the blink of an eye. 

At the next moment…


The man’s body was thrown like a broken sack on the stone wall. Red blood flowing continuously from his mouth, his silvery-white hair turned to black. Even the strong person like the Silver Wolf leader who had broken through the Sixth Awakening Stage was beaten. The people here grew restless. Most of them were still in the foundation realm. They haven’t fully reached their potential; also, they lacked in battle skills. They were out of Zhor and the two knights’ league. 

Severely wounded, Silver Wolf Leader laughed bitterly, “I had no idea the gap between them and me would be this big. Those people are definitely stronger than the strongest person in the military. What kind of monster were they? They’re so strong, no one can even match their power!”

This battle is a massacre! 

The Lindong mercenaries were getting desperate. Suddenly, someone remembered something, “Hey, where’s the big boss? He hasn’t made a move yet. So maybe we still had hope!” 

“Look, it’s him!”

Donned in battle armor, Tang Yu stepped in from the black stone gate entrance. A layer of golden light masked his armor, several blue shields slowly rotated around his body, a red and blue circle spread out from his head. Wherever he passed, the surrounding hunter’s bodies suddenly surged with infinite power. Even their extinguished battle spirit emerged.

“Kill!” Someone shouted. 

In their eyes, the light shining from Tang Yu’s body made anyone and everything in the entire hall look overwhelmed! 

Their gaze fixed on the figure, walking slowly.

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